Thank you CPR readers, for another great year!

The editors and writers at California Political Review join me in thanking you, our readers, for making this another successful year of our service to you.

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In 2018, California Political Review saw record participation since creation of this on-line presence in 2011.  In 2018, we enjoyed over 1,600,000 “Page views” from readers like you, and an average 4,200 Page views per day, a new and remarkable yearly high.  Also, in total since 2011, CPR has received 7,200,000 Page views and has published over 59,000 reader comments!

CPR’s Facebook page at has grown to enjoy 21,841 “likes” and over 19,000 “followers”, thus increasing readership even further.

And according to the respected “Alexa” viewership rating system, CPR is the “113,900” most visited site in America.  That may sound like a high number, but considering all the websites out there, it is a very good rating, and very handily beats, with a much bigger audience, all the other conservative news aggregation and commentary websites dedicated to California.

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Thank you again and have a terrific 2019!




  1. A lot of us appreciate the honesty and integrity of this forum as it lets us vent our frustration with the uninformed California misled voters and corrupt political system. Keep it up.

  2. Thank you and God bless you all!

  3. By all means a hearty THANK YOU for a place that CONSERVATIVES AND those who treasure the CONSTITUTION , HISTORY & TRUTH can vent. FB is indeed the exact opposite with their constant banning of Freedom of expression. Good wishes for the coming 2019!

  4. Congratulations for your articles that are seldom seen in other publications. It’s been helpful to vent my spleen thought the comments section.

  5. Thank you, as well, for your very informative newsletter daily.

    I would hope in the new year we will also be reading about who specifically is working to change the terrible things that are going on in the state. Names of people working toward a change and putting themselves out there that we can support would be appreciated in 2019, since the status of CA. has only become more dire.

  6. Dr. Nancy Henning Weres says

    Tried to send you an email but your CAPTCHA needs updated. I would like to get a hold of Steve Frank about getting James Bradley’s endorsement.

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