Trump appears on his way to the GOP nomination

Donald J. Trump has defied and exceeded expectations in this exciting presidential campaign, that is for sure.  If history is taken into account, with three big first place finishes in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada, all improving over a decent second place finish in Iowa (and calling to mind that George H.W. Bush beat Ronald Reagan, the eventual nominee, in Iowa by about the same margin Cruz beat Trump) it is almost certain now that Trump will win the Republican nomination.

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Do you disagree?  If so, then look at polls in Ohio, for its primary coming up in March, where Trump is leading his opponent, the Governor of the state, John Kasich.  Look to Florida, a big important swing state, where Trump is beating Marco Rubio, the state’s U.S. Senator, in the polls.  Then consider Texas, where Ted Cruz, that state’s U.S. Senator, holds a slim and quickly disintegrating lead over Trump.

Trump appears to be making his way through primary victory after victory more or less with the same success that Sherman had marching through the deep south to win the Civil War.

Surely, a lot a voters still need to be heard from between now and July, when Republicans have their national convention in Cleveland.  But ittrump is a certainty that Donald J. Trump will be playing a major role on stage at that event.


  1. Vote for MR Trump he will know what to do about illegals , jobs & economy.

  2. It has been found out- uncovered by the people- these criminal imposter/office holders have turned the state of ca into a franchise-1600 penn ave. research @ or It is time to tow the line or resign- Thee organic “Constitution” is The Supreme Law of the LAND. We will restore Common Law to the denizens.

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