Trump is much more favorable than Pelosi, new national poll averages.

According to the most recent Real Clear Politics average of major polls, President Donald Trump is far more popular than Speaker Nancy Pelosi. This highly unreported development is rather significant. According to Real Clear Politics, as of the end of March, Nancy Pelosi’s favorable rating stood at 37.7%, in comparison to Trump’s much higher favorability of 44.5%. That is a big difference in voter sentiment! Even worse for Pelosi, Real Clear Politics averages show that Pelosi has a HIGHER unfavorability rating than Trump, at 52.3%, compared to 51.3%. And on top of this, the gap between Pelosi’s favorability and unfavorability, a key indicator for political pros, is 14.6 points – more than twice that of Trump.

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What accounts for Pelosi’s drop in favor? Well, a failed and reckless impeachment, which dominated her legislative agenda for the last year, must have played a role; in addition, her foot-dragging on getting the House of Representatives to approve the Coronavirus response and stimulus package, and then trying to stack the legislation with earmarks and irrelevant “Green New Deal” bells and whistles, while people are suffering, may also have had a negative affect on her popularity. However you attribute it, Nancy Pelosi is one of the most unpopular Speakers in history and currently one of the most unpopular politicians in Washington, D.C.

“Angry Nancy Pelosi” by Edalisse Hirst, courtesy elalisse, Flickr


  1. F. Stover says

    Trump 2020. Make America Great Again has special relevance at the moment in time.

  2. Jesus Beltran says

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