Trump releases first TV ad with near $5 million buy in battleground states – see it here!

The Trump campaign has just spent nearly $5 million on its first television advertisement of the campaign focusing on immigration, a major issue for Trump.  The advertisement will start airing immediately and for the next ten days in Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida.  You can see it here:

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Click: Trump immigration reform TV commercial



  1. It’s not that great. He needs to do one about the economy. His speech Friday was a shaker and a mover until he ruined with him talking about he’s funding his own campaign and how much he’s spent. We know that already because he has told us over and over again. Trump should have stated Hillary is being funded by Wall Street and foreign countries. Trump missed a great opportunity to best Obama by asking those that cared and want to help Louisiana, should send there money to a charity fund and name that fund. Trump is missing so many opportunities by Hillary’s bad decisions and past comments, that I scream at the TV for him to hit her with truthful missteps. We don’t vote but after Friday’s speech, we decided to register and vote for Trump.

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