Gavin Newsom’s Utterly Nonsensical ‘Freedom’ Ad

This past weekend, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who is running for reelection this November, reserved $105,000 worth of cable TV ads in Florida on the Fox News Channel, telling Floridians that their freedom is “under attack.”

“Your Republican leaders, they’re banning books,” Newsom says in the ad, as well as ”making it harder to vote, restricting speech in classrooms, even criminalizing women and doctors.”

I guess it could be argued that Californians have more freedom than Floridians.

Unless they want to start a new business (or keep the one they’re struggling to maintain), hire employees, hold onto their homes, decide how their children are educated, water their lawns, walk down the street without being accosted by homeless drug addicts or leave their homes without wearing a mask.

That sort of thing.

Granted, there is one group of people who will enjoy much greater freedom in California than they would in Florida: violent career criminals.

Thanks, Gavin.

Of late, Newsom has been hyper-critical of national Democrats too, for what he says is losing the culture war in the country.

In a recent sit down interview with the Atlantic magazine, Newsom said, “Where the hell is my party? Where’s the Democratic Party? You guys paying attention to what’s going on?  Why aren’t we standing up more firmly, more resolutely? Why aren’t we calling this out? This is a concerted, coordinated effort. And, yes, they’re winning. They are. They have been. Let’s acknowledge that. We need to stand up. Where’s the counteroffensive?”

In response to Newsom’s publicity stunt, a spokesman for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ reelection campaign told Fox News digital, “Gavin Newsom might as well light a pile of cash on fire. Pass the popcorn for his desperate attempt to win back the California refugees who fled the hellhole he created in his state to come to Florida … The people of Florida pay no mind to the pathetic smear campaigns from the Democrats and their allies in the corporate media. We’re too busy enjoying the freedom Gov. Ron DeSantis has created in the Sunshine State.”

No kidding.

Newsom spending $105,000 on TV ads in Florida is a complete waste.  For that kind of money he could have taken his entire family to Disney World for a day.

Come to think of it, there actually is one group of Floridians who would love to move back to California where they came from: Walt Disney’s board of directors and executive staff.

Rumor has it that under Newsom’s governance, Disneyland in Anaheim is planning a new roller coaster to better reflect the California experience.  It’s called The Rolling Blackout.

Back to Newsom.

It makes zero sense for a California politician, running in a state election in California, to be buying ads in a state filled with people who can’t vote for him for reelection, unless, of course, he wants to run for president himself, or is just a gigantic, narcissistic troll who needs to be the center of attention.

With Newsom, either one is possible.

In theory, it’s also unbelievably disrespectful to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, who Newsom is pretending don’t exist.

In response, Gil Duran, the editorial page editor of the San Francisco Examiner and a former aide to Harris, tweeted, “I don’t see Gavin Newsom becoming president, but his passive-aggressive betrayal of Kamala Harris is slightly amusing. No such thing as friends in San Francisco politics!”

With friends like Newsom, who needs enemies?

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