Combating the Legislature’s ‘Sausage Making Behind Closed Doors’

As reported by the New York Times:

Is the State Legislature transparent enough?

That’s the question voters are being asked to consider with Proposition 54.

If approved, the measure would require that any bill in the Legislature be posted online for three days before going up for a vote. In addition, it would require the Legislature to record all of its public sessions online and make the video archives available.

The measure was placed on the ballot by Charles Munger Jr., a wealthy Republican donor from the Bay Area, and has the backing of a variety of political groups, including the League of Women Voters and the California Chamber of Commerce.

While most legislation in Sacramento is debated for months, there are instances when the majority can simply waive the rules and push through bills at the last minute. In final days of the annual session, new bills can pop up and be rushed to a vote before the public has much of a chance to weigh in. …

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