‘Save Our Children!’: Thousands Block the Entrance to Dodger Stadium to Protest ‘Pride Night’ Celebration

Thousands of Catholics gathered outside Dodger Stadium on Friday to protest the team’s “Pride Night” celebration, where they plan to honor the anti-Catholic group Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

And it wasn’t long before the crowd of protesters grew so large that they blocked one of the major entrances to the stadium.

The Dodgers’ tenth annual “Pride Night” celebration will honor the anti-Catholic drag queen group with its “Community Hero Award” Friday night during a game against the visiting San Francisco Giants.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are a “leading-edge Order of queer and trans nuns,” according to the organization’s website.

After receiving backlash from religious groups, the Dodgers rescinded an invitation to the radical anti-Christian organization. However, the Dodgers walked back its decision and announced that the drag queen group would be re-invited to the team’s Pride Night.

The Dodgers offered its “sincerest apologies to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and their friends and families” in a statement issued after the announcement.

“A full apology and explanation was given to us by the Dodgers staff which we accept,” the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence said in a statement. “We believe the apology is sincere because the Dodgers have worked for 10 years with our community and as well they have asked us to continue an ongoing relationship with them.”

A crowd of reportedly more than 1,000 protesters gathered outside the stadium hours before the game started to protest the team’s decision to honor the anti-Catholic group.

The crowd could be heard praying, “Jesus, I trust in you,” according to a video uploaded to Twitter by Turning Point USA reporter Savanah Hernandez.

Jack Posobiec leads the crowd of hundreds outside Dodgers Stadium in a Latin prayer. pic.twitter.com/ok7XWf0pa4

— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) June 16, 2023

At one point, a Jewish rabbi took the stage to stand in solitary with the Catholic protesters.

“If you are anti-Catholic, you’re anti-religion, you’re anti-God, I got a problem with that,” the rabbi said.

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CA Senate Honoring The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in LGBTQ Recognition Ceremony

Most of the state’s Democrat politicians have been driven to distraction by social and emotional causes, rather than governing and policymaking

On June 5 the California Senate will be holding a LGBTQ recognition ceremony. One of the honorees is Sister Roma from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence group.

Yes, that Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence group, recently embroiled in controversy with the Los Angeles Dodgers. “The Dodgers invited The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to receive an award in an on-field ceremony at Pride Night and that did not sit well with many—especially the more conservative members of the Catholic Church,” the Globe reported. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is a drag queen group who dress as Catholic nuns, and in their own words, “…use humor and irreverent wit to expose the forces of bigotry, complacency and guilt that chain the human spirit.”

Roma also co-hosts an online talk showThe Tim and Roma Show, that focuses on gay pornographic movies and the LGBT community.”

The LA Dodgers invited the Sisters, disinvited them after public outcry, then reinvited them, resulting in the pro-baseball team earning the title, “Bud Light of Baseball.”

According to the American Council Quorum, a public policy group for the faith community, “The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence self-identity as an Order of queer and trans nuns, but they are really a Catholic hate group who mocks Christian figures, beliefs, and doctrines in sexualized dances, photo-ops, and events. In a recent video that surfaced online, this group of trans-men featured a kinky drag-queen Jesus in a thong along with drag nuns, defiling a sincere Christian image.”

This is the video on Instagram.

Indeed. In April to “celebrate” Easter, “The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the worldwide troupe of nondenominational drag nuns founded in San Francisco in 1979, has announced that their Hunky Jesus and Foxy Mary contests will once again return to Dolores Park, along with the annual Easter Bonnet contest that’s open to everyone,” the SF Standard reported. “Many people believe Jesus died for their sins, but in San Francisco, a bunch of Jesuses dye their beards for our amusement.”

This is the group the California Senate will be honoring in a LGBTQ recognition ceremony (Senate request at the end of this article).

For context in the Dodgers debacle, CatholicVote posted this Twitter response:

The @Dodgers’ announcement today is the equivalent of putting a Band-Aid on a gaping wound and in no way diminishes the harm and hurt caused by their plan to honor a vile anti-Catholic organization. Creating a “faith and family” event does not balance the decision to honor a perverted, fake “nun” group that exists to mock the Catholic religion. In many ways, it emphasizes the contrast, and makes our case even stronger. It’s hard to interpret this announcement as anything other than a public relations stunt intended to blunt the widespread national backlash that is only growing stronger. The Dodgers have one path forward: apologize and stop honoring hateful anti-Catholic organizations.

Politics in California today is anything but, as most of the state’s Democrat politicians have been driven to distraction by social and emotional causes, rather than governing and policymaking for the good of the people of their districts, and the good of the people of the state.

Assemblyman Ting from San Francisco might want to focus on his city in decline instead.

Leadership comes from the top, and at the top in California is Gov. Gavin Newsom, the chief of distraction. Newsom has been making headlines daily for months, focused on everything but the screaming disaster that is California.

Here is a sampling of the hot mess Newsom and the state’s Democrats have made in California, which was once the land of opportunity:

  • California is home to one-third of the nations’ welfare recipients and has the highest poverty;
  • Our failing schools now rank 48th in the country;
  • California lawmakers can’t build new homes or apartments for less than $800,000 each (luxury level costs);
  • The governor and lawmakers can’t figure out what to do with several hundred thousand drug-addicted, mentally ill homeless vagrants living on city streets and taking over public parks;
  • California lawmakers refuse to build additional reservoirs for water storage in a state in which drought conditions are historically normal, and now has a regular wildfire “season;”
  • California lawmakers and governor mandated all electric vehicles within a few years, but can’t keep the power on during heat spells and winter storms;
  • Lawmakers authorized more than $25 million worth of taxpayer-funded guaranteed income to some individuals in the state, but can’t really tell you why;
  • Proposed $800 billion in reparations payments to African-Americans, despite that California was never a slave state;
  • California has a $34 billion deficit—and it’s growing;
  • The state’s $100+ billion high-speed rail project is mostly dormant;
  • California has the highest income tax rates in the nation;
  • California also has the highest sales taxes, electricity rates, gas taxes in the country.

Victor Davis Hanson recently and poignantly summarized the decline of California:

“Crime, homelessness, and medieval decay characterize the once great downtowns of San Francisco and Los Angeles. It is now not safe to walk alone in any major California city after dark.”

“Shoplifting and smash-and-grab theft are no longer treated as real crimes. The result is the mass flight of brand stores from our downtowns and inner cities, with all the accustomed cries of “racism,” even as racist public prosecutors pick and choose whether to indict the arrested on the basis of race.

“California infrastructure, once the best in the county, is now among the worst. Decaying and crowded freeways, inadequate water storage, and pot-holed streets are the new norm. Once robust gas, oil, mining, and timber industries are nearly inert.”

Sacramento, we have a problem.

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San Jose Transgender Activist, Teacher was Vengeful ‘Enforcer’ for All-Female Biker Gang, Leading to Oakland Triple Homicide, DA says

Victim started keeping a pistol for protection, police say

Days before a well-known transgender activist and teacher is to go on trial facing charges of murdering three family members in 2016, Alameda County prosecutors have signaled their intent to portray her as the enforcer of an all-female outlaw biker club who’d followed one of the victims around after she left the group.

Dana Rivers, 67, of San Jose, has been in police custody since 2016 when she was arrested and charged with murdering Charlotte Reed, 56, her wife Patricia Wright, 57, and Wright’s 19-year-old son, Benny Toto Diambu-Wright, inside their Dunbar Avenue home in Oakland. Rivers is also charged with dousing the garage with gasoline and setting it on fire, an apparent cover-up attempt that was thwarted when a policeman came to the scene just three minutes after a neighbor called 911.

Now, court filings by both defense and prosecuting attorneys are laying out both sides’ views of the case, including details of the killings never before released to the public. The defense filings are not as detailed because, unlike prosecutors, they’re not required to put their cards on the table before a trial begins.

Rivers’ attorney, Melissa Adams, has indicated she will be making a self-defense or “in defense of others” argument before the jury, which is expected to be convened by early next week. In court papers, she has described Wright and Reed’s relationship as “quite volatile” and that Reed initiated a fistfight within a month of the triple-homicide. Adams has also filed a motion to exclude reference to Rivers’ motorcycle club as a “gang,” writing that she’s unaware of the group ever having been classified as such “in this county or any other.”

But a recent prosecution court filing describes Rivers as an “enforcer” for an all-female “outlaw” biker club known as the Deviants MC. Authorities say she went by the nickname “Edge” and proudly wore tattoos indicating she was a “1 Percenter” — a term referencing the relatively minuscule number of motorcycle clubs that turn criminal — and a “supporter” of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

Prosecutors allege that in the months leading up to the killings, Reed had joined and dropped out of the club, and that members, including Rivers, began threatening her. Reed became so fearful she began leaving a pistol by her nightstand, they say. Still, the prosecution memo says that when police asked Rivers in the immediate aftermath of the killings if they were in any way related to the Deviants, she denied it.

“This has nothing to do with that,” Rivers said, according to court records. “This was personal.”

Before her arrest, Rivers was best known as a schoolteacher who became an international news story when she came out as transgender to her students in a high school in Antelope, California. She was subsequently fired for sharing details of her transition, then sued the district and received $150,000 in a settlement. In the aftermath, she became an activist for transgender rights, and ultimately moved to the Bay Area to restart her life as an educator.

Rivers is also a U.S. Navy veteran who sought mental healthcare at the Menlo Park Veterans Affairs Center in Palo Alto. That is where she met Reed, a fellow veteran who was struggling with PTSD. The two struck up a friendship, and in February 2016, Reed joined the Deviants Motorcycle club, according to court records. It was a short-lived stint. By that summer, she decided the club was “too political” for her and left, prosecutors say.

But according to authorities, the club wasn’t quite done with Reed. She allegedly told a friend that the club had asked her repeatedly to return patches containing the Deviants emblem, a blue tribal sword with wings along with top and bottom “rockers” stating the name and location of the club. She also reportedly began receiving threats, and Reed’s friend said she had spotted Rivers outside the veteran’s affairs center, staring intently at Reed, according to court records.

One of Reed’s children also told police she overheard a phone call where a person talking to Reed said something along the lines of, “Oh my god, are you okay? Have they sent Dana after you?” Around the same time, Reed started keeping a pistol by her bed at night and downstairs during the day, prosecutors allege.

But in the weeks leading up to the killings, things changed. Reed and Rivers reportedly rekindled their friendship, although to prosecutors, “it appeared that the defendant was attempting to regain Ms. Reed’s trust.” Rivers began hanging out at the Dunbar Avenue home, helping Reed with her Harley Davidson or other mechanical projects. At around 6:45 p.m. Oct. 10, 2016, Rivers reportedly texted her wife that she was staying over at Reed and Wright’s home.

Then, shortly after midnight on Oct. 11, a neighbor called 911 to report hearing gunfire, then looked outside and saw Diambu-Wright stagger and fall in the middle of the street. The 19-year-old and recent graduate of Berkeley High School’s Academy of Medicine and Public Service was dead from gunshot wounds.

Oakland police Officer Yusey Ghazi arrived within three minutes of the 911 call, and within about 30 seconds of his arrival, Rivers allegedly exited the home. She was wearing a black motorcycle helmet with the visor up, a black shirt, a black leather vest, blue jeans, black boots, and was covered in “wet blood” and gasoline, prosecutors said in court records. She allegedly told Ghazi nothing was going on and that she had been helping a friend fix a motorcycle, but then admitted there were two dead people in the home and the garage was on fire.

Inside her vest, police found brass knuckles, pepper spray, and several .38 caliber bullets. Inside the home were two guns, including a .45 caliber Colt 1911 handgun equipped with a silencer. The gun appeared identical to one tattooed on Rivers, next to text that reads “do not lie to me, f—-r.” Prosecutors say the tattoo had “after-market” markings consistent with the pistol in the home. Adams wrote there was nothing incriminating about Rivers having a tattoo of an “iconic” firearm.

Wright and Reed’s bodies were found in an upstairs bedroom, and so was a .38 caliber revolver. Both had been shot and stabbed, but Reed suffered roughly 40 stab wounds, authorities said. In a brief statement to police, Rivers allegedly said she was a veteran and needed mental health care.

“I’m not exactly sure what’s going on here, but I know I’m in trouble,” she allegedly said.

The next development in the investigation came three months later, when the executor for Reed and Wright’s estate was cleaning out their home. He reportedly found a letter, addressed to Reed and sent by Rivers, and dated July 25, 2016. It said that Rivers recently shopped at Pier One and smelled a lavender candle, which triggered a memory of Reed. Rivers interpreted as proof that Reed was still close to her heart, prosecutors wrote.

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