Donald Trump on Offense at 2nd Debate

As reported by Fox News:

Donald Trump needed to stop the bleeding – and at the least, the Republican nominee may have done that. He delivered an unsparing debate performance Sunday against Hillary Clinton which may not have won over many undecided voters but assured his base that Trump the fighter hasn’t been knocked out despite the controversy over a 2005 tape of him making lewd comments about women.

Significantly, he won praise Monday morning from running mate Mike Pence. In normal circumstances in a normal election cycle, that praise would be taken for granted – but it followed widespread speculation about the Indiana governor and staunch Christian conservative’s willingness to stay on the ticket in the wake of the vulgar footage controversy.

“The real story this morning is that Donald Trump stepped up and won a debate last night that seemed to be against all odds,” Pence told “Fox & Friends” on Monday.

The words of praise come after a host of prominent elected Republicans abandoned the ticket over the weekend because of that 2005 footage. But Trump’s closest supporters and advisers were suggesting in the wake of the debate that those lawmakers overreacted. …

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