State Grapples With Timeline for Implementation of New Science Standards

As reported by Ed Source:

Two years after it adopted a new set of science standards, the California State Board of Education is trying to allow enough time to best phase them in so it avoids some of the pitfalls it faced in implementing the Common Core State Standards in math and English language arts.

The Next Generation Science Standards have in many ways been overshadowed by the Common Core, which the state adopted in 2010 and is now being implemented in school districts across California. By contrast, the science standards, adopted in 2013, are being introduced more slowly across the state.

At its November meeting in Sacramento, the State Board of Education voted to extend the timeline for finalizing a new science curriculum “framework” from its original projected date of January 2016 to September or November 2016.

A framework is essentially a blueprint for creating a curriculum based on the new standards that can be implemented in the classroom. The board is now inviting public comment on the draft science framework through Jan. 19. …

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