Democrats Finally See The Bear

Russian BearPresident Reagan’s 1984 re-election campaign ran a 30 second TV commercial titled “The Bear.” The video was simply a bear walking slowly through a forest. The narration was equally simple: “There is a bear in the woods. For some people, the bear is easy to see. Others don’t see it at all. Some people say the bear is tame. Others say it’s vicious and dangerous. Since no one can really be sure who’s right, isn’t it smart to be as strong as the bear? If there is a bear.” At the end of the narrative a man appeared on screen and the bear retreated.

The ad was devastatingly effective because the American people easily recognized the message. The Russian bear was roaming the world looking for countries and societies to swallow and force into a global communist “workers paradise.”  President Reagan had been a lifelong opponent of communism, while American liberals were boosters of the Kremlin Commissars and vociferous opponents of Reagan, and any American politician who stood strong against communist imperialism.

Since at least 1968 the mainstream of the Democrat Party has been knee-jerk in its opposition to American anti-communism and equally knee-jerk in its support of Russian expansionism and mischief making around the globe.  Jeanne Kirkpatrick, then America’s ambassador to the U.N., coined the phrase “Blame America First” to describe the Democrats at the 1984 GOP Convention. She was 100 percent correct and by 1984 the American electorate instinctively understood that. This understanding greatly contributed to Reagan’s 49 state sweep in the election.

Which brings us to the current Democrat hysteria about Russian “hacking” of our recent election – a pure fiction – and their artificial horror that President Trump has been civil to Russian President Putin. Here are two predictions you can take to the bank about all this: 1) The Democrat disdain for Russian authoritarianism is 100 percent phony, as 21st century American liberalism is indistinguishable from Russian totalitarianism; and 2) At the first sign that the Commie Cossaks in Moscow are at odds with President Trump on any policy, the Democrats will pivot on a dime and revert to their slogan of “no enemies on the Left” which has guided their foreign policy positions for 50 years. Trump will be the bully and Putin the aggrieved good guy.

For those looking for a bit of déjà vu, feast on some of the epithets (for UCLA grads that means mean words) thrown at President Reagan.

“He has always been drawn to radical activities. He has a propensity toward right wing radical activities … a flawed person with a defective mind … Reagan has a bully syndrome, combined with a very inadequate personality … it’s a dangerous, dangerous, dangerous combination.” – Former CIA Director John Stockwell.

I listed this first so those with short attention spans can add some perspective to the current cow pies being thrown at President Trump by our “intelligence” agencies.

“He is the most dangerous person ever to come this close to the presidency … he is a menace to the human race.” – The Nation” magazine.

This rag is still publishing, and as you might guess said almost exactly the same thing about Donald Trump.

“He is shallow, superficial and frightening” – Time magazine.

Hmm, now where have I heard that recently?

“He’s a criminal who used the Constitution as toilet paper.” – Actor John Cusack, proving that the current generation of Hollywood “stars” is not the first to be brain dead.

Though there’s tons more I think you get the idea. But there’s one more historical tidbit that should not be overlooked in a conversation about Russia, America and elections. That is the fact that the waddling sot from Massachusetts – Senator Ted Kennedy – Democrat hero and role model to testosterone overloaded Democrats everywhere, directly – yes directly – asked the Kremlin Commissars to help defeat Reagan for re-election.

In 1984 communist aggression was still in full flower around the globe, from Afghanistan to Africa to Central America. Because of KGB files released after the collapse of the Soviet Union (thank you Ronald Reagan), we now know that the last “Camelot” torch bearer took time out from his pastimes of mainlining Scotch and drowning his secretarial staff to make secret overtures to the KGB to thwart Reagan’s re-election.

According to the February 2, 1992 “London Times,” “In a letter addressed to then-Soviet General Secretary Yuri Andropov, dated May 14, 1983, KGB head Viktor Chebrikov explained that Kennedy was eager to ‘counter the militaristic policies’ of Reagan.” Former Sen. John Tunney, D-Calif., who was Kennedy’s law school roommate at the University of Virginia, traveled to Moscow on May 9 and 10, 1983, just days before Chebrikov’s letter, presumably to make the plea in person.

This is not to imply that “Teddy” was a communist – he was not. He was a drunk and a whore-monger whose meager IQ points were easily overpowered by ambition and Johnny Walker Red. But is most certainly is to state unequivocally that the current Democrat shock at Russia taking an active interest in our elections is 100 percent phony. The Kennedy / KGB story has been in circulation without credible refutation for a decade or more.

I have no qualms about how President Trump will deal with Vladimir Putin. Trump and Putin will deal with each other as George Patton and the Russian General did in that memorable scene from “Patton,” when they finally agreed to toast the end of the war “one SOB to another.”

And while it is refreshing to hear that the Democrats finally acknowledge the existence of a dangerous bear in the world, and nice that they actually say something bad about Russia – we’ve been waiting only 50 years for them to do so – that tune will change the nanosecond that President Trump is at odds with Putin.

The Democrats will revert to their default foreign policy stance – regardless of the adversary or circumstance, the United States is wrong. There is no bear. Happily President Trump will be leading an America with a newly invigorated self respect and armed forces ready to oppose the bear, ISIS and any other threat to America’s freedoms. Amazing grace.

Bill Saracino is a member of the Editorial Board of CA Political Review.

The “All About Eve” Transition

bette-davisThe iconic scene from the movie “All About Eve” has Bette Davis ready to throw a tantrum to sabotage a party she is attending. With cigarette in one hand and martini in the other, taking a gulp from the martini she declares with classic Davis bitchiness, “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.”

Traumatized Democrats and their media mouthpieces crawling out from under the rubble of the election have decided to up Davis’ bitchiness factor exponentially in an effort to cause a bumpy night to ruin Donald Trump’s transition and delegitimize his presidency.

This pesky thing called the Constitution made their “but she won the popular vote” argument moot, so they have launched a two-pronged attack of harassing Republican members of the Electoral College and invoking the specter of the big bad wolf currently residing in the Kremlin.

I’ve found that the best response to this caterwauling is to paraphrase the famous line from “Apocalypse Now,” informing the aggrieved lefties, “God, but I love the sound of liberals whining in the morning.” Best stand back after making that comment though, as it never fails to make liberal heads explode.

The Democrat complaint about the popular vote is just silly. Trump won the contest that counts, the Electoral College, a contest whose rules are reasonably new having been in effect for only about 228 years. Democrats complaining about the popular vote is akin to Cleveland Indians fans insisting that the Indians are the real baseball world champions. Even though Chicago won four of the ascribed seven games needed to be world champions, the Indians scored more total runs in those seven games. An interesting but irrelevant factoid. Democrat efforts to get legally pledged Electors to abrogate the decision of voters in their states shows just how un-democratic the Democrats have become.

Desperately casting about for a life jacket the Democrats and their media sock puppets are reviving the 1966 movie “The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming.” The entertaining movie was a farce, as is the idea that Vladimir Putin influenced the outcome of the election.

What is known is that somebody hacked some very embarrassing Democrat emails and gave them to Julian Assange, who gave them to Wikileaks. The Russians, Assange and Wikileaks say Russia wasn’t involved. An investigation by U.S. intelligence agencies concluded that while there were “certain patterns” that could implicate Russia, the “results were not conclusive.” Let me repeat that: The investigation’s report stated that in regards to Russian involvement, its results “were not conclusive.” Oddly, the Democrats and media have omitted that sentence in their narratives.

Over this past weekend, partisan Democrat operatives and Obama political appointees in the CIA leaked a “secret” report indicating that they and the FBI believed not only that Putin intervened in the election but that he did so specifically to elect Donald Trump. FBI officials promptly announced that the agency had reached no such conclusions. Interestingly enough, nobody has actually seen this “report,” and the sources are all “anonymous.” The media, however, is treating it as holy writ.

The New York Times story was headlined “Russian Hackers Acted to Aid Trump in Election, U.S. Says.”  To reference these darned things called facts, the “U.S.” has said no such thing and there are strongly differing views among our security agencies. The Times is a good exemplar of how far in the bag the media is against Trump. Their headline and story is based entirely on unnamed sources, including political appointees of President Barry O.

In search of Ronald Reagan’s allegorical pony, let’s starting digging through this pile of manure.

The most important point is that all this is speculation at best, purposeful misinformation at worst. There have been no hard facts presented. Instead, we’ve been offered leaked reports from unnamed sources. The anonymous, clearly partisan, leakers in the CIA tried to drag the FBI into their smear campaign but the FBI demurred. Facts are stubborn things and so far they have been stubbornly absent from the Democrat/media narrative.

The Democrat hypocrisy on the whole issue of Russia is breathtaking. Recall Mitt Romney being ridiculed in 2012 for saying that Russia was our biggest global threat. President Obama sneered, “The 1980s are calling and want their foreign policy back.” The media excoriated Romney (for UCLA grads that means they said really mean things about him) for his naiveté and failure to realize the success of Secretary of State Clinton’s “reset” of relationships with Vlad and the Commissars. More recently Clinton’s successor John Kerry praised the Russians for their help with the bogus nuclear “deal” with Iran.

Let’s assume for a moment that the Russians did indeed have a hand in hacking the DNC and Hillary’s emails. That influenced the election exactly how? Did Putin force Hillary to set up an illicit, scantily protected private email server in her bedroom closet? Did crafty ol’ Vlad cause her to repeatedly lie about the private server when it was discovered? Did the rotten Ruskies cause classified emails to be sent to Huma Abadin and Anthony Weiner’s laptops?

Did Putin force the Clinton campaign into the actions that actually cost them the election – ignoring working class voters in mid-West industrial states? Was it Russian influence that made Democrat power brokers think it was wise to nominate a candidate with more baggage than a 747’s cargo hold, a candidate under not one but two active FBI investigations?

Wow, that Putin guy is better with sleight of hand than a combination of Penn & Teller, Siegfried & Roy and Mandrake the Magician. The only thing missing is a video of Boris Badanov saying, “Moose, squirrel and Hillary must die.” Look for the New York Times exclusive on this any day now.

But enough of fantasy land. Now to the pony buried under all that equine excrement.

The Democrat/media axis knows that the popular vote is meaningless. They know that the Electoral College is going to elect Donald Trump as president on December 19. What they apparently do not know, or what they cannot face, is the most important thing – what caused them to lose the election.

There have been a few isolated voices among the Democrats suggesting that the party look back to its roots as the voice of the working classes and that it rediscover “flyover country.” Included among those voices, interestingly enough, has been Bernie Sanders. Such voices have been drowned out by the usual suspects of the liberal chorus insisting that “more of the same” – more racial pandering, class warfare and politically correct social Stalinism – is the key to future Democrat  victories.

trump-countiesWe should hope such voices prevail, as they guarantee continued Republican dominance at all levels of government. From city councils all the way up the political ladder to the White House the GOP is in a stronger position across the country today than it has been since 1920. Most of you have likely seen one of the red/blue national maps indicating counties or congressional districts carried by Trump and Hillary. Democrat blue is confined to narrow coastal stretches and a few inland megalopolises. The rest of the country is a sea of red.

Those maps are interesting in many respects, but here’s two factoids to chew over, not to mention torment your Democrat friends. Thirty-five percent of all Democrats in the House come from three states – California, Massachusetts and New York.  It is now possible to drive from San Diego to Florida, North Carolina, D.C. or Philadelphia without going through a single county or congressional district that was won by Hillary. This is not the picture of a national party ready to make a comeback using more of the same elixir that got them to this situation.

That said, while it is good for the country that the Democrats are clueless about the causes of their defeat, it is bad for the country that they have adopted a “destroy the country in order to save it” approach to losing the election. They would rather destabilize our democracy than accept Donald Trump as president. If Valdimir Putin wanted to damage the United States, one of his prime goals would be to cast doubt on the legitimacy of our basic intuitions, of which none is more basic than electing a president.

In that regard, the Russians have no better friends in this country than liberal Democrats. That is sadly appropriate, as this has been the case for the past 50 years.

But we have the ultimate trump card – pun intended. Come January 20, President Trump and his activist conservative cabinet will be whirlwinds of activity working to, dare I say it, make America great again.

Come 12:01 on January 20, the Democrat/media axis will be the ones who need to fasten their seatbelts. They have four years of bumpy nights to look forward to.

Bill Saracino is a member of the Editorial Board of CA Political Review.