$132 Billion in New Taxes/Fees Proposed by CA Legislators … So Far

As the Legislature nears the June 15 deadline for sending a budget bill to the governor, the California Taxpayers Association released “Tax Watch,” a report detailing $132 billion in new taxes and fees that have been introduced by lawmakers so far during this legislative session.

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The report includes every bill introduced so far this session that would impose or authorize higher taxes, fees or tax-like “fees” estimated by state officials to generate $5 million or more per year in net revenue.

State revenue increased more than $10 billion this year under our existing tax structure, but that hasn’t stopped some lawmakers from asking for even more. With tax revenue surpassing expectations, and the state’s rainy day fund now in place to help weather future storms, this is not the time to be proposing $132 billion in new tax and fee increases. 

The most expensive proposal for taxpayers is Senate Bill 8 (Hertzberg), which would extend the sales and use tax to cover services (including veterinary services, auto repairs, gardening and music lessons).

The State Board of Equalization, which administers the sales and use tax, estimates that this change alone would cost taxpayers $122.6 billion every year, on top of all existing taxes.

To prepare “Tax Watch,” CalTax reviewed every bill introduced or amended from December 1, 2014, to May 29, 2015. In cases where two or more bills proposed similar increases (for example, four bills proposed taxes on marijuana), the cost was counted only once for purposes of calculating the total amount of taxes and fees proposed during this session.

resident of the California Taxpayers’ Association

Originally published by Fox and Hounds Daily


  1. Taxed Enough Already. Get rid of these leeches.

  2. That’s great…you keeping an eye out for all these taxes these morons are imposing on us,but what are you doing to STOP them?

  3. Legal American says

    It’s time for a part-time legislature who HAVE to pass a test proving they have at least a high school education!

  4. JLSeagull says

    Every legislator who voted for these bills should be removed from office and every one who authored the bills should be sent to prison.

  5. askeptic says

    A gaggle of fools got to do what a gaggle of fools do.

    Too bad we can’t have their private taxi service drive them into Nevada and leave them half-way between Tahoe and Andover.

  6. They need all of hat money to pay for all the illegals coming in and giving them free everything. Someone has to pay for it.
    What we should do is fire all of the politicians and bring in new fiscally responsible and conservative politicians.
    But…this is California, home of the looney left.

  7. What is it with Democrats? The tax payers have to pay so the tax-takers can have their “free” goodies? The people that keep putting these imbeciles into public offices obviously do not understand what they are voting for.

  8. There are two things that are hard to understand here. First, don’t they realize that soon there will be no one to pay these exorbitant taxes in California, and, second,why do the people who continually complain about high taxes continue to vote these guys in office. In the end we have nobody to blame but our selves!

  9. Robert Poole says

    Like I said the other day you voters out there keep voting these money sucking bums in. Wake up and get fresh blood in charge. It is time to have part time legislatures.

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