50% Petroleum Cut Dropped From SB350

Gas-Pump-blue-generic+flippedAfter the governor and legislative leaders announced pulling the 50-percent petroleum cut mandate from Senate Bill 350, the controversial climate change bill, fallout whirled about the capitol from finger pointing to relative silence from a main supporter to a defiant stand from the state’s chief executive.

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As argued here previously, the economic consequences of passing the measure in tact would certainly affect lower income and middle class Californians. It was an argument that moved some Democrats who stood up for their constituents against pressure brought by legislative leaders and even movie stars.

Still, Senator Kevin de León yesterday was dismissing the argument that electric costs would increase when a Univision reporter asked him on camera about costs. De León’s answer was to suggest the information was a mistake put out by oil companies. However, a study issued by the Manhattan Institute reports that California’s green energy policies have driven up energy costs.

Meanwhile, one of the most noticeable proponents of SB350, billionaire environmental activist Tom Steyer, was mostly invisible after the measure was amended. Steyer, who stood with Sen. de Leon when the bill was introduced seven months ago, simply put out a short release praising the pieces of the measure that remained in SB 350 and said more work must be done.

On this site yesterday, Loren Kaye, president of the California Foundation for Commerce and Education associated with the state Chamber of Commerce urged legislators to wait and see if what has already been passed to confront climate change works before rushing ahead with new plans that could put the economy at risk.

But perhaps the most significant message delivered in the aftermath of the intense battle over this one bill came from a frustrated Governor Jerry Brown. He told a press conference that; “I am more determined than ever to make our regulatory regime work for the people of California.” He added, “We don’t have a declaration in statue but we have absolutely the same authority. We’re going forward.”

This Admiral Farragut declaration (“Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”) hints at bypassing the people’s representatives and making changes through executive regulatory action, this time through the authority of the California Air Resources Board.

CARB’s authority to implement the provisions of SB 350 with no legislative oversight was a major sticking point in discussions about the legislation. The governor declared he would not diminish CARB’s power. From his statement, it appears he intends to use it.

Yet, a full-blown public debate over an important issue affecting all Californians should not be disregarded because it did not come out the way proponents wished. Any major change on climate legislation should be accomplished only after the people’s representatives or the people themselves vote.

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  1. The “Four Stooges of the Apocalypse”, Moonbeam, Steyer, DeLeon and Nichols” are bound and determined to bring this once great State to its demise. There has been all sorts of demands that Cost Accounting be implemented to see what the “green” bills are doing to the economy. Jerry/DeLeon simply look the other way and do nothing because they know that any savings in “carbon” release will have absolutely NO EFFECT on the World. They completely ignore the fact that “climate change” is NOT a settled science as show by the Petition signed by 30,000 scientists world wide saying there that there is NO agreement on anything. There is no such thing as a “greenhouse” effect in outer space. Ask any physicist about this. It violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Water vapor makes up the bulk of gases in the atmosphere not a miniscule .039% attributed to CO2. I can go on for hours on this subject but I will ask if you have read the NOAA 30 year study of inbound and outbound radiation from the Sun. It shows a gradual INCREASE in the OUTBOUND radiation. This means that nothing has been “Trapped” on the Earth due to “deadly” CO2. Either NOAA is wrong or there is NO HARMFUL MAN MADE climate effects and the Four Stooges of the Apocalypse are bound and determined to control our lives.

    • All that Outbound is due to the great amount of Particulate Matter floating around the stratosphere (reflective energy?)…..and here I thought that the new diesel-engine rules promulgated by CARB relying on bogus studies by a bogus PhD (that they refuse to withdraw and refuse to fire), were going to solve that problem.

  2. I’ve lived in California since 1961 and in my current home for the last 18 years and had hoped to live out my life here. Sadly, The progressive left running the state are going to drive us out.

  3. It is truly unfortunate that Jerry Brown doesn’t understand he was elected to protect the interests of ALL Californians – NOT to make a name for himself with other politicians and foreign presidents. Whatever happened to ” of the people, by the people and for the people”? His recent statement that “…we have absolutely the same authority. We’re going forward.” To what? Bankruptcy of our citizens? Our so-called governor has become a dictator and appears to have NO concern for the lower and middle class, hard-working citizens. Why would he care? His personal treasure chest of $16 million, contributed by those looking for favors, is sufficient for his needs. Hopefully, it will buy him a room in a center for demented persons.
    I think it’s time for a recall and election of a candidate who doesn’t lie, doesn’t deceive the people, doesn’t break the law (Brown has violated our state Constitution numerous times) and doesn’t tell attendees at his speeches to “shut up” and infer that everyone but him is stupid. Jerry, hop on your $90 billion choo-choo train to nowhere, ride through the planned twin tunnels to the LA basin and have a cocktail with your compatriots Steinberg, DeLeon and others of similar thought . PLEASE!

  4. If saving energy is so important, they should shut down the A/C at CARB.

  5. I don’t give a damn about what California citizens want, want what I want when I want it. Is this governor Jerry Brown or is it Dictator Jerry Brown? Sorta reminds me of Baraack Obama.

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