79,000 CA Driver’s Licenses Issued to Illegal Immigrants … So Far

Move out of the way, Californians. Illegal aliens are in the building … literally.

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Now that DMV – everyone’s favorite destination – is giving illegal aliens driver’s licenses, new offices are being opened around the state, more employees are being hired and office hours are being extended.

According to the Orange County Register, “DMV has issued 79,000 new driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants and administered approximately 523,000 written and behind-the-wheel exams” since the law took effect on January 2nd.

I’m not sure what’s more ludicrous – giving illegal aliens driver’s licenses or using our tax dollars to provide them with this luxury. While most people say they want illegal aliens to have driver’s licenses, they forget a few major points:

Number one: Why are we providing someone the ability to drive in our country when they aren’t allowed to be here in the first place? Wouldn’t it make more sense to deport them? If they break the law before they’re a United States citizen, how do we know they won’t break the law if and when they’re a legal citizen?

Number two: It’s not fair to reward those who break the law. What about the people who have waited years to come to our country? They’re being penalized for following the proper protocol.

Number three: My mom was involved in an accident with an illegal alien. He had no license, no insurance and was let off scot-free. I wrote about the experience extensively. Unfortunately, Americans are left with the aftermath while an illegal alien is able to move on with their lives.

Giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens does nothing but place an even greater burden on our system. Those of us who pay into the tax system are seeing our tax dollars used to extend the DMV, one of the biggest government bureaucracies, for the benefit of those who don’t contribute via taxes.

Instead of literally throwing money down the drain, our nation needs to address the immigration system as a whole. Some states, like California, who are giving illegal aliens driver’s licenses, are asking for a wave of illegals to flock to the state for this benefit.

Not only is this an immigration issue, but it’s also an economic issue. Bringing low-skilled labor to the market is not what California needs. We need high-skilled, highly valuable workers who will raise wages, not lower them.


  1. 79,000 more illegal voters for the Democrats, California definitely seen the last of California’s Golden Days…………… The fact that we have a Democrat for governor, and Democrat controlled Legislature, explains the poor condition of the States Economy, Education (43rd), and Unemployment (Hills Brother Coffee left yesterday).

  2. From the days of Hiram Johnsons Golden State,
    to the hieghts of Pat Browns Golden Brown State,
    ultimately to the depths of his son Jerry Browns Sh!t Brown State,
    what an obscenely squandered future the Progressives have wrought.
    They never rated the opportunity, or the responsibility.

  3. In New Mexico issuing drivers licenses never reduced the number of uninsured. It won’t bother the losers who voted for this until they become victims.

  4. 523K tests to issue 79K licenses – That’s over five failures before someone can pass the test and get a license.
    What is the cost versus revenue for those 79K licenses, and how much is being picked up by the taxpayer?

  5. Great, next ObamaCare and voting!

    Thanks Liberals ~ STUPID VOTERS!!!!!!!

  6. Hey Beth, I read there were 59,.000 licens??? ONE is to many!!

  7. This crap need to stop!!!

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