A Tale of Two Bridges — The Failure of Caltrans

Bay BridgeThe Bay Bridge debacle is the most serious sign that Caltrans is a broken agency.  There needs to be an immediate top-to-bottom review of its management and structure, followed by house cleaning and reorganization.  It’s a tragedy that Californians pay the highest transportation taxes and have the worst roads to show for it.

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This Week’s Bay Bridge News:

Fears of failure grow for rods on Bay Bridge eastern span

“Potentially widespread problems that experts warn could lead to premature failure…The rods are more vulnerable than Caltrans’ test results suggest.”

“It’s a very shoddy job all the way around…Clearly there was no quality assurance on anything…”

Golden Gate Bridge

Build Time:     4.5 years, completed 8 months ahead of schedule

Cost:                  $35 million, 4% under budget

Lifespan:          78 years old and counting

Declared:         “Wonder of the Modern World”

SF/Oakland Bay Bridge-Eastern Span

Build Time:     11 years, completed 6 years behind schedule

Cost:                   $6.4 billion, at least 300% over budget

Lifespan:         2 yrs old, but design flaws could produce premature failure

Declared:        “Most expensive public works project in California history”

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California State Senate, 37th District


  1. Robert C Whitten says

    The B ay Bridge was built y Chinese, not Cal Trans

  2. It was built by Union Workers under the supervision of Cal Trans and Cal Trans subleted to the Chinese certain aspects of the project that they felt would be better done with their expertise as they determined by their own determination was skill lacking within the union workers who had the contract. Whether there was any sabatoge of the non-union workers work performed has not yet been determined only heresy.

  3. I’m sure that if Moonbeam could just bring back Adriana “The Giant Turkey” Gianturco, she could whip CalTrans back into the same shape she left it….Oh, wait…..

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