Anaheim Mayor Invites Queer, Trans Nuns Group to Angels Pride Night

Anaheim’s mayor has invited a group of self-described queer and transgender nuns that was disinvited from the Los Angeles Dodgers’ annual LGBTQ+ Pride Night to be her guest at the Los Angeles Angels’ upcoming pride night.

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“I’m inviting the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to join me for @Angels Pride Night at Anaheim Stadium on June 7,” Mayor Ashleigh Aitken tweeted Saturday. “Pride should be inclusive and like many, I was disappointed in the Dodgers decision.”

Neither the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence nor the Angels immediately responded to a request for comment Sunday. It was not clear whether the group would accept the invitation, or whether they would have any official participation in the team’s June 7 event.

“I think it was a missed opportunity to really err on the side of being inclusive and err on the side of standing up for our marginalized communities, especially on the eve of Harvey Milk Day, especially on the eve of Pride Month,” Aitken told ABC7 of the Dodgers’ decision to revoke their invitation.

The Dodgers’ decision, announced Wednesday, came after complaints raised by several Catholic organizations and Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida, who said the group — billed as an “order of queer and trans nuns” — regularly disparaged Christians.

“This year, as part of a full night of programming, we invited a number of groups to join us,” according to a statement issued by the team. “We are now aware that our inclusion of one group in particular — The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence — in this year’s Pride Night has been the source of some controversy.

“Given the strong feelings of people who have been offended by the sisters’ inclusion in our evening, and in an effort not to distract from the great benefits that we have seen over the years of Pride Night, we are deciding to remove them from this year’s group of honorees.”

The group had been scheduled to receive a Community Hero Award at the team’s June 16 Pride Night, honoring its efforts to promote human rights, diversity and “spiritual enlightenment.”

The Sisters issued a statement Thursday expressing “deep offense” at being uninvited to the event, calling the decision a capitulation to “hateful and misleading information from people outside their community.” The group insisted it is a nonprofit organization that “annually raises thousands of dollars to distribute to organizations supporting marginalized communities.”

“Our ministry is real. We promulgate universal joy, expiate stigmatic guilt and our use of religious trappings is a response to those faiths whose members would condemn us and seek to strip away the rights of marginalized communities,” Sister Rosie Partridge, described as the “abbess” of the group, said in a statement.

The Sisters’ website describes the organization as “a leading-edge order of queer and trans nuns.”

Other high-profile Southland supporters of LGBTQ rights also chimed in, expressing disappointment in the Dodgers’ decision.

The Dodgers’ original decision to honor the group drew criticism from various Catholic organizations. Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, accused the team of “rewarding anti-Catholicism” by honoring the group.

“The Catholic League has been the leading critic of this bigoted organization for many decades,” Donohue wrote on the organization’s website. “… These homosexual bigots are known for simulating sodomy while dressed as nuns.”

He added, “Just last month, they held an event mocking our Blessed Mother and Jesus on Easter Sunday.”

Donohue said he wrote to Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred to protest the Dodgers’ decision to honor the group.

Rubio also sent a complaint to Manfred, saying the group “mocks Christians through diabolical parodies of our faith.”

“Do you believe that the Los Angeles Dodgers are being ‘inclusive and welcoming to everyone’ by giving an award to a group of gay and transgender drag performers that intentionally mocks and degrades Christians — and not only Christians, but nuns, who devote their lives to serving others?” Rubio wrote in his letter.

The organization Catholic Vote also condemned the group’s inclusion in the Dodgers’ event. Its president, Brian Burch, issued a statement Wednesday hailing the team’s decision to exclude the group, which he called “an anti-Catholic hate group known for their gross mockery of Catholic nuns.”

“While we continue to wonder how such a group was selected in the first place, this incident should serve as a wake-up call for all religious believers: unchecked woke corporations have no qualms about exploiting people of faith,” Burch said.

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  1. Col Steve says

    At least the dodgers rescinded the offer. that was a saving grace, no pun intended! However, along with the anaheim atmosphere of catering tot he strange and off-beats, Disneyland goes over-bpoard on the celebration of these groups of a mionot bit of our population.

    As a Cradle Catholic, I revere the work ,sacrifice and dedication of Catholic nuns. they taught me catechism, prepared me for Confirmation and as an adult in our parish they conduct many important outreach programs in the community as well as food closets and coordinations that the lone Pastor is unable to complete. To blaspeme these wonderful spiritually dedicated auxiliary to the Catholic Church is a grave sin.

    The Dodger organization, known to be one of the two best in sports, should have thought this one out before it became public and had to be retracted. I will award them a “virtual case of Bud Light beer” as punishment. A warning that is now legend, Go Woke, Go Broke. I refuse to ever go to Disneyland again for their affronts to modesty, morals and out-tight pasndering to groupd that Walt Disney would have never been involved with. There are other businesses I will not spend my time or money to their profit motives.

  2. Christians are the only segment of society that it is politically correct to hate these days.

  3. Our enemies are watching the United States of America crumble from this insanity. Why are so many elected officials equally spineless? It’s a slow-motion suicide of our once great nation.

  4. Really??? says

    Disney is fast learning what the beer guys learned……return the stale and out of date beer because the people are fed up with this junk.

    The Disney income is down….people are avoiding their TV channels and Streaming. Keeping the pressure up will eventually take its toll.

    No Disney vacations, toys, TV, streaming events and and and and.

    So the next thing is to boycott Anaheim and watch their hotels beg for help.

  5. Rottweiler says

    They exist to denigrate the original nuns. They would be disgruntled in any event, because mainly if you do not embrace the mentally ill then they throw a hissy fit. The ones who demand tolerance and scream for it rarely or never have any tolerance themselves. They actually need to form their own state, move to it and leave others alone to thrive because they are attention whores who need everything to be about THEM. Talk about hateful, they walk the walk of being the most arrogant, self-absorbed and selfish and non-productive individuals around. What pray tell do they want a “community” award for? For the most disruption and hate mongering? Then they deserve it.

    • Our country is in Satan’s grip… I’m so sick of this mentally derranged garbage… if they want to live as something they aren’t, I don’t care but am sick of them trying to shove it down other people’s throat, flaunt it around everywhere, target our kids and damage their minds… young kids are impressionable and they don’t undertand… All this so-called Woke is nothing but garbage.. This is so sick and disgusting what is happening to our country… and the country seems to be run by the mentally derranged and being shoved deeper into the hell

  6. SICK and disgusting garbage… our country must be the laughing stock of the world.. America has gone to the dogs… We are sinking further and further into the depths of hell… we are nothing but a sick joke anymore.. the nightmare in our white house is ripping this country apart, the mentally deranged are running the country and driving it down more and more… there is no more morals, no values, no integrity anymore… We are a country with invaders allowed to enter illegally and are allowed to remain, a country being racially divided (even by our own gov’t), criminals run the streets, stealing, attacking people, killing people… Satan seems to have a strong hold on this country and if the sane people don’t start fighting back, this country will be totally lose to the insane!! There ARE ONLY two genders, but the mentally sick want to convice everyone there are more genders and anyone can just change theirs if they choose… I will not play that sick game… there are two genders.. male or female.. if you were born a male, you WILL die a male.. not putting on a dress and/or makeup and saying you are a female will make you a male. Now our gov’t is allowing LEGAL documents, to be falsified … our country is becoming more and more lawless and we’ve lost our sovereignty.. Sad to see the country sinking further into crime and corruption and other’s rights being trampled on and cancelled… God help us all before we done as a country

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