Another bid to recall Newsom and rob voters

Sore losers’ 7th effort to oust him is a waste, and points to larger ill: Unending elections due to denial

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Gov. Gavin Newsom at a press conference in the state capitol following the first COVID-19 death in California. Photo by Anne Wernikoff for CalMatters

Gavin Newsom is hardly beyond reproach.

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California faces a massive budget deficit, which may be worse than the governor acknowledges. There’s been voluminous amounts of talk about but no end to the state’s housing and homelessness crises.

The time and energy Newsom devotes to boosting his national profile — traipsing around the country, running red-state ads promoting abortion rights — could be better spent at home. Instead of visiting Florida and Alabama, Newsom should take a tour of rural California, stopping in flyover places like Alturas, Sonora and Red Bluff.

It may not boost Newsom’s 2028 presidential prospects or win many converts. But it would acknowledge the disconnect their residents feel from the rest of the state, and show their concerns matter as much as those of Democrats in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

None of that, however, justifies the latest attempt to drive Newsom from office.

A group of Republicans involved in the failed 2021 recall effort announced this week that they’re trying again — marking the seventh attempt to short-circuit Newsom’s governorship.

It’s a waste of time and, potentially, a whole lot more taxpayer money. It should force lawmakers in Sacramento to finally make some badly needed fixes to the state’s broken recall process.

It’s also symptomatic of a larger ill.

For more than a generation, we’ve lived in the age of the permanent campaign. The line between governing and eyeing the next election has become indistinguishable — much to the chagrin of those who wish expedience and partisanship had less influence over lawmakers and their decisions.

But in recent years, the negative effects of the permanent campaign have been exceeded by something even more pernicious: the election without end.

Rather than admitting defeat, Donald Trump and his followers insist on relitigating the 2020 presidential contest. In Arizona, gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake and other Republicanspulled the same stunt after losing their statewide races, refusing to recognize the results.

(For those who insist those elections were stolen, here’s a suggestion: Get together with Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy and discuss ways to prevent similar “fraud” in 2024. You’re welcome.)

Elections used to have winners and losers, with both sides acknowledging as much. Now those who don’t like the results simply refuse to accept the outcome, ignoring the will of voters.

In Oregon, that meant lawmakers boycotted the Legislature to deny majority Democrats a quorum. In Wisconsin, unhappy Republicans threatened to nullify a state Supreme Court election and impeach a liberal justice simply because their preferred candidate lost. (The legislators were finally shamed out of such a flagrantly undemocratic move.)

That mindset, that elections don’t count unless they turn out the way you wish, is evident in the renewed effort to recall Newsom.

Like him or not, he has twice been elected governor. He decisively beat back the attempted 2021 recall; the 61.9% “no” vote precisely matched Newsom’s winning percentage in 2018 — meaning nearly $250 million was spent on a special election so voters could say, in effect, yep, we meant it when we chose this guy.

They chose Newsom again in 2022, when he cruised to reelection.

The GOP is in pathetic shape in California. That’s nothing new. It’s been nearly two decades since voters elected a Republican governor, the sui generis Arnold Schwarzenegger.

So now the strategy seems to be, if you can’t beat ’em, harass ’em.

And make some money in the process.

The San Francisco Standard reported that Rescue California, the campaign committee behind the 2021 recall election, is more than $1 million in debt. Fundraising for the latest effort could easily wipe away that debt and reap a hefty sum for organizers who profited nicely from the last go-round.

In the weeks and months after that costly, pointless election, lawmakers in Sacramento considered ways to overhaul the recall process, which has aged poorly since its conception more than a century ago.

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  1. Liam Beel says

    What happened to CA Political Review? Slowly but surely I’ve seen it go from a reliable right-leaning news aggregation source…to slanting left. And now full blown garbage like this? You guys are promoting LA Times content? Really? People come to CA Political Review because they want to avoid the bankrupt, disgraceful LA TImes at all costs.

    Too bad. Unsubscribing. Will rely solely on California Globe I guess.

  2. Michelle says

    This lefty bent article does not all the Democrat election deniers (Stacy Abrams, Hillary Clinton). Also, we know in fact that there is a ton of DOCUMENTATION proving fraud in numerous ways. We know how they cheat, who cheats and that everyone is complicit. Further, the recall of Newsom in 2021successfully damaged his reputation and had a positive impact on his governance and behavior and decision making. If we can have good momentum we can recall him and, God-willing, damage his hopes for failing upward to the Presidency!

  3. Newscum needs to resign and do all of us a favor.

  4. Lucy Gray says

    It’s difficult to accept election results when your ballot was never even counted. And I have heard this from multiple people who checked.

  5. Tired of HIS Bull CRAP! says

    “It should force lawmakers in Sacramento to finally make some badly needed fixes to the state’s broken recall process.”
    NO – IT SHOULD force Sacramento to finally SHORE UP OUR ELECTIONS!!!! GruesomeNuisance is HATED!! He wasn’t the golden child before the scamdemic – he ate out, his kids went to school, he went to parties, and the list goes on!!!!!!

  6. Who is this guy? Another LA columnist.

  7. Robin Itzler - Patriot Neighbors says

    THE RECALL IS A WASTE OF TIME! In fact, it’s an embarrassment. We could not recall “Newscum” (as Donald Trump calls him) when there was voter anger about the COVID mask and lockdown mandates (that he ignored), we are not going to recall him today.

    Moreover, he was re-elected following the failed recall.

    Newsom has destroyed California and there are people who think he would make a great president. That should worry everyone!

  8. Pat McGroin says

    The first failed recall of the Governor was the final nail in the coffin that is the CRP.
    The people “leading” and promoting this scam are pure unadulterated grifters.
    I applaud Stephen Frank for the courage to reprint this article.

  9. Until the election process can be reformed, California citizens will have to suffer under the hands of the socialists. Only when the corrupt system stops serving their needs will a patriotic effort to right our ship of state succeed.

  10. Newsom would have been replaced if we had fair elections. However, the fact that Californians are dissatisfie d and continue to be dissatisfied is a huge message to the rest of the country in the not unlikely fact that he may be the Dem presidential candidate. Whatever, it hopefully keeps Newsom awake at night.The second issue is the Rs had no strong opponent in the previous recall. Maybe Larry Elder will get serious this time. Giving up is NOT the answer. If you’re not willing to fight for California, move out!

  11. Newson will probably be running for President. He will be the Second Great Reset President. He will be bringing in the WEF “New World Order”. Newsom was made a “Young Global Leader” in Davos in 2008 by Dr. Klaus Schwab. His buddy and fellow YGL Justin Trudeau has already turned his country into a Totalitarian State.

  12. Son of Billy Jack says

    Newsome is a vibrator for a Donkey’s bottom and that is the best that can be said of him. All attempts to remove him are a rewarding pursuit and endeavour.

  13. NEWSOM SUCKS and is nothing but a PATHETIC PUSSY

  14. The author quotes the San Francisco Standard on debt owed by Rescue,CA recall campaign committee. Looking at the stats for nearby rural Rescue there are only 3,800 people who live there. It has a Fire Dept and a couple of schools but is mostly rural folks that have horses, dogs, sheep, goats and whatever. At least the conservative folks in Rescue did try to save California a lot of pain…give them credit for trying because look where Calif is now….that Campaign Committee debt looks like a fly speck in comparison.

  15. CriticalDfence9 says

    What a load of horse manure…
    The electronic voting machine platform that corrupt former SOS Alex Padilla signed off on has NUMEROUS security exploits baked into it and are described and then EXPLAINED away at this PDF from the SOS website (page 19 onwards)

  16. Really??? says

    LRP Rcon.

    Keep the enemy in front of you.

    How about instead of doing the recall funds a very large and appealable lawsuit about illegals voting, and no accountability as to who are getting ballots. Run that up the pole and state it will be appealed when the Dem’s deny it.

  17. Leo of Sacramento says

    So, some points of record. The article says this:”Elections used to have winners and losers, with both sides acknowledging as much. Now those who don’t like the results simply refuse to accept the outcome, ignoring the will of voters.”
    Really, sir? The WILL of the VOTERS? Hmmmmm, perhaps you forgot, the WILL of the voters was suppressed, by Newsome executive order, when it comes to the Death Penalty. Oh wait, that doesn’t matter, right?

    The article says: “It’s a waste of time and, potentially, a whole lot more taxpayer money.” How so? The State pays out a fund for Secretary of State, anyway. What’s the difference?? The State pays out TONS of tax dollars, fighting FOR/AGAINST doofus idea’s from the Legislature. So what? Stop with the bleeding heart, BUT IT”LL COSTS TAXPAYERS MONEY!!! No duh.
    The article states: “The GOP is in pathetic shape in California.” <— THAT, is probably the ONLY thing you got right in this article.

    So, they want to run a recall, and? They have to make the ballot, to cost anyone anything, first. IF, they make the threshold. If they don't, who cares, effort fails.
    For a right leaning forum, the past few articles makes it feel this group is taking a left-leaning slant AGAINST Republicans. But, that's just me………..

    This Recall effort?? Good for them!! My FIRST thought was: It's only an attempt to embarrass the gov who is trying to run for President. Yup, that may well be true. It could be an attempt to also remove him from harming California further. Yup, may be true too. It could ALSO BE, an attempt to put in, a GOV that actually cares to Govern California!!
    So, THE question is: IF, this recall attempt makes the ballot? WHO, is going to be, OUR GUY to make the run?

    So far, not ONE republican has stood up to challenge the FOUR (4) DEMO"s currently running for GOV in 2026. Not one. WTF are you waiting for? Now this comes along, and you STILL here crickets. No one? Nothing………….not a name. Some suggest it's due to those people who MAY run, waiting to see how valid this attempt really is. If it's a shame, why bother. If it's NOT a sham, then what? How many will jump?
    Elder?? Please no……….Dahle? Nope. Another long term or termed out Republican looking for a job? Nope. Someone who wants to 'check a box'?? Nope. Who then?
    WHAT exactly, do Republicans want in a candidate? WHAT do the people of California want, in a candidate?
    Leo Naranjo IV <— April, 2024, I start to make the noise in the CRA, Sacto. JUNE? I anticipate the formal announcement.
    Clocks ticking.

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