Assembly Democrats Trying to Commandeer ‘Fix 47’ Ballot Initiative

How dangerous and disgusting does California have to get before Democrats will repeal Prop. 47?

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Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Insanity is also knowing that Democrats created a statewide crisis and allowing them to claim they can fix it.

It’s also stupid.

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State Democrats are disturbed right now that the proposed ballot initiative to amend Proposition 47 will qualify for the November 2024 ballot.

Assembly Democrats are attempting to commandeer the initiative. “Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas (D-Hollister) on Tuesday threw his weight behind a package of bills that aim to thwart theft by, among other proposals, allowing restraining orders to keep people who steal away from certain stores and letting prosecutors aggregate the value of thefts across multiple incidents in determining criminal charges,” the Los Angeles Times reports.

“There’s no turning back the clock on the criminal justice reforms that have been enacted,” Rivas said Tuesday during a news conference at the Capitol. “It’s understanding the root causes of this problem, which is complex. And for us, each one of these bills gets after those layers of complexity.”

Speaker Rivas should understand “the root causes of this problem” since his party and radical leftists ushered in Proposition 47, which has provided the state ten years of increased drug and serial theft crimes, taking its toll on the state’s residents and businesses. Because of Proposition 47, there is no accountability when it comes to these crimes, theft is underreported and some stores are even told not to report theft crimes.

Despite overwhelming evidence of rampant crime throughout the state, Gov. Gavin Newsom has continually praised Proposition 47, Proposition 57 and AB 109 (prison realignment), claiming they all helped reduce crime in the state.

Yet, California leads the nation in fentanyl deaths, homelessness and retail theft thanks to Proposition 47.

Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig posted this recently on X/Twitter:

There have been numerous attempts to repeal and/or reverse Proposition 47. Republican Assemblymen Kevin Kiley, James Gallagher, and Jim Patterson authored Assembly Bill 1599 to repeal Proposition 47, in early January 2022. AB 1599 would have more substantially eliminated Prop 47, repealing all changes and additions made by the initiative, except those related to reducing the penalty for possession of concentrated cannabis, the Globe reported. The bill sat untouched, assigned to no hearings, even as crime raged in the state during January and February 2022. However, 7 weeks after its introduction, AB 1599 was finally assigned a hearing in the Assembly Public Safety Committee – and killed.

The current initiative collecting signatures, The Homelessness, Drug Addiction, and Theft Reduction Act, specifically goes after serial thieves and drug crimes, and would elevate the third time someone commits retail theft to a felony charge.

Democrats have eviscerated California’s landmark “Three Strikes” law, passed in 1994. The Legislative Analyst’s Office explains:

In 1994, California legislators and voters approved a major change in the state’s criminal sentencing law, (commonly known as Three Strikes and You’re Out). The law was enacted as Chapter 12, Statutes of 1994 (AB 971, Jones) by the Legislature and by the electorate in Proposition 184. As its name suggests, the law requires, among other things, a minimum sentence of 25 years to life for three-time repeat offenders with multiple prior serious or violent felony convictions. The Legislature and voters passed the Three Strikes law after several high profile murders committed by ex-felons raised concern that violent offenders were being released from prison only to commit new, often serious and violent, crimes in the community.

However, according to the LATimes, “Rivas dismissed proposals that would require changing Proposition 47, sending The Times a statement saying that ‘going to the ballot to address retail crime or theft is not necessary, because the Assembly’s bipartisan and comprehensive plan delivers real and urgent changes for Californians.’”

Yeah, right. Be wary when Democrats claim something they are pushing is “bipartisan” and “comprehensive.” Notably, the ballot initiative actually is bipartisan.

Proposition 47, was passed by tragically misinformed voters in 2014, and flagrantly titled “The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act” by then Attorney General Kamala Harris, which reduced a host of serious felonies to misdemeanors, including drug crimes, date rape, and all thefts under $950, even for repeat offenders who steal every day.

Prop. 47 also decriminalized drug possession from a felony to a misdemeanor, removed law enforcement’s ability to make an arrest in most circumstances, as well as removing judges’ ability to order drug rehabilitation programs rather than incarceration.

The commensurate escalation of crime throughout California is stunning, and especially serial theft. There is no coincidence that during this same time period, the exponential escalation of homeless vagrants and drug addicts on the streets occurred.

“The Assembly bill package has support from progressive groups that back California’s criminal justice reforms,” which tells you that some of the bills aren’t worth a damn or don’t go far enough. It is also notable that Democrats have had 10 years to address the burgeoning serial theft, drug crimes and resulting homeless.

Assembly Democrats even created the Select Committee on Retail Theft. But California doesn’t need a legislative committee “to identify policy solutions to this ongoing crisis.”

Instead, they killed bill after bill authored by Republicans in ensuing 10 years. And, they waited until the Fix 47 ballot initiative looked as if it would make it to the ballot. They would rather keep Prop. 47 in tact, and create new laws – a demonstration if ever there was one that Democrats have no idea how to lead on any issue.

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  1. If you are tired of crime, please vote Republican and kick these morons to the curb.

    • Chris Renner says

      It won’t matter. Democrats are evil and Republicans are stupid. Republicans are never bold and are merely enablers for Democrats. Democrats have driven Conservatives out of the state so even if the Right was bold, Republicans don’t have enough voters to overcome the Communist majority, even if every single Republican actually voted. I know you think it’s noble to stay and fight; you want to stay and preserve your home value and maybe even stay close to your kids. You have no hope. Even with term limits, the Democrat and yes Republican Elite just change government jobs and will never have any concept of spending control, figuring that the Federal Government will bail out California because it’s California. Like all Communist regimes, the powerful are entrenched and they will stick around until the next generation of propagandized children are indoctrinated without knowing what 8×7 is or where electricity comes from. Because of broken homes, deteriorating manufacturing, high taxes and inflation, and no impetus for the entrenched Elite to change, crime and homelessness will likely continue to escalate, spilling over into the suburbs and your NIMBY attitude will be severely tested. You can keep hoping that things will change but look at change in Communist China, the Soviet Union, or even Cuba. Glacial. Look at how fast Communism took hold of a prosperous country like Venezuela. No my friend, you must get out of California and join the rest of my fellow refugees who made their own decisions rather than waiting for someone else to make correct ones. No regrets.

      • I acknowledge the validity in your sentiment but my family is here. There are a lot of sick people in this state.

        I choose to stay and fight for my children and grand children.

        I think there are plenty of normal people that are tired of the high taxes, the crime, and morale decay regardless of their political leanings. We need to find and consolidate those people of like minds.

        • Leo of Sacramento says

          I hope I can win your support for my candidacy for GOV 2026.

          Leo Naranjo IV, (R), for CA State Governor 2026

  2. Leo of Sacramento says

    Sheriff Chad Bianco is now saying, “he’s considering……….running for California State Governor in 2026.”
    He’s one of the architects’ for the Prop 47 correction. Noble attempt.

    Umm, except, adding limbs to the dying tree, won’t accomplish much.
    Restraining orders for thieves?? Are you joking? Oh my, why, of COURSE the “mobs” will adhere to that!!
    How thoughtless of me.

    Prop 47 needs to be gutted and fixed. This so called, ‘fix’, …what does it fix? Unless the news is lying, again…… seems to have little impact against the overall law. And so what, you arrest more folks…and??

    Where are they going to go? Which ‘marked-for-closure” prison, will you sent them too? How long, do you actually believe, they’ll spend behind bars? Do you feel better yet, because it seems, this is all that this attempt is; something to make you FEEL BETTER.

    How can you suggest to make changes to a law, say you’ll increase arrests, yet you still HAVE to let em go soon as you catch them? Jail them? Where??

    Once elected, I would immediately sign, an Executive Order (Just like Gavin did on certain occasions), to restrict and suspend Prop 47 and ALL it’s components. That law would be remanded BACK to the State Legislation, to be reviewed, corrected and revoted on (if possible) for the public. It would ALSO have to have, the CORRECT language included into the Bill, so people would know what they are actually voting on.

    Not lying subterfuge or questionable language.

    Sheriff Bianco is “considering’ running. ah-huh
    I’ve already announced my ‘exploratory campaign’ for Governor of California 2026.
    Leadership, is what this State needs. Leaders, is what it’s lacking.
    Right now? We have all kinds/sorts of people, waiting……..waiting to see if Trump makes it to office, and how it may impact the local races. They would jump in then!!
    Or, waiting to see if Trump loses, then they’ll just drift away………and we’d be stuck with 6 DEMO’s from which to choose from to see if our State will continue with the demise, or have new problems added to it.

    Considering…………………hmmmmmm, consider this:
    Change. Change of direction. Change of transparancy. Change FOR California Citizens, not for Government. Change FOR our State to be properous, not for our state to be a trough.

    I’m running.
    Others are waiting.

    Consider that.

  3. Rico Lagattuta says

    This tactic has worked for the Democrats in the past. They have a good shot!

  4. It would appear that the end goal of the Socialist mob is complete elimination of retail sales and all online purchases groceries included…that way your spending can be completely tracked

  5. first off…….ya can’t fix stupid. Secondly, “Socialism is a philosophy of Failure, the creed of Ignorance and the gospel of Envy, it’s inherent virtue is the equal sharing of Misery.” Winston Churchill. And thirdly, you have to realize that the communist fascist racist satanic baby-murdering KKK-loving Democrats can ONLY fix problems they cause with MORE problems………and they like throwing enormous amounts of money we don’t have, at problems that don’t exist, for solutions that don’t work!!! Prove me wrong!!

    • What do you mean “problems that don’t exist”? California has sanctuary cities for homeless, illegal immigrants and abortion seekers. California has an astronomical debt problem that legislators figure will be covered by the Federal Government. California has the highest taxes in the nation and despite this, its public education system is either 50th or 51st in the nation, its roads are exhorbitantly potholed, the only reason the crime rate is dropping is because nobody reports crime anymore, its manufacturing base is cratering and businesses are leaving. But at least California is spending hundreds of billions on changing the climate while its cities are covered in filth, muck, and an escalating rat population! Republicans are too timid to solve any of these problems but rest assured, Democrats have created all these problems.

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