Assemblyman Travis Allen Wants Your Vote for California Governor

On the KTLA 5 News, Huntington Beach Assemblyman Travis Allen (R) lays out his campaign platform for California governor, including drought response and a plan to repeal Gov. Brown’s gas tax.

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  1. Anybody but Newsom also known as “pelosi light”!!!

  2. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    If by some miracle, my vote for him succeeds, will we have HIS vote to overturn the toxic “Top 2 Primary” Prop 14 ? Or actually, even if it doesn’t succeed ! Status Quo on “Top 2” which apparently ALL parties are happy with by their INACTION, is giving the DemoCrud FREE REIGN to pillage and destroy our State !

  3. Sorry Travis but my wife and I won’t be here to vote for you. We’ll be moved to Arizona before year end. I moved here in the middle of 7th grade with my family in January 1961. After nearly 57 years in California I’ve had it. One R governor isn’t going to make a big difference. Before this state can begin to recover from the DemonRats, Calpers and Calstrs will go bust and the un-holy alliance between the DemonRats and the public employee unions will have to be brought down. Good luck, but we won’t be here.

  4. Let’s hope CA has more common sense this next time! This man is quite a contrast to the old worn out dim-witted gov we have now! And Arnold, a Republican? Sure….. Hope the man is a REAL Republican!

  5. This candidate appears to be on track.

  6. Tremors,moving to a McCain State shows you how much Republican he is since he just sold out the people of that State,different State same liars and traitors

    • Phoenix is more Blue than Red, well, except for the sunburns but still. Aridzona isn’t the glorious bastion of freedom people thing it is. The Leftist loons are taking over.

  7. Here’s a plan: All we Republicans should concentrate our vote on him in the primary while the Democrats spread their votes among several candidates. If we do that, Travis Allen will then face off against the Democrat in the general election where I believe he can win, because he has a winning message. I have already contributed $2,500 to his candidacy. Spread the word!!

    • I’ve sent a couple of hundred, time to send more. He has the backing of Calguns Foundation and the NRA. He is ‘young’ and will look good up against Newsom or that other fool, Leon.

  8. Brenda Torres says

    All I know for sure is that I will never vote for Gavin Newsom…

  9. jetta242 says

    If he end sanctuary cities in California (sb54) I will vote for him…

  10. We can elect conservative governors until we’re blue in the face, but it won’t amount to more than a holding action unless we also change the composition of the legislature.

  11. The Old Chip says

    Demo-rat ex San Fransicko mayor, now California’s Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, and another San Fran reject, Kamala Harris are both complicit in ILLEGAL alien sanctuary policies and their negligence responsible for ILLEGAL alien murder and mayhem.
    It’s not the first time San Fransicko officials had blood on their hands because they rejected all common sense and released ILLEGAL aliens on an unsuspecting populace. When Harris was San Fransicko District Attorney, the city (Mayor Newsom) went as far as to fly accused drug FELONS — who claimed to be minors — to their home nation, rather than notify federal immigration authorities, all at taxpayer expense.
    One beneficiary of the Harris take on San Fransicko’s “sanctuary city” policy was Edwin Ramos, an ILLEGAL alien put back on the streets by Harris’ lax policy. Ramos later killed Tony Bologna, and his two sons Bologna’s widow rightly blames San Fransicko’s” sanctuary city” policy. Newsom ran for Governor and harris was voted in as Senator to replace barbara boxer; instead they should be in jail.

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