Astounding number of tax increases on November ballots

When voters go to the polls November 4, they will decide the fate of a large number of school bonds, parcel taxes, sales taxes, utility users’ taxes and other measures that will impact their family budgets.

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Despite the improving state economy that is increasing government revenue under existing tax rates, 53 jurisdictions are seeking sales tax increases, 40 are asking voters to approve parcel taxes, and school districts have placed 113 school bond measures on the ballot. If all of the school bonds are approved, taxpayers will have to repay more than $11.7 billion in new bond debt, plus interest.

While an overwhelming number of tax and bond measures have the support of local newspapers, as is historically the case, several of the measures on the November ballot have drawn opposition from newspaper editorial boards.

For example, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, which often supports tax increases, urged readers to reject Measure N, a utility users’ tax increase that the newspaper said would “fuel a growing chasm between richly funded public safety agencies and all other city services.” The newspaper said a previous ballot measure set a guarantee for police and fire spending that has hamstrung the city because the measure “didn’t account for an historic recession or the skyrocketing cost of retirement benefits.”

As is often the case, many local governments are using taxpayer-funded resources to campaign for tax measures. The Albany Unified School District’s website, for example, has a “news and announcements” section that describes a parcel tax measure as the “Preserve Funding for Albany Schools Act of 2014,” and states that “concerned parents, educators, and community members are joining together to support a replacement parcel tax.”

CalTax’s table summarizes the local tax and bond measures on the ballot in every county where such a measure will go before voters:

This article was originally published on Fox and Hounds Daily.


  1. 2014: Just Vote NO!

  2. As I see it: Prop. 1 The Water Bond~We need water, definately. I just don’t like “Moon Beams’ unions doing all the 8 billion dollars work of work. (read: Corruption and crony Capitalism) ‘Moon Beam’ needs to address this issue instead of supporting all the illegal immigration healthcare/free education/etc.
    Prop 2. The ‘Rainy Day Fun’ (not fund) The Television ads portray the weary firer fighter, and hats off to them, they have done a spectacular job. What is not shown is the problem~~the teachers unions. (Oh, I forgot, it’s all about the little children)
    Jerry’s ‘Rainy Day Fun’ will turn out just like proposition 34, you remember the one that would break Taxifornia out of it’s debt??? ‘Moon Beams’ Rainy Day Fund will simply go help pay down the immense UNION pension liability.
    Personally, I’ve been lied to once to many times by the Taxifornia Porkaticians. I just be voting no, thank you.

    • If our Dear Moonbeam is for something it’s best to be against it. He had a chance to help our water problem in his first two bad terms. The odds on him fixing it now is a sum far less than zero. Beside he just wants to play with his choo-choo.

  3. “AMEN” to both comments!!!

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