Bay Area congressman proposes renaming Florida prison after Donald Trump

WASHINGTON — Rep. John Garamendi, D-Fairfield, and two other House Democrats want to name the Miami federal prison after former President Donald Trump.

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The legislation, which has little chance of passing, would change the Federal Correctional Institution Miami’s name to the Donald J. Trump Federal Correctional Institution. The prison, located about 90 miles from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, is a low-security facility that holds about 1,000 men convicted of federal crimes. 

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Former Trump adviser Peter Navarro is serving a four-month sentence at FCI Miami for contempt of Congress after refusing to comply with a subpoena. Right-wing internet personality Anthime Gionet, known as Baked Alaska, was incarcerated in the same facility for two months in 2023 after pleading guilty to unlawfully protesting inside the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection.

The legislation proposal came days after seven House Republicans introduced a bill to rename the Washington Dulles International Airport after Trump. (No California Republicans have signed onto the bill.)

“MAGA Republicans have proven themselves unwilling to solve real problems that face our country. I cannot think of a more fitting tribute to our former president, Donald J. Trump, than renaming the closest federal prison to Mar-a-Lago in his honor,” Garamendi said in a statement. “As always, my Democratic colleagues and I remain willing to work with anyone on common sense solutions to real world problems.”

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  1. John Galt says

    I sense a lot of Joseph Biden Memorial Dump’s coming up. I’d love to name a few sewage treatment plants after Barrack H. Obama.

  2. Dave D'Rave says

    This could be the start of a wonderful trend!

  3. When a longtime Dem name stoops to this level, it means that party is incapable of reform. Nothing good to go back to. The Democrat Party must die.

  4. Otis R. Needleman says

    Guess Fairfield has their John Garamendi Sewage Treatment Plant by now.

  5. John the Patriot says

    I’m sure the usual puke news media MSNBC and CNN will have fellow Democraptic puke Garamendi on this week to ooooh and aaah about his idea. The democraps are the reason this country is so messed up.

  6. John Garamendi is a crook.

  7. Otis R. Needleman says

    Oh, looking forward to the Scott Weiner Sex Offender Treatment Facility the the Gavin Newsom Mental Hospital.

  8. Rico Lagattuta says

    What about Biden Incarceration Facility?

  9. Richard B. Cathcart says

    President Trump ought to rename every USA EPA-identified Super Toxic Waste Hotspots after Garamendi. Like “No. 1”, “No. 2″….

  10. Brenda F Torres says

    Trump has bigger things to change as soon as he gets in there, just to clean up the mess these destructive leftists leave behind…

  11. Liked reading all the above….my exact sentiments!!

  12. “MAGA Republicans have proven themselves unwilling to solve real problems that face our country”…….yet these communist fascist racist satanic moron dems are unwilling to face the facts and truth that Trump, during his 4 years in office, had ALREADY fixed most of our problems caused by NObama (immigration, jobs, no more new wars, bringing businesses back from overseas, lower taxes for the little guy, bringing jobs and dignity back to the black community, etc.), while the dems and RINO’s did absolutely NOTHING for the country except waste 10’s of Millions of taxpayer dollars on Hitlery’s fake dosier!!!!

  13. Marcy Berry says

    Is the nation feeling our tax dollars are wasted on clown salaries, or is it just me.

  14. Going forward, we need to find a solid Conservative to replace this Garimendi clown.

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