Bay Area Takes Police-State Approach to Tobacco


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  1. “But there’s no reasoning with people on a crusade. Next summer’s referendum of the new San Francisco law will determine if city residents are as unreasonable as their leaders.”

    NO-NO-NO-NO-NO! These office holders are not community leaders, but rather elected SERVANTS of the people. And as such, they are also DISOBEDIENT servants when they dictate to those they serve about how to individually think and live.
    The Peoples reply will not actually be the referendum, but rather in the RE-ELECTION for these “knows-better-for-alls”
    If the voters reinstall them, they will get what they deserve IMHO.

    • Agree completely. But they will be reinstalled because the idiot voters will reinstall them just as they put them there in the first place. When voters are idiots you get idiots governing. Actually it’s Trumps fault; or is it Bush’s?

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