‘Big Lie’ Proponent John Eastman Uses Christian Crowdfunding Site To Raise Money For His Legal Bills

A lawyer who spoke at the Jan. 6 rally, spreading the lie that Donald Trump won the 2020 election, is now using a Christian crowdfunding site to raise money for his legal fees. 

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Originally, John Eastman set a $100,000 goal for the fundraiser on GiveSendGo. Upon reaching that objective in just a week, he upped the target to $150,000. He’s now topped that amount by $271, having raised money from 2,179 donors. The crowdfunding site which launched around 2014, says it is “meant to give Christians the opportunity to be supported by the body of Christ.”  

An attorney and former dean of Chapman University’s law school, Eastman represented Trump in legal challenges to the 2020 election. In November, the House’s Jan. 6 committee subpoenaed Eastman. Earlier this month, he declined to testify, asserting his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination, according to Politico, which cited a letter Eastman’s attorneys sent the committee. 

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  1. The whole issue of who won the election should have been settled with an open recount of the votes. It wasn’t an election for high school class president. Three points always come to mind: when biden was wheeled out he had trouble getting 100 people to show up, a number of states shut down vote counting in the wee hours with trump in the lead only to open up a few hours later with biden in the lead and finally, the angry resistance for an open recount which would have put the issue to bed. Sure appears that there is something being hidden from the voters which has been going on for a very long time.

  2. Agree with max. It is by no means obvious who won the election.
    The CNN/MSNBC/Dem/RINO insistence that Biden* won is hardly genuine: “Methinks they protest too much”

  3. Eleanor Howard says

    Why is CALIFORNIA POLITICAL REVIEW giving space to someone who says it’s a lie to challenge the 2020 presidential election? Most people with brains between their ears realize that Democrats did a lot of shenanigans to change the results overnight in swing states while people were sleeping. This opening line really bothers me:
    A lawyer who spoke at the Jan. 6 rally, spreading the lie that Donald Trump won the 2020 election, is now using a Christian crowdfunding site to raise money for his legal fees.

  4. CPR has gotten their pockets lined lately. Me thinks they aren’t honest…anymore.

  5. Anyone who believes anything a Democrat says needs professional help.

  6. Zach Everson is an American journalist best known for his 1100 Pennsylvania newsletter that reports on Donald Trump’s alleged use of his presidency for personal gain.[1] Previously Everson was a travel and food writer.[

    Everson has reported about the Trump Organization for publications including Vanity Fair, Politico,[Slate,[5] Mother Jones,[6] and ProPublica and WNYC Studios’ Trump, Inc.

    In 2021, after Trump’s departure from the White House, Everson joined business magazine Forbes to cover money in politics.[16] In late August 2021, the Trump International Hotel in Washington banned Everson for life; he was told this was for taking photos without permission but Everson suspects it’s just retribution for unflattering coverage

    He is NOT a credible source. Eastman is right.

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