CA Gov Candidate Travis Allen Asks Jeff Sessions to Sue State Over New Sanctuary Law

California State Assemblyman Travis Allen invited President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to sue Sacramento over the new “sanctuary state” law.

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Tucker Carlson said that under the new law, all police statewide are banned from inquiring about immigration status, and that the legislation also has guidelines for schools as well.

“Illegal aliens are now a protected class,” Carlson said, comparing Gov. Jerry Brown’s (D-Calif.) actions to that of former Alabama Gov. George Wallace (D) whose forced segregation of schools required President Kennedy to send in the national guard.

Allen (R-Huntington Beach) agreed that the federal government must do something to stop Brown’s allegedly lawless action. …

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  1. It is way past time for the feds to do something. Stary by locking up Moonbeam and any of the other communist democrats for their irresponsible and treacherous activities. Treason, Sedition?
    Travis if you run for Governor you have my vote.

  2. Charlet McEvoy says

    Cakifornia Republican, Get out and vote this will be the most impotant thing for California to save the state. The President and Sessions need to step in and take them to task.

  3. So my question is this, if Ca. does not obey Constitutional law can any President, both current and future, use executive order and trample on state rights, not follow the Constitution, and do whatever pleases? Dangerous game of chicken.

  4. retiredxlr8r says

    Agree 110%!
    What’s not to agree with? California is effectively usurping the Constitution of the United States of America. A direct action of treason, is it not?
    California can be brought into submission of Federal Constitutional laws by the United States taking complete control of all of the United States Boundaries bordering on California by shutting them down. No traffic of personnel or goods in any direction until California rescinds and agrees to cooperate with ALL Federal Constitutional Laws. The Tenth Amendment does not apply to this conduct by California. Immigration and the nations borders are the responsibility of the Federal Government NOT individual states!
    California, Gov Brown, and the Democratic controlled legislature are at this moment an outlaw and deserves every abuse because of that conduct.

  5. JFK sent brother Bob to Alabama and made Wallace eat dung–so what is the holdup–people in Ca need to tell Trump to do the same and NOW–or get rid of sessions and get someone else to do his JOB—-send Militia to CA and arrest pecker nose baldy and restore law

  6. showandtell says

    Good news, folks: Acting ICE Director Tom Homan is on the case:
    “Charge Sanctuary City Politicians with a Crime, Says Acting ICE Director”

  7. Gloria Jimenez Ross says

    A great majority of us California citizens are tired of the liberties that this governor and the California legislature are taking with regard to the issue of illegal aliens to the detriment of the legal citizens of this state; we are also not in agreement with the issue of installing ILLEGAL ALIENS in positions of official capacity in local government and believe that it is an ILLEGAL activity. The Federal Government needs to step in and make this governor aware that a state governor does NOT have the power to legislate Federal Law which Immigration Law is. This governor needs to be removed from his post and he needs to be prosecuted for crimes committed against the citizens of this state.

  8. Thank Goodness for this site and its readers…

    It gives me hope that maybe, just maybe, someday I can feel comfortable returning to my home state once again, once the illegal alien Invaders and the legislators that support their illegal acts in exchange for votes and power are driven from the land…
    Perhaps then economic growth opportunities can be addressed and revisited…
    What a cesspool California has devolved into…

  9. Jeanne Lodzieski says

    We need to impeach Gov. Brown for disrespecting our federal laws by the way trump state, local and city laws. This guy thinks he can do whatever he wants and get away with it. No money for your train to nowhere and no money for sanctuary states!

  10. Is there a possibility that the AG might demand that California comply with Federal law? Jerry Brown needs to stop acting like a confederate politician.

  11. AND…if we still lived there, I would have Travis Allen for Governor signs in my yard TODAY…
    Finally, some SANITY being proposed for California leadership….

    And I agree with Gloria, Sessions needs to have Brown & Co. tried for treason and sedition…
    Rogue state….

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