CA Senate Passes Bill to Charge Parents With ‘Child Abuse’ for not Affirming Transgenderism in Custody Cases

A 7-year old child has a vivid imagination, believes in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny, and still watches cartoons

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Under California’s Assembly Bill 957 by Assemblywoman Lori Wilson (D-Suisun City), a parent could lose custody for not “affirming” or agreeing to a child’s claims about gender identity. This bill just passed the Senate Tuesday.

The bill, co-authored by Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), would require judges adjudicating such disputes over transgender-identifying children to favor the parent who “affirms” the child’s preferred identity.

But even more disturbing, bizarre, and ironic, in the State of California where the policy of California public schools is to keep “gender” information hidden from parents, how could a divorcing parent even know if they are affirming their child’s “gender identity?”

“Affirming a child’s identity about gender is in their best interest,” Assemblywoman Wilson said in a hearing June 9th. Wilson also notes that if you the parent reject your child’s chosen gender, “you are rejecting that child.”

As we reported in June:

“This bill clarifies that a family court, when determining the best interest of the child in a proceeding to determine custody or visitation for a child, shall consider, as part of the consideration of the health, safety, and welfare of the child, a parent’s affirmation of the child’s gender identity,” the 06/09/23- Senate Judiciary bill analysis says.

So imagine a child of parents going through a contentious divorce, feeling confused, responsible for the breakup, and wanting the parents to get back together, announces that she is really a he. Under Wilson’s and Wiener’s bill, the parents must drop everything and provide “gender affirming care.”

We hear stories daily from teachers who report that school-aged kids’ claims of being trans are mostly jumping on the trans bandwagon. It’s an attention-getter. Suddenly they are more popular, in a freaky way, can dress oddly, and get more attention.

To understand the motive behind this radical legislation, the list of sponsors speaks volumes:

This bill is sponsored by the California State PTA, the California TGI Policy Alliance, the EmpowerTHEM Collective, Equality California, Gender Justice Los Angeles, the Los Angeles LGBT Center, TransFamily Support Services, TransYouth Liberation, and the Women’s Foundation of California, and is supported by the California Faculty Association, the California Youth Empowerment Network.

This bill is opposed by Bridge Network, the California Parents Union, California’s Legislative Voice, Carlsbad C2O, the Silicon Valley Association of American Women, Stand Up Sacramento County, and 14 individuals.

Senator Scott Wiener, who is not a parent, added in the mandatory “affirming” language to AB 957.

Once again, the California Legislature is trampling all over parental rights, rather than doing the jobs they were elected to do – govern and public policy. Parenting isn’t listed in the California Legislature’s legislative process. And these hair-brained bills should be summarily rejected by other lawmakers.

As we reported in June, Nicole Pearson, founder of the Facts Law Truth Justice law firm and civil rights advocacy group, condemned AB 957’s unconstitutionality in an interview with The Daily Signal:

This bill makes law that failure to affirm your child’s identity is child abuse. This will be a final, legal determination without any evidence in support, or a hearing with notice or the opportunity to be heard. Assemblywoman Wilson and Senator Scott Wiener are not doctors. They can’t make this determination for every single child aged 0 to 17 in the state and, yet, that is exactly what they’re trying to do here.

If a parent or guardian is unwilling or simply not ready to affirm their 7-year-old’s new identity—as they transition from Spongebob to Batman to Dora the Explorer—they can be found guilty of child abuse under AB-957 if it passes into law.

This is a horrifying bill for children, and for parents and guardians not just in California, but across the country. Gavin Newsom is gunning for president in 2028. If he signs this bill into law, here, it will be headed to every state if he wins.

A 7-year old child has a vivid imagination, believes in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny, and still watches cartoons. Giving that child chemical castration through drugs, or even buying into the opposite gender claims, is child abuse. Like many girls, I was a tomboy, played sports with the boys, climbed trees and got in fights. But I also had a Barbie Dream House and liked to sew my own Barbie clothes. I grew out of the tomboy phase, stopped getting in fights and put away the baseball cap about the same time I gave my Barbie Dream House to the little girl down the street. It was a phase.

Wilson also notes that if you the parent reject your child’s chosen gender, “you are rejecting that child.”

Click here to read the full article in the California Globe


  1. These leftist politicians must be voted out of office. This is straight up evil on their part for stripping a parents right to raise their children. Where are the laws to stop the grooming of our children in our schools by LGBTQ teachers?

  2. The law is sickening but difficult to vote them out when we have a Republican Party that supports the criminal defendant, Trump. I think some parent is going to have to challenge this law in court.

    • Why you bring Trump into this. This has to do with Gay politicians grooming children.

    • Robin Itzler - Patriot Neighbors says

      Oh, Roger, you are such a naive guy!

      If Donald Trump dropped out of the race and Ron DeSantis started leading in the polls, you would see the Democrats and RINOs (which you appear to be) go after DeSantis. They would indict Ron DeSantis for “kidnapping” ILLEGAL ALIENS and sending them to Martha’s Vineyard. It doesn’t even matter what they come up if they use “lawfare” to stop a Republican.

      And if DeSantis dropped out, they would find a reason to indict the next candidate leading in the polls. Why not? It’s working so well with RINOs like you … Democrats indict and RINOs react.

      Republicans like you are why many in the party switch to No Party Preference.

    • Roger has TDS. Hope you wake up soon.

  3. Another bombshell disaster from Scott Wiener. And yet another means for a spiteful spouse to base a claim for full custody–whether or not the child really does have any gender dysphoria. More and more attempts to legitimize this non-biological. non-scientific nonsense that has up to 25% of middle school girls claiming they are boys. The medical and psychiatric establishment who have fostered and sanctioned the concept that a kid can just “decide” to be another sex ought to be disbanded and discredited entirely. They are worse than the CDC vis-a-vis CoVid (most of what they claimed in 2020 was debunked). Don’t bother writing to Scott Wiener, but I recommend writing to all of our other politicians to stop this bill–if it’s not too late…

  4. Total lunacy.

    This should be the downfall of ‘public schools’ and all of the trappings and baggage attenant thereto: Wokism, Unions, Poor classroom instruction, failing grades, etc.

    End it NOW.

    • Nothing public about them – they are government schools. Regardless of what we choose to call them, they are no longer a safe place for kids whose parents who want their kids to learn reading, writing, math, science, etc., at school but reserve the imparting of ethics, morality, and the “birds and bees” for home.

  5. HOMESCHOOL, THAT IS YOUR ONLY WAY OUT OF THIS MADNESS. YOU CAN PICK YOUR OWN CHILD’S CURRICULUM MINUS THE PORN. You must beware of the government’s curriculum for their homeschoolers because it is the same crap they use in regular school. Your kid will be dumber than a door knob. Notice no one talks about the abysmal failure of common core? These graduates can graduate with a D, so you have the most corrupt teacher’s union ruling the roost with poor and tainted hateful curriculum for Marxism, racism and indoctrinating into perversity, you have the highest paid teachers in the nation with NO results. Believe me there are plenty of fun homeschooling parents who have different schedules, and you can all work together to accomplish so much more than the dumbing down, bullying and altering your child’s sexual orientation. The private curriculum is wonderful and there is so much fun involved. We only homeschooled 3 days a week. I worked full time for 3 days a week and I shared the schedule and teaching with a pod of parents. We all had background checks. We did do math and English all through summer but only one hour a day since those skills get rusty. No phones, reading classics which are now banned, you can teach cursive giving your student an edge in math and science. Remember they used to teach cursive no time now just teaching perversion and to hate your color and country. You can teach real history not modified and adulterated history. So many perks, you can travel when school is in session and take your learning with you cutting your vacation expenses in half. Look into it. Our child and many from our group took the early exit for college at 12 and passed. She finished her AA in Liberal Arts at 17 years old. She is on a full ride in a college specializing in forensics so look into it to see if homeschooling is for you. You can pick your child’s friends and build wonderful friendships. We played team sports in Torrance and had field trip Fridays. We camped and traveled to many great adventures to study constellations, study rocks, we learned logic and a whole lot more that will never be taught in a public institution. That is what it is too a public institution. What a hideous experience.

  6. Transgenderism is a 4 King fad. It is the parent’s job to steer their children away from it like the plague it is.

    If Weiner is for something you can be sure it is a swirling rotting cesspool ooze of Shxt, filth and perversion.

    This idea pushed by Gob of Puke Weiner is no different.

  7. Transgenderism is a 4 King fad. It is the parent’s job to steer their children away from it like the plague it is.

    If Weiner is for something you can be sure it is a swirling rotting cesspool ooze of Shxt, filth and perversion.

    This idea pushed by Gob of Puke Weiner is no different.

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