California Closer to Becoming ‘Sanctuary State’

The California State Assembly Judiciary Committee approved Democrats’ so-called “sanctuary state” bill on Wednesday, over the objections of law enforcement groups and Democrat-leaning sheriffs’ unions.

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According to the Courthouse News Service (CNS), State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De León (D-Los Angeles) claims that his Senate Bill 54, the “California Values Act,” is designed to prohibit all law enforcement in California from any and all cooperation with what he has dubbed the “Trump Deportation Machine.”

Earlier this year, De León told the committee that “half his family is in the country illegally” and that his relatives regularly commit identity theft in order to work in the U.S.

For De León, the new bill is all about Trump. He reportedly said that if another Republican had won the presidency, his bill would not be necessary.

De León insists that his bill “doesn’t safeguard” criminals, but Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown, current president of the California Sheriffs Association, disagrees:

“We believe this bill provides sanctuary to criminals and makes our communities less safe,” Brown reportedly said. “SB 54 would result in many dangerous criminal offenders being released to our streets without proper communication and cooperation with immigration authorities.”

Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a substantively similar bill (AB 1081) in 2012. In his veto letter, Brown wrote, “I am unable to sign this bill as written,” saying the bill barred cooperation in some instances he believes were serious. “I believe it’s unwise to interfere with a sheriff’s discretion to comply with a detainer issued for people with these kinds of troubling criminal records,” he explained.

In spite of the fact that a many of the criminal alien gang members arrested in recent raids in Los Angeles had gang ties to the notoriously brutal El Salvadoran prison gang known as MS-13, and had committed serious crimes previously, almost all of them would, arguably, have been shielded by SB 54 if it were currently the law.

Tim Donnelly is a former California State Assemblyman and author, currently on a book tour for his new book: Patriot Not Politician: Win or Go Homeless. He ran for governor in 2014.


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  1. The communist demorats are determined to destroy CA and the nation. We better wake up soon or we are doomed. I guess when one of these illegal gang members kills one of the leading demorats families it will change then. It is such a shame that a country that was at one time based on Law & Order is now becoming a 3rd world nation, just as the communist want.
    There may be hope on the horizon. All the taxes have finally got the attention of the poor and middle class to say NO to demorats.

  2. Aren’t there laws on the book that state if you help illegals, that is a crime? Stupid deLeon should be sitting in prison along with the rest of them who are backing this law.
    Terry, I don’t see much hope. You have obonzo in the background ramping up thousands to protest Trump. Then there is the crooked media. We’re doomed!

  3. If a few things don’t change for the better in ka ka land of libturd created victims, the tipping point of law abiding folks will have been reached! And if the clueless idiot leftists didn’t like cowboys and indians a few years back, I am quite sure they will NOT like cowboys and liberals! Keep it up asshats you are about to press the civil war button. When it happens the genie is out of the bottle and I guarantee ya there are more of US than them! Also we are mostly all veterans with a working knowledge of firearms and how to use em!! Let that sink in a bit…There are ONE hell of a lot more of us than them! And if we were a problem like the radical libturds are now, YOU would know it!!! Does anyone get that?

    • Good luck! Your army is composed largely of McDonalds, Planned Parenthood and MTV patrons.

    • sweetsuzee says

      I’m not certain what planet you live on but there is no way in hell there are a lot more of US than THEM. Rather than sitting on these lists complaining, what are you actually doing out there to defeat this nonsense? What movements are out there to defeat this nonsense? Has everyone with an IQ over 30 just given up in California? Have you even contacted De Leon? I’m very frightened about our future.

  4. DeLeon, XBecerra, Brown… These and a cadre of others are “Kitchen Sink” Jesuits. They are in the tank w/a political sabotage, and the consequence for California insouciance will be the loss of respurces to illegal aliens, the rule of law be damned.

  5. Some of these illegals will get to these assholes like deleon and baldy and they will beg for help–Cuba was taken over and it was destroyed same thing will happen in now lowlife CA –and Militia will be sent in to get rid of all of these dregs !

  6. KdL should be prosecuted for “aiding and abetting”; but, this being CA, he’ll probably be our next Governor – or President of the breakaway Republic of Alta California.

  7. Esther Mae Egan says

    When those who work leave California, how will those on government assistance live. It seems in the last few years, California, has had one fire after another destroying homes and property because of the stupid laws being passed.

  8. California as a sanctuary state is ridiculous. And de leon family of illegals using identity theft in order to work in the US is against the law. I hope that all of his illegal family gets deported. In fact if I knew their name I would report them to ICE. This de leon is a fu$%&*@ POS, to be saying that his family is illegal – in your face!!!!!!!

  9. Brenda Torres says

    Might as well just give California back to Mexico, by the time Mr. Moonbeam get’s through with us along with the ‘Single Payer HealthCare’ and a Sanctuary State…Everything for FREE, including Lawyers for the illegals…BOOM, Why should I work if they get everything for free!….I’m outta’ here….

  10. Go ahead Californians toke up, it’s cool, it’s ALL COOL!
    Until you guys quit getting stoned all the time and wake up the politicians will keep using you as their personal ATM machine.

  11. Gary Von Neida says

    I think that only legal Americans should be allowed to vote and I’m quite sure that the majority do not like being invaded let alone having the invaders “vote themselves a free lunch”.

  12. Gary Von Neida says


  13. President Trump: Why oh why aren’t Brown and his communist minions in jail?

  14. retiredxlr8r says

    The loons in Sacramento and their governor are so far out in left field I am amazed that they all haven’t been recalled or impeached.
    Seems ignorance of our National Constitution is prevalent in the state and complete incompetence with budgeting, managing, and governing as representatives of the people.
    California is lost, her debt is unsustainable, she is divided on every issue and every race. Even with the debt they continue to spend more then they receive in revenues. The issues are so far apart that the divide will never be closed. And as for the race’s, everyone is hyphenated or living in their on little enclave and demanding every liberty and freedom of a real American, but refuses to assimilate into our values and ideals.
    Nope! Have no faith in California’s government and it’s current legislators and with it’s current leaders, consider the state an experiment in socialism and we all know how that will turn out.

  15. kenneth napp says

    These bills are not the will of the people

  16. J. Richards Garcia says

    By their actions, California and many of its cities have already long been sanctuary jurisdictions. Why? Answer: Because the California democrat party knows illegal aliens vote illegally in large numbers.
    Official legislation supporting this withdrawal from the rest of the U.S. is like slapping your opponent across the face with your glove—an intentional provocation. This IS war, at least legally.
    Wrongly, Christian churches have long been at war. Church leaders have long demanded so-called compassion in the form of massive amounts of tax dollars spent on social services for illegal immigrants, which openly violates the 10 commandments the church leaders say must otherwise be followed. Commandments broken are “Thou shalt not covet” (desire to come to U.S.), “Thou shalt not steal” (when illegal aliens take taxpayer-funded social services), and “Thou shalt not hold any other god above the Lord your God” the result of socialism which hates religions but welcomes errant Christians.
    Church leaders have long illegally incited illegal entry into the U.S. Intentionally inciting a criminal act is illegal.
    The main purpose of welcoming illegal aliens into the U.S. is to create new democrat voters. Christian churches are illegally and immorally complicit in the goal of creating a one-party dictatorship in California. This plan has worked for California democrats, and it is working around the U.S. Time is short to stop and reverse this open illegal conspiracy.
    Churches make false statements, lying (“Thou shall not bear false witness”) when they are first granted and then spend massive amounts of taxpayer money out of so-called “charities.” These monies, by now accumulating to billions of dollars, are forcibly collected from taxpayers using the police power of governments (as it were, “Caesar’s sword”). This is bad.
    Christian churches are experiencing extraordinary financial stresses(especially catholic churches which are paying hundreds of millions of dollars in fines from guilty priests caught with their zippers down and hands improperly placed on children). Illegal aliens getting social services swell the ranks of churches and put a portion of their ill-gotten tax dollars in church coffers. Incidentally, receiving tax dollars establishes and supports receiving religions, clearly in violation of the U.S. Constitution.
    What about churches getting murdering and thieving criminals into the U.S.? Are the churches substantially responsible for the acts of criminals they clearly help get into the U.S. and support them with tax money? Answer: Yes.
    Sanctuary issues run deep. Christian churches are wrongly saying this is a holy war, but the unholy ones are themselves.
    Some denominational churches are very guilty and illegal. There is no choice but to confront churches in sanctuary matters.

    Key phrase on taxes used in religious charities: Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

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