California Democrats Rewrite Voting Rules in Their Favor

VotedElection night was painful for California Republicans, but it was nothing compared to the slow torture we’ve endured ever since.

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For three agonizing weeks, Republicans have watched registrars update their tallies with late absentee and provisional ballots. From Orange County to the Bay Area, it’s the same story playing out with different candidates: Democrats flipping seats with late ballots.

First, Mimi Walters. Then, Young Kim. Now, David Valadao.

It’s not unusual for late absentee and provisional ballots to break against Republicans. What is unusual is the scale of the carnage. As of this writing, Republicans lost election night leads for five members of Congress, three state Assembly races, two state Senate seats and a Board of Equalization candidate.

Even the Associated Press was caught off-guard by late ballot counting. It has called California’s 21st Congressional District for Republican incumbent David Valadao only to retract its decision three weeks later. If the independent organization “which sets the standard for calling races across the journalism industry” is getting races wrong, something’s changed in California.

Legislative Democrats have rewritten election rules in their favor to expand voter eligibility, automatically register every voter, eliminate voting integrity laws and encourage questionable campaign tactics, such as ballot harvesting.

California has entered an era of near universal suffrage with illegal immigrants, felons, inmates and minors registering to vote. San Francisco now allows “people in the country illegally and other noncitizens the right to vote in a local election,” according to the Associated Press. The city has spent at least $310,000 in tax dollars to register 49 non-citizens to vote. …

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  1. Why doesn’t the kaliformulastan state of anarchy declare itself a dictatorship, and outlaw all opposition? I can see nothing to prevent this and it is a foregone conclusion that republicans will NEVER win anymore elections here. The far far left radical progressive commies have won, without firing a shot! Our state flag should be one with hands up and a white background! I was born and raised here and vividly remember the late 40s and 50s. We had real contests then! Not rigged ones like now days! Things are going from bad to worse and soon impossible, deal with it! There is simply not enough tax money to fund all hair brained libturd free crap schemes! Buckle up it is gonna be a wild ride to the bottom of the financial barrel! Thanks devilcrats for destroying a once GREAT state, and sadly we did it to ourselves with eyes wide open, expecting the big government santa to provide from the horn of taxpayer plenty!

    • william moran says

      I live in Los Angeles and the reason no republicians won is because people were being paid to take absentee ballots to the homeless area and pay them a few dollars to register on the spot and have them vote democrat for a few dollars and they were dumping off truck loads of absentee ballots and we cant do a dam thing about it and I am not a socialist /democrat

  2. And you can never prove voter fraud because all those who count ballots are Democrats, so they will not find any good cause. It is the catch-22 where you can’t have an investigation of voter fraud unless you have evidence of voter fraud, but you can’t get the evidence without an investigation.
    FYI in San Francisco non-citizens are only permitted to vote for local School Board candidates. However, a non-citizen who shows up to vote might be given a regular ballot and vote for the entire slate, with nobody ever checking anything (or wanting to).
    Have to face facts, California is a one-party state. The reason so many red seats turned is because many liberal groups were fired up to send Bay Area people to the outlying districts to “get out the vote”, or, to pick up registered Dems or Independents and take them to polls. One professional group I belong to was wildly ecstatic that they had been responsible for turning over three red seats to blue in rural counties. These folks do not want two parties in California, they want to run everything their way without any opposition whatsoever.
    Face it, California is lost forever. I don’t see any scenario where Dems do not have a Supermajority. All social programs always need more money, and Dems believe that the only barrier to problem-solving is having enough tax money. There will always be vastly more voters who are not subject to any taxes, thus voting for free stuff, than people with property or funds to pay for what everybody else wants.
    If you can move, that’s your only option. Many of us are unable to leave.

  3. Corruption has washed over CA, from the Pacific Ocean to the High-Sierra’s, like a giant Tsunami of crap.

  4. The Captive says

    Why the H are we paying taxes for these corrupt daMN-DEMS. who work against the CONSTITUTION AND FOR SOCIALISM. ?? They see nothing wrong by skimming off the taxes for their own personal purposes.We are as corrupt as NYC and MASS. Unfortunately it wasn’t this bad .but now it is. The $$ is running out because the crooks see it THEIR way. Only the way of the Lib-left -that is the roads will never be repaired,the forests will continue to burn and people will die because Democrats believe in “climate change” and continue to TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY for their acts of treason.

  5. Commiefornia has effectively become a one party state. Makes me think of the old, decrepit Soviet Union…

  6. And the dog and pony show continues. If us ” folks ” can see the corrupt criminal actions by California’s and other states ( yes it’s not just California ) and pretend that there is nothing that can be done about it it exposes the plain truth , Both parties are in on it and what is happening to California is just one of the first dominoes to fall .
    Our entire government is rotten to the core and even murder is looked on with a blind eye.
    Don’t give up your guns folks the time you will need them is very near.

  7. ScienceABC123 says

    Once you know how many votes you need to “flip” a seat, the rest is easy when your party’s official motto is – “Win by any means necessary.”

  8. If there is one thing that the Trump Administration should do is ensure voting integrity in every state right away or NOT WIN in next election. Trump should give a mandate of what each state needs to accomplish to ready for 2020, and if any are not compliant, the state will not participate in the vote count.

  9. Election corruption can be defined simply.
    Democrat’s and ethics are never on the same page, sentence, or thought!
    Legal sure, but ethical?
    Depends if you are a person of intelligence and integrity or a person of intelligence with no remorse or shame.
    The Election Day and the Ballot box means little to Democrats.
    They are the pure definitions of the words “liars”, “deceivers”, “cheaters”, “immoral”, and with no “shame”!
    They are what is wrong with our Nation!

  10. You saw this coming and now its here.

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