California Fights Greenhouse Gas – Farting Cows – by Driving Dairies Out

cowsThirty percent of California dairies have closed and hundreds of thousands of milk cows have been slaughtered over the last decade. Meanwhile, California liberals are crediting themselves for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from farting cows.

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When California’s Democrat-controlled legislature passed the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, known as AB 32, few understood that the action was a financial attack on Republican rural agricultural communities that over the next decade would see 600 dairies forced to shut down.

Despite the higher energy costs for farming, processing, and transportation to comply with AB 32, California’s remaining 1,400 dairy families and their 1.74 million milk cows are still ranked first in the U.S. for milk, butter, ice cream, nonfat dry milk, and whey protein concentrate production, plus second in cheese production. With $9.3 billion of sales, about 20 percent of America’s total, the California dairy industry is the state’s largest agricultural activity, accounting for 2 percent of the state’s economy.

But in the “Fake News” parroted by the media in the run-up to the elections, Sacramento Democrats claimed they needed to pass radical legislation in September to combat the “14.5 percent human-induced greenhouse gas emissions” that a United Nations 2013 report claims is produced by livestock, “with modern beef and dairy production accounting for the bulk of it.”

The “Mitigation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Livestock Production” report produced by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N. in November 2013 states that enteric (intestines) produced methane (CH4) emissions from livestock may contribute 7 percent of worldwide greenhouse gasses. The report also praised the modern dairy activities seen in California as environmentally friendly, since “grain-fed beef has a lower environmental footprint than grass-fed beef systems,” and the “largest GHG emissions in a beef production system (about 80 percent of the total) occur in the cow-calf phase, when cows and their calves are consuming predominantly forage-based diets.”

In spite of the fact that in California dairy farmers exclusively feed their dairy cattle grain and only utilize mature females, Democrats and one Republican voted to pass SB 1383, which requires a 40 percent in livestock greenhouse gases below their 2013 levels by 2030. It also allows the Air Resources Board to regulate cow flatulence, if a practical technology exists to reduce it.

Although Gov. Brown said, “This bill curbs these dangerous pollutants and thereby protects public health and slows climate change,” two complex crony amendments were taken in the final hours that effectively barred the National Federation of Independent Business and  small farmers from understanding the impacts of the changes to the bill and having a chance to voice their strong opposition.

The real goal of the legislation was to fund another wildly subsidized sustainable energy boondoggle, with $90 million in grants from the state’s cap-and-trade revenues that will likely fund investments by large corporate farmers in dairy digesters and waste disposal corporations for composters. Both will use methane from manure to generate energy sold to electrical utilities at super-premium prices.

Dairy farmers say the new regulations will drive up costs when they are already struggling with five years of drought, low milk prices, and rising labor costs. They are also concerned about a newly-signed law that will boost overtime pay for farmworkers.

Director of environmental services for Western United Dairymen Paul Sousa was quoted by the San Francisco Chronicle: “It just makes it more challenging. We’re continuing to lose dairies. Dairies are moving out of state to places where these costs don’t exist.” He said he expects more “complete dispersal” auctions to close dairies and slaughter their mature herds.

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  1. CALIFORNIA ‘s political leadership in in the crapper.

  2. Among 7 claims by Magnation technology,- “reduce foul odors, ammonia and methane.”

    Simply by treating the water fed the cattle yielding increased production, higher butterfat, calf weight gain, reduced disease rates.


    There’s a difference between your cows having enough water and being hydrated. If you have a tough day and something happens where you run out of water, the cows know that they’re out of water. They will lie down and not produce. Now, with the system, we’re better able to handle those times. The cows are more hydrated with less water. The cows are better able to handle all kinds of stress. The overall water quality in the whole system really does make a difference. You don’t wait until you run out of water before doing something, your cows are consistently hydrated with less water.

    ~ Weibe Dijkstra, Dairy Farmer, Random Lake, WI

    This is not enough to gain the interest of CA regulators striving to drive out dairies and poultry houses. They already killed the cotton industry and forced growers from row crops – vegetables – to tree crops, especially higher dollar almonds and pistachios. Of course, those crops are now being overproduced.

  3. “Greenhouse gas” is a false concept, like “global warming” from CO2 which actually has no effect on the atmosphere until it is present to !% and then it cools the atmosphere which you can easily demonstrate with a 2.5 liter soda bottle, 1/8 tsp and a few drops of vinegar in a demo we have published in our book “Vapor Tiger” on for $2.99 in the Kindle format. This sham and nonsense is a full employment scheme for thousands of science Ph.D.s who would not have jobs without it.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  4. Richard Nichols says

    A legislature that has a super-majority is incapable of understanding the law of unintended consequences, and that’s why things like this happen.

  5. Creepy JeeBs telegraphed the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (CGWSA 2006/SB 32) as a statist/occult government coup on privatized Agribusiness. Check out the “magick” numbers encrypted in the legislation logos:

    CGWSA 2006
    37511 2006
    854 2006
    8 2006
    7 (Diocles)

    SB 32
    12 32
    323 32
    13 (2/23/303 CE; also, backward 33 and 322, which you know what THESE numbers are)

    Realty will never restore to California. Skull and Bones is a Satanic Fire Ritual predator frat linked to psychotic international Intelligence MI6, CIA and Mossad, the Mormon church, the Fed and predator frat, Freemasons.

    This Satanic politician did the same thing w/SB 227 which mandated medically assisted child sacrifice via vaccinations. The death fall from infant vaccs is 6 per 1000 vaccinated. Public alert? Mark Dice has been trying to reach people for over a decade. Nothing out there.

    The human race has the same attitude toward life as bacteria. People have no concern for their survival except to eat, reproduce and die. They don’t alert, because like bacteria, they lack a conscience to do so, except unlike bacteria they will babble some noble remark to make to appear as though they care, which is a masquerade being played back on them by the elite who understand this.

    Brown is notably evil, but where was the recall effort? There was none, and this demon- well into retirement on tax produced income- will take with him ungodly numbers of child sacrifice victims yet to be conceived in a perpetual retention sacrifice project designed to populate his next with slaves. Parents are doing this> LOL Kewl OMG LMAO.

    Beyond the corporate coup in California agribusiness, California has been ordered VACATED by (look it up). Public alert?

    None. Bacteria don’t possess a conscience, hence guess what coming to the coastal petri dish?

    So what do the numbers 32 and 227 mean?

    32= noble cause fraternity, Scottish Rite Freemasons.

    227 is the birthdate of the person that provoked Jeebs to legislate his vaccination mandate by asking him to resign for involvement is solidarity pledging via child sacrifice.

    The democratic party masquerades humanitarian, albeit if people would spend an hour per day vetting such projects they would learn things like how the 14th amendment REALLY works and what the DC act of 1871 is.



    2/23/303 (13) CE; The first day of Diocletian’s 8 year siege on the Christian church/Crypto Freemason core)

    223 reversed= 322, hence the dates February 23 and March 22.

    February 23- March 22= 27 days (leap year)

    February 23- March 22= 28 Days (non leap year)

    March 22- 19 April ANY year= 28 days

    27 is 2 and 7 for 2/ Genesis 6:2 radicalized and 7/Freemasons

    Genesis 6:2
    7555191 62
    678 62

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  7. As a kid who grew up on a milking/bottling dairy in L.A. Co. in the 40’s, I find this very sad. Helping to set up the dairy’s display at the LACo Fair each year was part of the experience – helping to showcase the Dairy Center of CA which produced more gallons of milk that did the entire state of WI. Now, I doubt that there is even a mention of that history at the Fair. The industry died in LACo when the tax-man decided that the land was more valuable for growing houses than cows – and as the tide of houses spread outward, so did the high property taxes forcing those dairies that fled to Chino to go further afield. And now Moonbeam & Co. have decided that cow-farts are to be regulated while their noxious emissions flow freely.
    A sad day.

    • THE CAPTIVE says

      Now Jerry Brown and the other communists –want to grow terrorists and MJ along with open borders and all kinds of scams that the arab-un wants to destroy us . Brown probably gets paid by the moslems in the south to let them take over land and make it their own–bho will probably live here part time to destroy the rest of the state. They still try to sell solar and we never hear what the other expenses of upkeep are -nothing is free. When the Drakes Bay Oyster Farm was destroyed by big government–the dairy farmers that were part of the community there wondered when the ax would fall on them. Lib-lefts are her to destroy our state just as the moslems are here to destroy us. Sick and sad!

  8. The logical next step would be to regulate human farts but the Dems will never go for it because if they did there wouldn’t be any Dems left in Sacramento.

  9. S.T.Symmes says

    Farting cows??? How about the noxious gas coming out of Sacramento?? solution: fit every cow and politician with a catalytic converter in their ass
    I always knew CA was being run by complete idiots and this is proof positive!!!

  10. It’s a good thing the early settlers killed off all those millions of plains buffalo or the world would have fallen to it’s own demise.

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