California Governor Takes Aim at Concealed Carry, Fresno DA

In response to recent deadly shootings in the state, California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced new legislation this week that would make obtaining concealed carry permits more difficult. Likewise, he engaged in a war of words with the Fresno County District Attorney over the case of a Central Valley police officer whom a gunman shot and killed on Tuesday.

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Newsom announced the introduction of Senate Bill 2, authored by state Sen. Anthony Portantino and also backed by California Attorney General Rob Bonta. SB 2 would make California’s licensing system for concealed carry permits more stringent; set a minimum age of 21 for obtaining a concealed carry permit; create stiffer training requirements related to handling, loading, unloading and storage of firearms; and establish “safe community places” where concealed firearms would be restricted.

“The mass shooting incidents we have seen over recent weeks bring to light the need for stronger protections for our communities,” Attorney General Bonta said in a statement. “The fact is, individuals who are not law-abiding, responsible citizens simply shouldn’t possess firearms — and they especially shouldn’t be allowed to carry a concealed weapon in public.”

Newsom’s office claims efforts to loosen concealed carry restrictions across the country have resulted in an increased in violent crime. Gun homicides increased by 22% in states that passed permitless carry laws, while violent crimes with a firearm rose by 29%, according to the governor’s office.

Following the killing of Selma Police Officer Gonzalo Carrasco Jr. by a gunman with a criminal background, Fresno County District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp criticized Newsom for policies allowing the early release of inmates from prison.

Newsom responded to Smittcamp during a press conference on gun law reform saying, “She should blame herself. I’ve been listening to this for years. She has the prosecutorial discretion. Ask her what she did in terms of prosecuting that case. I’m sick and tired of being lectured by her about public safety.”

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  1. Ronald M Dressler says

    This just shows how stupid this governor is. It isn’t the CCW people he needs to worry about, it the criminal element he doesn’t want to lock up. Wake up Californians and stop voting these liberal democrats into any political office.

  2. I think gruesome can spell “obfuscation” without any difficulty.

  3. “the need for stronger protections for our communities” is never addressed by so-called common sense gun laws.

    How about arresting, trying and imprisoning criminals, Governor Newsome and Attorney General Bonta?

  4. Shame on Noisome for discriminating against non-citizens. Permanent residents have a right to bear arms.

  5. How are making concealed laws more stringent going to stop mass shootings? “Safe community spaces” are an open invitation to mass shootings. These morons never learn.

  6. Good guys exhibit their guns.
    Bad guys hide them.
    “The best defense against a bad guy with a gun….
    Is a good guy with a gun”.
    Why is government arming all its employees?
    We fought and beat a king that wanted to take our firearms.
    How are Newsom and Biden any different?
    The only firearms at the Jan 6 “insurrection” were carried and used by the government.

  7. Newsom’s wrong . Lawful concealed carry owners are not the problem. It’s the leftist criminal justice system.

  8. And a majority of CA citizens are ‘taking aim’ at Newsom! Let’s go for RECALL #2 NOW.

    What an idiot this faux ‘governor’ is!

    • Disgusted CA Voter and Tax Payer says

      UNTIL we get Mr Piglosi and Mr Diane Feinstein out of the voting racket – we’ll NEVER get rid of this little varmint!!!! The last recall was RIGGED!!!!! You do NOT let those who will benefit count the votes! Even a child knows that!!!!

  9. California gun owner and I will carry where ever I think I should be….My 2nd amendment rights are mine and will not be taken away by a CORRUPT PIECE OF TRASH LIKE NEWSOM…..OVER MY DEAD BODY ASSWIPE/////

  10. This is not about CCW, this bill is all about taking our guns away. Being a new gun owner myself, all the laws on the books will not stop this. This is just another ploy to take our guns away. Mr Newsom get your head out of your back side and before inventing new laws try enforcing the ones we have on the books now. The law abiding citizens of California are not the problem, guns are not the problem, guns don’t go out and start shooting up places sick individuals do. So the old saying when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have them.

  11. Richard Wahl says

    Gruesome flat lied on the statistics. Check out Dr. John R. Lott, Jr. PHD at Crime Prevention Research Center. He is probably the best gun and crime researcher today.

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