California Initiative to Erode Proposition 13 Qualifies for 2020 Ballot

Howard-JarvisAdvocates qualified a 2020 ballot measure to erode California’s Proposition 13 protections against unlimited property tax increases by splitting the tax roll to spike business taxes by up to $10.5 billion.

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A coalition representing public-employee unions, “social justice” advocates, and public education collected more than the 585,407 legal signatures required to a qualify a state constitutional amendment for the November 3, 2020 ballot titled: “Requires Certain Commercial And Industrial Real ‘Property To Be Taxed Based On Fair-Market Value. Dedicates Portion Of Any Increased Revenue To Education And Local Services.’”

With rampant inflation forcing older homeowners and small businesses out of their properties, a California voter grass-roots coalition rebelled against Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown in 1978 to qualify and pass with 62 percent support an amendment to Article XIII A of the state constitution stating the “maximum amount of any ad valorem tax on real property shall not exceed one percent of the full cash value of such property.”

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association (HTJA) has fought off numerous efforts by progressives and public employee unions to repeal Prop. 13 and its 57 percent annual property tax savings over the last 40 years. With about $49 billion in 2018 tax savings, a Public Policy Institute of California poll in April demonstrated that voters still favoring Prop 13 by a lopsided 57 percent to 23 percent margin. Democrat politicians often refer to Prop 13 as the third rail of California politics: “Touch it and die.”

But the pro-tax coalition cleverly structured its 2020 initiative as a property tax “split roll.”  The initiative promises to maintain Prop 13 protections for homeowners, while spiking annual business property taxes by $6.5 to $10.5 billion. According to an April 2018 poll by PPIC, likely voter support for “split roll” flips to 61 percent, versus 33.0 percent opposition.

But the HJTA told Breitbart that the “bait-and-switch” tactics will fail when voters figure out that the initiative’s sponsors are engaged in a two-step process to fracture opposition and dump all Prop 13 protections in the end. Homeowners may have voting power, but they need apartment owner and small business financial donations to compete against huge union war chests funded by dues.

HJTA added that the PPIC’s mid-September polling found its “Yes on Prop 6” campaign to repeal the $5.5 billion a year gas tax on the November ballot was losing by 52 percent to 39 percent. But after HJTA’s and partner Reform California’s mail and radio messages were launched, the mid-October Survey USA poll and the San Diego Union-Tribune poll both showed “Yes on Prop 6” with a crushing 58 to 29 percent lead among likely voters.

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  1. I saw these people out there collecting signatures and they were lying to the public to get them to sign on the petition I got in several arguments with these clowns collecting signatures !

  2. The irony of this is more taxes, whoopee, and the fact that there are so many people leaving the state for less communist pateurs, that properties are already transitioning from under Prop 13 coverage. Only in California where there is convoluted thinking as the norm. Even this 70 year old is contemplating leaving the warmth and wonder of this once great state

  3. California resident and the UNION THUGS are at it again trying to get more TAX money from Californians. The UNIONS need to keep finding ways to tax Californians to pay for their OUTSTANDING retirement and medical expenses for the rest of their life when they retire at 55. ANY effort against PROP 13 will lose YOU LIBERAL SCUMBAGS

  4. The Communist Agenda under the guise of Socialist/Progressive cover titles are patient, methodical and will never give up until they have complete control over us.

  5. Again, stupid DEMOCRATS pushing to rip off hard working Californian’s that have played by the rules, own a home, and worked to be successful.
    Damn socialists! God I hope they throw some of the Dems out in a few weeks………….

  6. The whole premise of Socialism is not to promote it, over Capitalism, but to have Capitalism fail under the weight of implemented programs and excessive costs promoted by the Left.

  7. Something tells me that when we vote this down and IF Gavin wins for governor here we will once again see the will of the people fall to the desire of Political correctness and another governor signed order that negates the vote and installs the Socialist Communist totalitarian will in it’s place..

  8. TheRandyGuy says

    Never ceases to amaze me when CA voters reflexively vote for more taxes, bond issues, fees of all types. Just trot out the word “Children” and it passes. “Safety” and it passes. Meanwhile, Prop. 13 has been the only reason many older folks have been able to stay in their homes. Better wake up, people. The left wants everything you have.

  9. First the came for the businesses, but I didn’t care because I didn’t own a business….

  10. Heck Yes! DMV verified signatures

  11. The Democrats (socialists, communists, progressives) can never have enough revenue (taxes) can they?

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