California is now a sanctuary state. Is non-citizen voting next?

Protesters chant during a May Day demonstration outside a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in San Francisco on Monday. Thousands are expected to take to the streets across the United States to participate in May Day demonstrations.

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With Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature on Senate Bill 54, California now calls itself a sanctuary state. There is strong symbolism in the move, although California governments’ actions relative to individuals in the country illegally will change little in many parts of the state.

Brown’s demand that some 700 additional crimes be added to the list that federal agents could use in examining immigrants changed the bill author Sen. Kevin de León’s original intent to offer sanctuary to most immigrants except those who committed the most heinous crimes.

Brown went out of his way to write in his message accompanying his signature that the bill “strikes a balance that will protect public safety.”

Opponents of Brown’s action disagree. State senator Ted Gaines predicted that California would become “a giant magnet pulling every illegal alien criminal in the country to our state.”

For many supporters of the sanctuary state bill, SB 54 did not go far enough. They accepted the final version for the message it sent, the symbolism. But they want more. Where does the push for gaining more protections for illegal immigrants go now and how far will California voters allow it to go?

It is doubtful that the list of crimes that Brown insisted be added before he signed the bill would be reduced. Even a new governor will not do that. The public safety community still remains split over the effects of the bill.

Likely there will be a push for more empowerment for immigrants. Already illegal immigrants have been granted drivers licenses. Some local governments have set up taxpayer-funded legal aid to immigrants in the country without legal documents. San Francisco voters approved a measure last November to allow parents of children in the school system, whether the parents are legal citizens or not, to vote in school board elections. Now, California declares itself a sanctuary state.

Don’t be surprised if the next push is to grow the voting franchise for non-citizen immigrants.

Symbolic measures do matter in moving public affairs debates.

Joel Fox is editor and Co-Publisher of Fox and Hounds Daily.

This article originally appeared on Fox and Hounds Daily.


  1. Bob Trahan says

    That moon beam is a traitor to the country. He’s one sick puppy and needs to be put down.

    • Bob Trahan says

      I’m sure my comment won’t be posted because this is nothing but a bunch of libTURDS controlling this. That’s why no other comments. lmao. Fuck you California Politics.

  2. retiredxlr8r says

    Of course! Gov. Brown needs the base to effectively become California’s first dictators. Even firearms will begin to be registered starting in Jan with the new ammo registration law. Buy bullets and they will know where your are and what you own. Beginning of gun registration and then confiscation and then Brown will own the state.
    I hate Democrats, particularly California Democrats, Brown, Feinstein, Harris, and all the others with a (D) after their names. They are without common sense, integrity, and honor, period!

  3. When citizens voluntarily give up their sovereignty, a majority outside can impose their will on the minority. The majority can tax heavily to subsidize anyone they so choose without ever living in the state or country. Take Mexico’s interest to have money flow south. Take the U.N.’s effort to rule over the United States via Obama’s redistribution of wealth to other countries. Brown is no different. Candy for votes will end badly as people will leave the state…vote with their feet and wallet. Open borders is very costly, and the question no one has an answer for is “how many illegals do we allow in and once that number is reached how do we prevent even more from coming in?” I say let’s have a billion come in so Brown and Silicon Valley and Hollywood can open their wallets to be drained instead of the middle class. Identity politics and socialism or Marxism of Fascism or Communism destroys countries. I’ll take the Founders, the Constitution, and the U.S. they created…the best imperfect system the world has seen. Liberty and a Free Market has developed so much via innovation that people can keep, not taken by force by governments. Ca. will steal via taxes thus making its citizens slave to the state. More is Brown’s and Sacramento’s motto.

  4. THE CAPTIVE says

    Well I think Non-Citizens have been voting for a long time here. With the Lib-LEFT in office how else can they be assured that they will win? The Dems. just make it so you have to hate them—agreed??
    This is the anything goes state & it does~!

    • “This is the anything goes state & it does~!”
      Until the money runs out

    • showandtell says

      Take a look at Xavier Becerra and Ian Calderon as they hold a town hall at Whittier College this past weekend. You won’t believe some of the things they say… or maybe you won’t be at all surprised. It’s beyond outrageous what is going on in this state.

      • showandtell says

        I am re-posting the information below because California voters need to know it. Our Democrat leadership in this state is, without question, governing against the will of the people.

        An IGS-Berkeley poll (which by the way was done in 2015 before this issue became really hot as it is now) showed that A WHOPPING 74% OF CALIFORNIANS ARE STRONGLY AGAINST SO-CALLED SANCTUARY CITIES.

        What’s more:
        This opposition includes strong majorities in both major political parties and among independent voters, and crosses other demographic categories. Almost two out of three Latinos said they oppose such policies.

        Opposition to the Sanctuary City policies crossed the political spectrum, and included 73 percent of Democrats, 82 percent of Republicans, and 71 percent of independents.

        If you examine the details of this poll I think you will find that the methodology is sound.

  5. I hope ICE turns this State inside out!!!! Tiene usted papeles?

    • Or, “Tienes papeles?”.
      Use the intimate “tu” form of tener. It indicates their individual subordination to authority.

  6. What are we talking about???
    Non-citizens have been voting since the Dems rammed through the “motor-voter” laws!!!
    That’s part of the Democratic party’s plan to guarantee their quid pro quo voting base…

  7. Bull shit –Feds are going to ignore the bald head and arrest all the trolls–and pecker nose too if he makes trouble –asshole should go hide and count his days —

  8. “Don’t be surprised if the next push is to grow the voting franchise for non-citizen immigrants.”
    UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Foriegn nationals are not under U.S. jurisdiction, and therefore may not be enfranchised extra constitutionally. But foriegn national can be deported.

    • You really think that’s going to stop Jerry Brown? He’s already done numerous things and passed lots of bills that are unconstitutional and illegal. Just watch what happens. Trump better be paying attention. We need help, now!

  9. It is a dangerous thing to do. Sooner or later the people will have had a enough and there will be a backlash against all Hispanics legal and illegal.

  10. I hope the calm before the storm that the President has been alluding to is rounding up the individuals being so prominently mentioned here.

  11. Rottweiler says

    Let’s get this straight we pay 33 billion for illegal aliens. Free education not to mention 2 square meals, free healthcare (ER) no Obamacare did nothing to curb the injustice of going to the ER for a cold if you are illegal, section 8 housing, food stamps and the list goes on and on and don’t forget free college. Sick of the pandering to South America and Mexico all for the pathetic Democratic vote. It is a shame that those who run from their country want the same for California. A vast wasteland. I am on my way out and when I am on my next jury duty and find that they have allowed the illegal alien to sit on the jury I am out. Look oh what the progressives have done. At least they get common core curriculum, they won’t be able to be hired ANYWHERE!

  12. Rottweiler says

    I pray President Trump defunds California from all Federal Funds for not upholding the current immigration laws existing, leaving the border porous, no cooperating with ICE, and letting criminal illegal aliens prey on the citizens, not to mention minimizing those who came here legally and proudly became American citizens without wanting the handouts! SHAME ON THIS WORTHLESS POLITICAL PIECE OF TRASH “BROWN” THE PANDERER.

  13. Are Californians all now “citizens of the world?” Jerry Brown is now saying he hates the United states of America. Where does that leave us that disagree with him?

  14. What the hell is the matter with California citizens? To allow anyone, illegal or legal, to commit crimes and not be held accountable for them is pure madness. What are we turning into? California has turned into a dictatorship. The “top two” voter laws that the Democrats put in have essentially destroyed any segments of a Democracy, We are now ruled by a one party system which throws their weight around without regard to the welfare of its citizens. And to make matters worse the citizens not only allow it but encourage it. California is lost to the dark side and there is no recovering it. Sad, but true!

  15. Is non citizen voting next? Are you kidding me? Illegals have swung our votes for the last 30 years and yes there is proof. Trump needs to give citizens the rights back to shoot the enemy…

  16. Next?
    They’ve been voting-in-force ever since Loretta “defeated” B1-Bob!

  17. So, if undocumented is “OK?” Then, how about undocumented cars, undocumented guns, undocumented pharmacists and undocumented animals, are they “OK” too? Our state has gone totally upside down and our Governor is “OK” with it!

  18. Is non-citizen voting next? Anybody that does not have their head in the sand knows this is standard procedure for the Democrat registrars.

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