California Moves Hard Left

Gavin NewsomOur next election season is underway and unless something changes, Gavin Newsom will be our next governor. Even Gov. Jerry Brown is concerned about the “self labeled state of resistance” against Trump, Republicans and people of faith that is pushing California’s policies and political debate further left. Republicans, church pulpits that founded America or leading conservatives aren’t giving counterarguments or providing checks on unhinged spending and social policies that degrade families, single-family homes and middle class incomes. U.S. Senate races, statewide offices and Legislature races will be filled exclusively with Democrats – setting up races between the left and even harder left – foreshadowing the direction of the party in California and nationally. This younger generation of Godless, leftist Democrats who mock the values that built California will destroy our state the way Chavez ruined Venezuela.

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Additionally, unhinged immigration that rewards chain migration, encourages a diversity visa lottery system and doesn’t deport every illegal alien in prison will turn this country deep blue the way California, New York, Illinois and increasingly former red state Virginia are now. Liberal magazine The Atlantic was prescient when it stated in early 2016 that America is moving left and unchecked immigration will destroy this country by importing people who bring leftist and communist values from China, Latin America and Islamic African nations.

To overly pious Christians, leading conservatives, #NeverTrumpers and the Republican establishment that hates Trump, his voters and what he stands for, let Joel Kotkin, a self-described Truman Democrat, be your guide on how he illustrates what the Democratic Party has become. Mr. Kotkin breaks down these “post-industrial information age Democrats” into three groups:

Corporate oligarchs exemplified by Google, Facebook, Silicon Valley, Causists obsessed with hot button issues (abortion on demand, gay marriage, global warming) the most critical to long-term Democratic ascendency, and Populists who bear much of the party’s ‘social democratic message and legacy’ (they are the least of the Democratic Party that gave America FDR, JFK, Pat Brown, Scoop Jackson).”

Each group exemplifies faux compassion while using the media, entertainment, education, government and the courts to intimidate and control any who oppose their policies to bow in serf-like fashion to their whims and desires. Foolish Republicans in California who believe that Democrats can be understood and worked with, instead of being fought against, don’t comprehend how systematically corrupt; evil and plain wrong are today’s Democratic Party.

Two examples illustrate this truth when leading Democrats attended a private dinner with the president of Iran and Louis Farrakhan in 2013 while former President Obama had a smiling picture taken in 2005 with the vile, anti-Semite Farrakhan when he was a Senator. The press, Congressional Black Caucus and Democratic leaders buried these secrets to further the cause of electing Democrats and warring against American values. Meanwhile, Trump has a better approval rating than Obama, despite the relentless attacks, at the same point in his presidency, which is simply amazing.

And what have decades of “phantasmagorical imbecility,” from feckless Republicans and leftist Democrats wrought California for my generation to clean up? The poorest business climate, some of the highest tax rates, and largest number of people living in poverty. Moreover, Los Angeles now ranks as having the worst traffic congestion in the world, California is possibly in another drought without any water capture infrastructure built in recent memory; and The Stanford Pension Institute says, “that CalPERS has a $1.4 trillion unfunded liability.” These could be some of the reasons why more people are migrating out of California. California could use economic growth since our GDP growth rate has slipped to 35th in the nation.

The irony is Trump’s economy has rescued California’s Unemployment Insurance Fund, which has been insolvent since 2009. It was bailed out by the federal government under the Obama administration but the “Trump bump” means California can pay back the $10.2 billion borrowed from the Treasury between 2008-2012. But California’s Democratic legislators never miss an opportunity to “trash President Trump.” Environmental policy and “settled science,” though, is where the Democratic Party isn’t willing to have a serious, reasoned debate to answer what if anything can be done; or if there even is man-made global warming since climates obviously change.

However, is that due to carbon emissions or the earth’s weather patterns that have taken place for millions of years? Two recent studies question the earth warming and the worst case scenarios touted by Al Gore and former President Obama being void of scientific validity. Billions keep flowing for Democratic politicians, interest groups and those vested financially to keep the science settled and the environmental shibboleth of global warming moving forward into the next election cycle while California will ban any crude oil coming from Trump’s offshore drilling plan that could provide billions in economic benefits.

So what can be done against this type of incompetent rule? Fight back. For starters here’s how to approach environmentalists with this statement and then question by Dr. Walter Williams:

“Sixty-Five million (65) years ago the Earth experienced one of the most rapid and extreme global climate changes recorded in geological history named the ‘Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum,’ when oceans were 18 to 27 degrees hotter than today and Antarctica was home to temperate forests, beech trees and ferns. The earth also had no permanent polar ice caps. In the past 65 million years, the Earth’s temperature has increased and decreased with no help from mankind. Therefore, can mankind really stop climate change and what is the correct earth temperature?”

Make no mistake we are in a fight the way the Marines were in an inch-by-inch fight for territory in the Pacific during World War II. Walk precincts, support candidates with your money and realize it will take numerous election cycles, but voters are realizing Trump’s economic strategies are working. It really is the economy stupid. Most importantly, WALK PRECINCTS and get the message to voters about Trump’s economy that is helping Republicans, why single-family homes aren’t being built causing prices to skyrocket (appointed agencies like the Southern California Association of Governments that has counterparts in San Diego and Northern California are the reasons) and why we are terribly vulnerable to the next recession due to some of the above-mentioned reasons.

Inform voters about unfunded pension obligations in the trillions, horrible inequality, sensible ways to protect children in our schools and Democratic leaders that don’t reflect their communities; but most of all, fight back. Run for office locally, regionally, statewide and federal offices but have your facts down, platform legitimized and reasons for running, because Democrats are on the hegemonic march to crush your lives, kill off families and destroy anything that gets in their path by any means possible.

Todd Royal is a geopolitical risk and energy consultant based in Los Angeles.



    California is a cesspool of COMMUNISTS / MARXISTS to the enth degree……..
    California has been destroyed by this shidt and will never regain her former glory and beauty……..illegal aliens, communists, Marxists, Hollywood scum, democrats and Soros, the Clit-ons, the Obamas and jerry ‘moonbeam’ brown have seen to that………
    these disgusting crones and hags should be burned at the stake…..

  2. retiredxlr8r says

    There you go! The consequences of a silent pulpit on current events.
    Instead they preach “can’t we all just get along?” and other motivational trash.
    They should be preaching the gospel as it relates to today. Don’t tell me it can’t be done, because I have heard it over and over again from real pulpits doing their job.
    So, blame it on the Pulpit, on the preacher, on the fathers in the church who have abdicated their authority and responsibility because this culture has feminized them and they are to weak and pathetic to do anything!
    Good bye California! Remember it always seems to start in California (the disintegration of America) and then the rest of the nation follows.
    Soon America will be nothing but ash.
    Either from disintegrating or from a civil war.
    It’s your call Left, what say you?

    • You are absolutely correct! The Left pursues open borders and denigrate white people for votes. The vast majority of Latino voters are women. They go to mass often. The Republicans must point out that a vote for a Democrat is a vote for the perpetuation of sin: abortion and sexual immorality. If you can’t get the Latino’s to vote GOP, at least keep them home on the voting day. Finally, too many Churches and Parish’s fail to preach the Gospel correctly today. The Apostasy of the Church is before us. We should pray for revival and the forgiveness of sin.

  3. David Rodden says

    Goodbye Constitution, Goodbye Borders, Goodbye Security..Goodbye California…

  4. I’m not voteing…we have no representation..we are ready to leave this socialist state. I’m tired of working hard and our money going for programs we don’t want or believe in.

  5. Paint CA Red……not GOP Red, but Marxist Red.

  6. Thank you for listing & explaining many of the reasons why we felt it necessary to protect our economic well-being and future earning potential by selling a home that we love in an area that we love and moved out of state…
    Sadly, Colorado is probably 5-7 years behind California, but at least watching the local nightly news here doesn’t give me an ulcer EVERY night…
    Sadly, I fear that California must hit absolute rock bottom in order for changes to be made and it isn’t going to be pretty or fun…
    I hope and pray that logic overcomes emotion soon and the state can come to its collective senses because I still consider it “home” and hope to return home for my golden years, but right now, that’s only wishful thinking…
    Jesuit Jerry is the worst thing to hit my home state in my lifetime and I understand why my parents detested him in my youth…
    He’s a pompous arrogant ass, who has abdicated any sense of leadership on any areas of importance to the daily wellbeing of rank and file Californians…
    Even sadder, the list of morons running to replace him are even worse…
    Sad, yet glad that we were able to get out for good money before the next shoe drops, either politically or seismically…
    Good luck to all who must stay behind…

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