California Official Who Sponsored ‘Medicare for All’ Caught Taking Insurance Company Cash

California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara, who authored the state’s version of “Medicare for All,” is under fire after journalists exposed that he has been taking campaign contributions from the insurance industry, breaking a key pledge.

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Lara, then a State Senator from Bell Gardens, proposed the “Healthy California Act” in 2017. The bill would have created a state-run health insurance system for all Californians, “replacing the state’s private health insurance industry with government-managed insurance,” according to economist Robert Pollin, writing in the Los Angeles Times at the time.

The bill passed the State Senate but was blocked by State Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Los Angeles), who noted that the bill had no proposal to pay the $400 billion annual price tag of the new policy.

Now, Calmatters notes (citing the San Diego Union-Tribune):

[Lara]’s been hammered by a series of journalistic revelations, mostly in the San Diego Union-Tribune, about how he has indirectly reneged on a campaign promise not to accept campaign contributions from insurance industry sources.

Union-Tribune reporter Jeff McDonald wrote that Lara’s office “intervened in at least four proceedings involving a company with ties to insurance executives and their spouses who donated tens of thousands of dollars to his re-election campaign, records show.”

Lara has reportedly promised to return the money, Calmatters notes.

Lara defeated former commissioner Steve Pozner in the 2018 election. Poizner ran as an independent, but was once a Republican.

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  1. The Captive says

    Just cause Lara says he will return the money doesn’t mean he will. Do you actually believe that ? It is our tax money and he figures the well “ain’t” dry yet! Taking advantage of the situation is what corrupt CA is all about!.

  2. So what you’re sayin’ is Lara’s a liea?

  3. Pay it back? Why bother, the damage is done, he used it to get elected and it worked. Until we get the money out of elections, there will be nothing but paid for politicians who serve their donors, not the public.

  4. Dntgiveup says

    He’s another slimy CA politician. Jail is not too god for him.

  5. us citizen says

    Everyone knows how CRAPPY going to the DMV is…………and now you want CA to handle your health care? Bahahahahahha You have got to be insane then.

  6. Russ L Lindley says

    and He is not getting FIRED!!! Any one of us would at our jobs!!!

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