California on the verge of ‘sanctuary state’ status after legislative deal

Protesters chant during a May Day demonstration outside a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in San Francisco on Monday. Thousands are expected to take to the streets across the United States to participate in May Day demonstrations.

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Gov. Jerry Brown and Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León, D-Los Angeles, reached a compromise on the state’s “sanctuary state” bill this week, in a deal that amends the legislation to expand the ability of law enforcement to cooperate with federal authorities.

The amended Senate Bill 54 “prevents our state and local law enforcement resources from being diverted to tear families apart. California will protect our communities from the Trump administration’s radical and hateful immigration policy agenda,” de León said in a statement.

As part of the compromise, under the revised SB54, police can share information with federal authorities about inmates convicted of hundreds of crimes that were not part of the original language. These crimes include serious or violent felonies, felony drunk driving, unlawful possession of a deadly weapon and felony drug crimes.

But the bill still prohibits law enforcement from inquiring as to a person’s immigration status, detaining suspected illegal immigrants for ICE, and from acting as federal immigration agents.

“This bill protects public safety and people who come to California to work hard and make this state a better place,” Gov. Brown’s statement read.

Under the amendment, federal agents will be permitted to interview suspected illegal aliens in jails and to access state databases – actions that were previously prohibited.

The California Sheriffs Association still opposes the bill, despite the changes, believing it puts too great of a barrier between local enforcement and federal authorities.

Activists on the left largely praised the agreement. Pablo Alvarado, executive director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, called the deal a “victory for migrants,” according to the Sacramento Bee.

The bill must still be passed by the state Assembly.

SB54 comes amid a larger national debate about “sanctuary” policies, with conservatives and many law enforcement groups maintaining that they provide a safe haven for violate criminal aliens, while liberals and immigration activists argue the so-called “sanctuaries” encourage undocumented aliens to cooperate with police without fear of deportation.

The bill could also be a model for other states eager to push back against the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown.

For California, it’s just the latest act of defiance against the Trump agenda in Washington, as Attorney General Xavier Becerra on Monday sued the administration over its decision to rescind the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, arguing that doing away with the order violates the Fifth Amendment’s Due Process Clause, citing fears that the administration may use “Dreamer” data to find and deport them.

However, President Trump has said there will be “no action” to that effect for six months as Congress attempts to craft a legislative fix.

“I think everyone recognizes the scope and breadth of the Trump decision to terminate DACA hits hardest here,” Becerra said.

About one quarter of the 800,000 recipients of DACA live in the Golden State.

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  1. Andrew Kessel says

    I wish they would cut the crap, call the state Mexifornia, and be done. The California Citizens’ Redistricting Commission (which determines boundaries for the CA Assembly, Senate, etc.) maintains teleconferencing meeting locations in Mexico, for Christ’s sake! Mexico legalized marijuana not long ago, just like California. Probably not a coincidence. This state is corrupt to to the core, it’s a good bet money is flowing over the borders to make sure the they stay wide open. Gotta keep that federal $$ rolling in, though, a couple million lost means big problems in this debt-ridden state. Water that sanctuary down, tax the crap out of the taxpayers.

  2. retiredxlr8r says

    Gov Browns battle against Trump because he disagrees with the voters who elected Trump is a school yard tantrum by a spoiled brat.
    Brown and his Brown Shirt legislature is bordering on secession and tyranny against her citizens. For if they become a sanctuary state, tell me how the Federal government will be able to full fill its Constitutional obligation of protecting the nation against invasion, against illegal immigration, against those that have hatred (California) against the United States. The Feds would have to, without question, isolate California from the rest of the Nation and consider it to be an antagonist against the People of America.
    Gov Brown and his Brown Shirts are Wrong on all counts, this is a temper tantrum but played out in the halls of government. The People of California better step up or there will be a civil war and it will start in California!

  3. Kathy Gabrielson says

    There are a couple of big cities in California that control all of this, the rest of us in California are against all this. It’s like we have no voice!!!
    The Illegals are being told to vote and there we’ll be no repercussions. I think they should all make camp in Jerry Browns front yard.

    • Exactly,………….Thats why Hillary wanted to eliminate the Electoral
      College. California gave Hillary the popular vote.

    • True Teacher says

      Okay, so California will work with the feds as long as the immigrant has committed certain crimes.

      They left out a major crime, one that hurts the Constitution:

      illegal voting.

      Hopefully, when we find these people and deport them, California won’t “go sanctuary.” Of course, this is exactly what they will do. The deal was this: we will ensure the safety of your person and your body, but you must allow for us to remain in power. Not good enough.

  4. How many nazi-islamics are mixed in with this ? All MALE and ready to kill the infidel.

  5. I am a third gen native southern californian and I am ashamed and disgusted with the dictatorial legislature we have.. When did the saying change from “we the people” to “SCREW the PEOPLE!!” We are on the brink of melt down of law and order, anarchy, etc., and nobody cares!

  6. California resident and a proud Trump supporter. Jerry Brown and his scum demwits care about one thing and one thing only, protecting and helping Illegal trash mexicans to steal from Californians…They are forcing Californians to take matters into our own hands..

    • and that is to flee. I have the 7 year plan and then they can have their crappy one payor health care system which will never work when 50% of the population does not work.

  7. We already have special order 40 which protects illegal aliens from reporting crime without fear of deportation. After Jamiel Shaw was murdered by a gang banger new release from prison we tried to change SO 40 by deporting long term, multiple offending felons by deporting them but alas the politically correct and much to sensitive progressive leftists decided to put that one in the crapper. They even encourage felons to stay on in the City of Angels. These demanding La Raza people in our city council in all public offices are the parasites of the Democrapic party they prey on their own constituents all for one thing, “their vote”. This city is already a sanctuary state! I only hope that when it does become third world which is evident already that the Mexicans, San Salvadorians and those from Honduras like what they have created because they created what they ran from their own countries.

  8. Brenda Torres says

    Sanctuary State with Single Payer Health Care…I’m Outta’ Here!!!

  9. California politics and politicians suck

  10. Actually, this is a GREAT idea!!! (but only if you already moved out of state as we did)

    By effectively turning on the proverbial porch light, Brown & his Brown Brother(and Sister)hood will draw back many more millions of illegal aliens from other states!

    The legal weed will only sweeten that deal!

    It’s perfect!

    Cali becomes the illegal alien third world cesspool and collapses under it’s own debt while the rest of us enjoy a better standard of living as fewer people will be using the emergency room as their primary care physician, bilingual education programs can be phased out and wages will rise as paid under the table workers will be fewer…

    Thank you, Gov Brown & Co.!!!

  11. So, our Brown Shirt legislators passed a sanctuary state reg/bill.
    My first impression? Buy more bullets!
    My family is not as safe today as yesterday and I have the goose stepping Brown and deLeon to thank.
    California is closer that ever to being a socialist state run (not lead!) by a tyrannical madmen.
    That is why I need more bullets, they won’t protect me?

  12. Part of the democrats continuing plan to maintain their control through more illegal alien votes along with the bought and paid for public unions. Trump and the DOJ should take immediate action to contain this nonsense.

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