California Says Its Policies Trump Parental Rights When It Comes to Trans Kids

In California, ‘it takes a village’ to ensure a child with gender dysphoria becomes a transgender adult

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(Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

A friend’s 5-year-old child told me emphatically he wants to be a girl. I naturally told my friend. I didn’t know what he would do with the information, but I certainly thought that as a parent he should be made aware of this information about his child.

The State of California disagrees. It prevents schools from providing such information to parents. The state is allowed to know it, but not the parents.

Parents have begun a movement to overturn this policy through a ballot initiative. But the state is trying to prevent it from even making it to the ballot. The matter is now headed to court. The issue is what the initiative is called. The state Attorney General has the authority to name initiatives. Rather than calling it something like the “Parents’ Right to Know” act, Attorney General Rob Bonta, a Democrat, chose to label it the “Restricts Rights of Transgender Youth” act.

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Proponents call Mr. Bonta’s title “inaccurate, blatantly argumentative, and prejudicial.” Mr. Bonta is not neutral on the issue. He is currently in court against the Chino Valley Unified school district, arguing that their policy of informing parents if a child seeks to change his or her gender in school discriminates against trans children.

Mr. Bonta’s title has made it far more difficult for the parents to obtain the money and signatures required to get it on the ballot. Potential donors are backing away, noting that with that title it will be difficult to pass. The parents determined they had no choice to but sue over the misleading title. It is now in the court’s hands, with a hearing set for Friday, April 19. The parents are hoping the judge stands up to the Attorney General and throws out the title.

The first thing wrong with Mr. Bonta’s title is that there no such thing as “transgender youth.” There is youth suffering from gender dysphoria, a mental disorder recognized in the psychiatric community for many decades. It is a disorder that most often resolves itself before adulthood. That is because it is not a genetic disorder. This is proven by identical twin studies showing that the majority of the time if one twin is transgender, the other is not. Same DNA, different outcome. We have also now mapped the entire human genome. No transgender gene has been found.

Like all mental disorders, it can and should be treated with counseling. It is most often caused by early childhood trauma, as I have written about before. If the gender dysphoria does not resolve itself by adulthood, and the person chooses to live their life as the opposite sex as an adult—with the full legal authority to provide informed consent to whatever that may include—then they can be called transgender (and in my opinion deserve love, respect, and non-discrimination if they make this choice.)

Second, the rights of these youth are not being trammeled upon. From where does a youth derive a right to have mental disorders hidden from their parents? Mr. Bonta claims on his website that the right is derived from the “right to privacy” in the U.S. Constitution. (Of course there is no such express right, and the so-called “right to privacy” has never been applied to children.)

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  1. How do you know Democrats are lying to you? When they speak.

    Too harsh? Then how do you account for the terrible high density buildings that are choking the State?

    How come the person of interest in this article destroys a safe and orderly society that has freedom?

    Getting it?

    His mouth is open therefore he must be lying.

  2. Once again – some idiot manages to get themself elected and thinks THAT makes them an expert on everything they DON’T KNOW beforehand!!!!

    Sorry – FOOLS – an uneducated person is STILL an uneducated person after they’re elected!!!
    WHY don’t you voters GET IT?????

  3. Rico Lagattuta says

    Attorney General Rob Bonta is totally wrong on this issue. Parents are responsible for protecting and raising their children, not the State. Read “Personal Opinions of One Common Man” due out soon.

  4. But let a kid, unfortunately, go and shoot up a school and you can be sure that the AG will be after the parents to be held accountable. If is long past time for A-hole General Bonzo Bonta to retire back to the jungle.


  6. Otis R. Needleman says

    Bonta can call it anything he likes. Anyone with a brain will vote for it.

  7. This is just one technique to separate parents from children and thus make the child more beholden to the State and a lifelong liberal. It’s 100% political by heavily-financed influencers. In this State I doubt we can stop it from rolling over all of the rights of children and their parents because the media is 100% behind this transgender nonsense and the young people who vote are brainwashed by the leftist media and TikTok. Thread creep – heard today on the radio about a poll that found 69% of the media believe that all election cheating was appropriate if needed to ensure the correct (your) candidate is elected. So this is the stick-by-stick destruction of all civil order as we who grew up many decades ago knew it.

  8. To the goobenor of our ‘once, great Golden state’…….” It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ingorance “. Dr Thomas Sowell
    They are doing this because they know that……“An educated mind can’t be enslaved” -Candace Owens
    I just thank the Lord GOD Almighty everyday that HE gave us enough money to homeschool our kids back in the 80’s and 90’s, I really pity parents today.

  9. Treva Bennett says

    A 5 year old boy says he wants to be a girl is a big fat nothing burger and should not be “Reported to anyone”! It doesn’t mean anything at that age. I thought being a boy was the best way to live. I still do but I’m a happy woman. No desire to be anything else although I dressed rather masculine ages 10-12. I liked jeans and sweats. Still do for that matter. I also like girly things. Some moron could say I’m confused.. they would be dead wrong. This trans saga is absolutely nuts for the most part. Leave our children alone. Quit indoctrinating them with these sick ideas. If an adult has issues let them figure it out. Not anyone’s business but theirs. Since the brain is not fully developed until age 25. I’d suggest doing nothing until such time even though society considers one an adult at 21.

  10. Chris Renner says

    Why must legislators interfere in the upbringing of a child?
    Why must teachers hide facts about a child from their Parents?
    Why must public schools prefer NOT to teach reading, writing and arithmetic?
    Why must 99.9% of the population pay for the unhappy whining of a bunch of toddlers or the complaints of a bunch of mixed up teenagers?
    California Democrats hate children and hate their parents even more!

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