California secession leader abandons movement and moves to Russia

yes-california-russiaOne of the groups pushing for a California secession is abandoning their effort and the man who was leading the charge has moved to Russia.

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Louis Marinelli, president of the Yes California Independence Campaign, announced the news in an official farewell statement last week.

“While Washington refused to act and the Americans continued to spew their hatred towards immigrants, Sacramento actively worked to protect our immigrants,” he said. “It was this contrast which motivated me to start this campaign for independence.”

The movement was always seen as a long-shot effort, but it highlighted the way in which many Californians have tried to distance themselves from Washington in the age of Trump.

The measure would have needed to get 585,407 valid signatures by July to qualify for the ballot in 2018.

“I have found in Russia a new happiness, a life without the albatross of frustration and resentment towards ones’ homeland, and a future detached from the partisan divisions and animosity that has thus far engulfed my entire adult life,” Marinelli added.

Furthermore, multiple donors pulled out of the effort due to fears of being tied to Putin, complicating a path forward for the movement.

“People got scared,” Ruiz Evans, vice president of Yes California told the Sacramento Bee. “They got spooked by what they saw on the news and pulled out.”

There were also constitutional hurdles, as a secession would have needed an amendment to the Constitution, meaning there would need to be approval by two-thirds of Congress and three-quarters of the state legislatures.

But still, Ruiz says he’s not giving up and plans to file a new “Calexit” proposal by May 1 in association with a new group called the California Freedom Coalition.

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  1. Liberal wackadoo.

  2. Jersey Girl says

    Good RIDDANCE!!! California still has enough loonies to fill several asylums. One less isn’t much different – or missed.

  3. Jojo, the State is full of them!

  4. Bohdan Knianicky says

    Putin will welcome him with open arms. Many Americans moved to Russia since the 20’s looking for utopia, to never be heard from again. Communism is a fantasy, socialism a desire. This experiment has never worked. Don’t believe Saul Alinsky because he was never a success just a propagandist. The proof is everywhere from South America to Cuba. Some people do well under socialism only because they’re braindead.

  5. who cares –why do you post this

  6. My only regret is that he failed to take all the other “progressive” democrat lib-tard snotflakes with him.
    We would be much better off had he done so.

  7. Gary Von Neida says

    Where all “good(?)” little communists go.

  8. Sounds like he has a lot more in common with Vladimir Putin than does President Trump.

  9. “One of the groups pushing for a California secession is abandoning their effort and the man who was leading the charge has moved to Russia.”
    Louis Marinelli, can’t you take seditionist (and likely illegal alien) Kevin DeLeon, with you? Please?
    Why not Aunt Jamama Walters?
    Lt. Gov. Grating Nuisance?
    Kamala (the Gorgon) Harris?
    Princess ‘Nan?
    Dianne Frankenstien (the monster)?
    San Francisco mayor Edwin M. (sanctuary city) Lee?
    You are taking out the trash; why not take it all?

    • Victoria Smith says

      He needs to take more than deLeon with him…take the rest of the Democrats, Brown (mostly), and a few Republicans that have no ethics.

  10. Victoria Smith says

    There is zero animus toward immigrants that come through the process, as opposed to coming here illegally. Besides coming illegally (operative word), they take a free ride on the taxpaying legal citizens of this nation. Pray you still feel Russia is the answer, after you have been there a bit!! Not optimistic for you, however.

  11. Mounteer says

    Perhaps he’ll set an example for many other Commie Pinkos in California and they’ll leave. And really — how did he move to Russia? They don’t have illegal immigrants there and don’t like them!

  12. Couldn’t he have convinced a few more friends in northern California to go with him? Seems a pity.`

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