California Sues Huntington Beach Over Voter ID Law

Law is scheduled to go into effect beginning in 2026

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California Attorney General Rob Bonta and California Secretary of State Shirley Weber announced on Monday the state will be suing the city of Huntington Beach over their recently passed voter ID law, which requires a valid state ID to be presented before voting.

In March, voters in Huntington Beach voted on Measure A, which stated that, beginning in 2026, voter identification would be needed before any election. The measure also came with provisions for more in-person voting locations and to monitor ballot drop-boxes. The measure ultimately passed with 53.4% of the vote. However, both Bonta and Weber vowed to challenge the new law in court, citing that it could potentially disenfranchise many voters, including minorities, the elderly, and younger voters, all of whom may not have a valid ID.

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Speaking from the California Department of Justice in Los Angeles on Monday, both Bonta and Weber announced that state would be suing the city over the measure, saying that a lawsuit had been filed in the Orange County Superior Court. Bonta specifically noted that the measure goes against state voter registration and election integrity laws. He also noted that the suit, the People of California v. The City of Huntington Beach, would address all worries over the current system.

“The photo identification requirement is not only misguided, it is blatantly and flatly illegal,” said Bonta at the press conference. “They have greatly overstated the authority they think they have. They have willfully violated the law, they have brazenly violated the law. They know exactly what they are doing, and they are doing it anyway.

“The right to freely cast your vote is the foundation of our democracy and Huntington Beach’s voter ID policy flies in the face of this principle. State election law already contains robust voter ID requirements with strong protections to prevent voter fraud, while ensuring that every eligible voter can cast their ballot without hardship. Imposing unnecessary obstacles to voter participation disproportionately burdens low-income voters, voters of color, young or elderly voters, and people with disabilities. We’re asking the court to block Huntington Beach’s unlawful step toward suppressing or disenfranchising voters. The California Department of Justice stands ready to defend the voting rights that make our democracy strong.”

Weber added that “This voter ID measure conflicts with state law. Not only is it a solution in search of a problem, laws like these are harmful to California voters, especially low-income, the elderly, people of color, those with disabilities, and young voters.”

Huntington Beach to challenge suit

However, city officials defended the voters decision last month, saying that they would fight against the lawsuit and uphold it in time for the 2026 election.

“The people of Huntington Beach have made their voices clear on this issue,” said Huntington Beach City Attorney Michael Gates. “The people’s decision on the March 5th ballot measures for election integrity is final. To that end, the City will vigorously uphold and defend the will of the people.”

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  1. At least there’s some element of constitutional law and ORDER to protect the ‘Will of the People’ in Kommiefornia….I would love to sit on that jury!!! (of course, where is Huntington Beach going to find a judge who’s NOT in the deep pockets of Slavin NewScum, bath-house Barry NObama and George Soros???)

  2. Rico Lagattuta says

    Huntington Beach should have made the law effective April 1, 2024. These disenfranchised people can all get driver’s licenses, Credit cards, and medical insurance ID cards. The State of California should not have any say in voter laws in any municipally.

  3. Could could you also sue the DMV and the post office and the police departments for requiring citizens to show ID in order to get a license, the mail or show proof of car ownership? They are all less important than voting!

  4. I wouldn’t expect anything less from this abysmal state, the state of one party and that is the party of racists, leftist progressive Marxists who originated the KKK, scream for tolerance for groups who have none. Yes, the party of the DNC, the party of fear mongering, a hatred for America, generally the party of HATE.

  5. The Fascists nazi democrats do not want voter ID so they can get their ILLEGALS to vote for them and give them US benefits…..This should go all the way the Supreme Court and let them rule on this….Voter ID is what most americans want to make sure our elections are fair……DEMOCRATS DO NOT WANT THEM FAIR…DOES NEWSOM AND WEBER REMIND YOU OF TWO LITTLE HITLERS???YES THEY DO

  6. It would be nice if citizens SUED …commie NewScum and staff !

  7. Anybody that doesn’t have a valid ID shouldn’t be able to vote! People are asked for valid IDs for all kinds of activities, voting should be one of them. Illegals shouldn’t be given an automatic qualifying ID either!!!

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