California sues Trump over DACA

As reported by the Sacramento Bee:

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California Attorney General Xavier Becerra on Monday formally challenged the Trump administration’s directive to rescind a program protecting unauthorized young immigrants from deportation.

Becerra, joining the states of Minnesota, Maryland and Maine, announced the lawsuit flanked by two “dreamers,” young women who were brought to United States illegally but were allowed to stay here, study and hold jobs after applying for the now-imperiled Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

“They should not be punished for things that were done by others,” Becerra said of the DACA recipients. “We don’t bait and switch in this country.”

Becerra said his lawsuit, which he previewed last week and planned to file Monday in the Northern District of California, was meant to “immediately address the president’s unlawful and mean spirited actions” by alleging his administration violated the due process protections of DACA applicants by putting their personal information at risk. …

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  1. Frivolous–this illegal will be counter sued and it will stick –the pos needs to be ousted

  2. They are illegal in the first place – why allow them into the country ? They are using our laws against us – Boot them the LIVEN’-DAYLIGHTS otta; the USA!

  3. The Fed DoJ should withhold all Federal grants, loans, guarantees, and funding for the CA DoJ until it starts to recognize the pre-eminant position of the Federal Government vis-a-vis CA.

  4. President B. Hussein Obama claimed he could not implement DACA because it was illegal and unconsitiutional for a President to make law from he White House. Then he wrote an illegal and unconditional Executive order to implement DACA. So what’s wrong with reversing the unconstitutional and illegal DACA executive order???

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