California Taxpayers Give Thanks But Worry About the Future

taxesIn this season of Thanksgiving, taxpayers in California have reason to pause when asked for what they are thankful. Considering the costly plans of the newly elected Legislature and governor, taxpayers may be most grateful for the fact that the state hasn’t yet built a wall encircling the state to keep them from leaving.

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After 2017, when lawmakers enacted new taxes including a $5.2 billion annual tax hike on gasoline, diesel and vehicle registration, as well as a new tax on recorded documents, 2018 saw every effort by the Legislature to increase taxes defeated by advocates for taxpayers.

We are grateful that the first-ever tax on drinking water was defeated.

We are grateful that the tax on fireworks was defeated, and that the effort to revive the “snack tax” was not successful.

We are grateful that the proposal to put a sales tax on services was shelved.

We are grateful that nearly a million voters signed petitions to repeal the gas and car tax. Of course, the bad news is that the gas tax repeal was given a new title by Attorney General Xavier Becerra that removed the words “gas tax repeal” from the ballot, deceiving voters.

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  1. Worry about future? How about running scared?
    Maybe the coming extremism will wake and shake em’

  2. If possible the “Citizens” of Cali to charge and convict their (supposedly) Attorney General for Treason!

  3. Right from the start Becerra tells us he is going to be a becerra-problem So we need to check all he says and does because he is a cheat–how about that??

  4. Expect increase in sales tax to 15% — maybe not all at once, but an increase each year — and numerous add-ons to the property taxes; tax on all services (add 15% to your meal _before_ the tip; pay your lawyer or dentist 15% more); and just unlimited transfers of wealth. All this on top of what will be the biggest nightmare for every single person earning more than $100,000 in California, a steep increase in Federal taxes due to limitation of exemptions to $10,000. Lot of folks probably will be caught between having much lower automatic withdrawal of taxes on their salary and the sudden discovery of what tax they will owe on April 15th. Then they will blame Trump for that and ignore what the State is extorting from them. Expect all those rent propositions that did not pass to be passed by the supermajority Legislature. Hopefully these nightmares will cause a dramatic shift in who is elected in 2020 in California – if the districts are not gerrymandered, and the voting parameters so unrestricted and unverified, so as to ensure that no Republican can ever be elected in ANY districts.

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