California Voters Decide to Keep Democrats’ Gas Tax Increase

Gas-Pump-blue-generic+flippedAmong numerous measures that went before the state’s voters Tuesday, Californians rejected a proposal to repeal a gasoline tax increase that was passed by the Legislature to fund road and transportation projects. Proposition 6 failed Tuesday after Democrats campaigned to preserve $5 billion a year to fix roads and improve transit.

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The state’s Republicans sought to repeal hikes in fuel taxes and vehicle fees that are expected to fund $52 billion in transportation projects over a decade. Their plan also would have required voter approval for future gas tax hikes.

GOP lawmakers argued that California has grown too expensive and tax dollars need to be spent more wisely. They hoped the measure would help drive Republican voter turnout in contested state and congressional races.

“It’s about whether working families will be given some breathing room and whether we can address the high cost of living in California,” Carl DeMaio, a former San Diego city councilman who led the effort, told the Mercury News. “That’s real money.”

Democrats and construction industry and union leaders maintained the revenues are vital to upgrade California’s crumbling roads and bridges. …

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  1. Between this and the governors race, indicating that California is lost to the socialist-communist leadership and agenda, it is time to pack up and move to America. America no longer resides in this state.

  2. Matt Brown says

    What is the tax increase schedule?

  3. What is disturbing is the indoctrination that is taking place at all levels of education and then they mobilize the under 25 crowd to vote. The lack of life experience and Utopia being taught makes it amazing.

    It is interesting I have many Democrat friends, and the older they become the more Conservative they are, unless they are dyed in the wool Socialists. What is lost is the concept of keeping government as small as possible and as a result the expense on the taxpayers.

    The most radical of the Democrat voters are those who have government jobs or contracts dependent on government. They don’t get it that every tax is not a tax on businesses it is a tax on them.


        “Some questions and concerns about election integrity”

        • Forgive me, I know I’m mostly preaching to the choir here, but also check out Mark Meuser (who worked so hard and ran so valiantly for Secty of State) and the videos on his Twitter and Facebook page. A lot of education there about the state of things in this state as he investigated voter rolls and found massive numbers of already existing voter fraud potential. And this was BEFORE November 6! Does S.O.S. Alex Padilla care about this? No, he says there isn’t any voter fraud! “Virtually nonexistent” are the words he used. He is either looking so far the other way that his head is spinning around or he is actively participating in taking us down. Why aren’t people more infuriated about this? About one’s sacred vote becoming meaningless because these corrupt lowlifes are willing to lie and cheat to grab power? So many votes literally or metaphorically thrown in the trash. With impunity.

  4. Stan Sexton says

    Too bad the “road” tax money will end up bailing out CALPERS. The way the proposition was worded was a scam itself.

  5. I would expect no less from Commie Cali. Stupid is as stupid does…

  6. To cop a phrase from the incomparable Ray Charles, Baby what’d I say?

  7. Fraud at the polls!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

    • showandtell says

      Agree with you that we undoubtedly had pervasive election shenanigans —- probably more than ever before. So how can the electorate U-turn when these freaks keep voting themselves in, to then engineer even more fraud and corruption the next time around? Evidence on the ground of most people wanting sensible things, thus a CHANGE, just didn’t jibe with the outcome here. There is something funky and smelly about this whole thing. I say this as someone who fights very hard against being in a “bubble” and being out of touch with the larger sentiment, whatever it is. We’ll see if the truth ever comes out, but unless I’m missing something there is not much chance of that happening now.

  8. TheRandyGuyy says

    Sad, but hardly unexpected. Grey Davis, a sitting Governor, was removed from office for doing this same thing with gas taxes and registration fee increases. As Jim said, the state is lost and it’s time to leave.

  9. Get out of california if you possibly can. It’s only going to get worse.

  10. so fix the roads and don’t divert funds to the slow train to nowhere and pensions.


  12. Failure of this measure will prod even more companies to leave CA and take their jobs with them. It would not be surprising to find that the funds generated fall drastically short of what has been predicted, generating a call for an even higher “gas” tax.

  13. Brenda Torres says

    Good Ol’ Governor Newsom will soon run out of Money with all the ‘FREE’ Stuff he touts and Celebrating illegals…Then he will be looking at those New Tax Dollars to supplement his and governor Moonbeam’s Choo-Choo!!!

  14. john hanebury says

    I learned long before my 72nd birthday that government is financially insatiable. Those in Government also lie and deceive. Politicians will say anything to get their tax bills passed —— claiming a new tax will go to something the taxpayers want and then playing their little shell game with our money. Ultimately the tax payers get the shaft as the politicians fund their pet projects and stuff their own pockets. Unfortunately their are new suckers born every day —– that is except for the ones the democrats murder before they can ever be born.

    • You tell ’em! We must never forget that many people who should be among us are simply not here because of a political plank in the so-called platform of the Democrat party.
      Mr. Hanebury your closing comment sent a chill down my spine

  15. We all cannot be sure how legitimate any of the votes cast in this state Tuesday were not fraudulent. So, we will never know if the Gas Tax initiative passed or not.
    Infallible voting system is essential and there is no way to ensure that for us with the powers in Sacramento…Enter the dim-wit’s Twilight Zone.

  16. theindependentrealist says

    Got to blame the California voters for dropping the ball on this one! The CA GOP idea on this getting approved made ton of sense!

  17. Harry Tawkko says

    Let’s face it. A majority of CA voters like the idea of a never ending string of new taxes, they’re obsessed with it.

  18. Bogiewheel says

    No amount of money procured though shifty tax programs will cure the illness of California; it’s now septic, the bacteria of greed has engulfed this rotten system of Union and Political malfeasance.

  19. Yes, you guys are right. No difference now with NY, NJ, Illinois, Mass and quickly being added to the list are many other states. What stood out to me is that after so many years in left field, states do not ever get back to the middle, let alone the right. They keep voting Democrat. And interesting, we see from Tuesday election that the ENTIRE Country is exactly 50/50 Dem/Repub. We see that movement of populations state to state is turning all states left, including Texas. There is no safe place to move or make your move worthwhile. The indoctrination has affected almost every single state over time. So we are now teetering on the fence of socialism and worse, i.e., Valenzuela. EDUCATION OF THE MASSES REGARDING SOCIALISM IS NEEDED NOW — if that is even possible.

  20. To Brenda: From the bully pulpit, first and foremost and hopefully much talk will follow.

  21. Democrats and Unions says it all.
    If ever there was a Socialist entity in politics it is the Democrats!
    If ever there was a Communist entity in politics is is today’s Unions!
    Both working in unison against the Citizen Taxpayer for their own personal and financial benefit, without regard for the States ability to support them, their ideas and projects.
    California is doomed, with the election of Newsom and the gas tax it is really time to leave before the debt strangles the economy and California becomes Northern Venezuela!
    God Help Us!

  22. Aidan Downey says

    50% of gas tax revenues go to fund mass transit which transports 3% of the population. There is an old joke: Question: How much money is enough? Answer: Just a little bit more.

    • Without question, the criminal re-naming of Proposition 6 by State Attorney General Becarra (a Democrat of course) from the original and correct “Repeal The Gas Tax” to “Eliminates Recently Enacted Road Repair and Transportation Funding by Repealing Revenues Dedicated For Those Purposes. Requires Any Measure to Enact Certain Vehicle Fuel Taxes and Vehicle Fees Be Submitted to and Approved By the Electorate. Initiative Constitutional Amendment” doomed the initiative. Most polls before the rewording showed it comfortably winning but after the renaming, this was reversed almost immediately.

      The Low Information Voters that sadly are a sizable number is almost any election these days no doubt just read the reworded, confusing and incredibly misleading title and said to themselves that of course we need this money for the roads, and thus it failed.

      Truly a criminal act by the AG…he should be sued and/or recalled for this action, but he and his minions will just get away with it again no doubt. The money will be used to fund the bullet Choo-Choo train to nowhere along with CalPers, and the roads and traffic will just get worse.

      Can anyone figure out the extent of the tax increases that will be implemented down the road with this awful bill? I’ve heard that additional tax increases are slated for future years, including as much as $.60-$.75 cents/gallon increase at some point? Is this accurate? If so, that would put our per gallon costs at around $4.50-$5/gallon eventually which is just insane!

      • showandtell says

        According to Carl Demaio, he heard from many people who originally SIGNED THE PETITION to put Prop 6 on the ballot who then assumed the gas tax repeal hadn’t made it to the ballot because the Becerra summary was so unrecognizable. And there are more such stories. outrageous

  23. Carl Demaio and his team worded the ballot so it was easily understood by the voters, this was not Becerras bill to reword as he saw fit, this was the people’s bill and he pretty much intended to pull the wool over the citizens eyes. Becerra should be recalled and replaced immediately. This state has made its way all the way down down the drain and into the sewer. I’ve made it clear to my wife we are packing up and leaving this f’ed up state and moving to one with common sense, this should make the loons in Sacramento happy, I’m giving them more housing and making their stupid state greener by not driving on their f’ed up roads, maybe they can do away with more traffic lanes and turn them into bike lanes. What a joke this state has become and it will only get worse with the loons electing far left Newsom.

    • showandtell says

      Don’t blame you for leaving at this point; and obviously you won’t be alone if you decide to go elsewhere. This is one of the things that makes me so sad (in addition to mad) about this election, though —- so many good people will leave now and believe me, you will be missed. Wishing you and your family well.

  24. The DEMWTIS are nothing more then lying TRASH…..They stole the tax money by hiding the measure, burried at the bottom on the Prop 6…This was nothing more then lying and stealing money from Californians…Recall Becerra…..RECALL BECERRA

  25. showandtell says

    I’m on board for any effort to RECALL the criminal attorney general Xavier Becerra……..
    And why stop there?

  26. I believe this is called “The tyranny of the majority.”

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