Californians Have Paid Dearly for the Micromanagement of Emissions and Renewable Energy

Wind Turbines Power EnergyLooking back, California’s flagship climate change policy Assembly Bill 32, the Global Warming Initiative was signed into law in 2006 when California was a minuscule contributor to the world’s greenhouse gases. Statistically, the World is generating about 46,000 million metric tons of GHG’s, while California has been generating about 440 million metric tons, which is less than one percent of the world’s contributions.

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Today, we’re constantly being bombarded with reminders and progress reports toward achieving California’s plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 40% below 1990 levels by 2030, and an 80% reduction from 1990 levels by 2050.

Now, more than a decade since the passage of AB32, California remains as the most environmentally regulated location in the world, yet California still contributes a miniscule one percent, and has had little to no impact on the reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Very often, when our political leaders are confronted with the facts that California is one of the most business unfriendly states in the union, our politicians often reply, “yes, but we’ve got great weather”.  Well, they’re right, California has the best year round weather in the nation and that has lead us to become the 6th largest economy in the world.

With a robust economy, the good news is that we can “afford” to micromanage almost anything, but the bad news is that the costs associated with micromanagement are being born by the rich and poor and has contributed to California having the largest homeless and poverty population percentages in the nation to compliment the robust economy.

California is an “energy island” to its almost 40 million citizens, bordered between the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra Nevada Mountains whose 35 million registered vehicles of which 90 percent are NOT EV’s are consuming DAILY: 10 million gallons a day of diesel and 42 million gallons a day of gasoline.  In addition, the state’s daily need to support its 145 airports (inclusive of 33 military, 10 major, and more than 100 general aviation) is 10 million gallons a day of aviation fuels.

No other State or Country has the stringent environmental regulations as California to keep greenhouse gas emissions in the world to a minimum, thus it’s imperative that California continue to promote in-state manufacturing of the chemicals and by-products, and aviation, diesel and gasoline fuels manufactured from crude oil on the California energy island. All those products from crude oil supports the military and all the California infrastructures, which are the basis of the prosperity of our growing population.

The renewable sectors of wind and solar, like every other infrastructure, are dependent on the products manufactured out of crude oil for all their components so they can produce emission free intermittent electricity.

With all the world’s efforts to protect life, United States wind farms are “legally” killing hundreds of thousands of birds, eagles, hawks, and bats every year, and it’s appalling that society has given the wind industry a FREE get-out-of-jail card!

Bald and golden eagles are not endangered species anymore but are protected under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. The bald eagle population is growing, while the golden eagle populations is declining.

In 2017, the Obama administration finalized a rule that lets wind-energy companies operate high-speed turbines for up to 30 years — even if means killing or injuring thousands of federally protected bald and golden eagles. Under the new rule, wind farms may acquire an eagle “take” permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) that allows the site to participate in nationwide killing of up to 4,200 bald eagles annually, under incidental “take” permits without compensatory mitigation. If they exceed their eagle “take”, there are adaptive management measures designed for each project, that often include reducing operational hours if deemed necessary to reduce risk.

It’s appalling that wind farms can legally obtain permits from the USFWS to kill those majestic bald eagles.

The public, especially the homeless and poverty populations that have paid dearly for the micromanagement of our emissions and renewables, deserves to know the costs being incurred to reduce our minuscule contributions to the world’s greenhouse gases, and as a courtesy to provide emission free intermittent electricity, share with the public the total estimated impacts of all birds taken that are reported to the USFWS.

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  1. There are no “greenhouse gases” as gas cannot form a solid, transparent cover to trap IR energy physically. Clip-copy “CO2 Is Innocent” at read it and do the demo experiment that proves CO2 does not heat the atmosphere with the concentrations claimed to be threatening. We prove what we say.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  2. The stupid liberals have no concept of what bats do to protect our environment. An adult bat eats its weight in mosquitoes and insects each night but the wind machines are killing them off at a terrible rate. I hope Brown, Becerra, deLeon, Harris and Newsom get an insect born illness that takes them out. Would make a perfect poster group for shutting down the wind mills (like Europe is starting to realize).

  3. It’s amazing isn’t it? that by the time a stiff determines that he is useless at everything he tries he decides that the place for him is in public office.

  4. TheRandyGuy says

    The leftist government of CA is very comfortable in deciding which of its’ principles it is willing to violate. Let the right or a private citizen suggest doing the same and the explosion of fury demanding strict obedience to those principles is ceaseless. Thinking people are making plans to leave this state. Why should anyone stay? Cost of living alone is unbelievable.

  5. How did we get 40,000,000 people? (that we know of). Voter drives? WY has 60% of the land mass of CA and 975,000 people.

    • WY does not have the beaches and the weather CA does

      • SHANE CONWAY says

        I moved to Idaho. I do not miss the filthy beaches contaminated with dirty needles and trash. As for the weather, not all of California has perfect weather, whatever that means.

  6. Mr. Pickle says

    AB 32 was a crock when voted in. More nanny gov’t. Forest fires, regardless of start point, lead to one thing – lack of forest maintenance of brushing, timber sales, clearing for decades, and the intensity of the fires show this to be true. For what? ESA listings that are now toast (no pun intended) let alone the detritus and leafy material sitting on the ground like newspaper under you logs in your home fireplace IF you can still burn. This material ALSO soaks up and holds snow runoff and rain like a sponge, keeping water flow to small tributaries in check…. Hell, Indians knew of this and burned down areas so this would not happen. The key here is politics, and MONEY. Controlling everything and using the environmental mantra of fear we must save the earth, AT each Ca residents cost. Hell, CARB says 99% of our air is cleaner than in early 70’s when ARB started. As usual, it is follow the money, and political power demanded by so called CA leadership. Now our forests burn, children and adults die in these monster fires, and devastation is massive. Thank you Greens, Legislators and other leaders for CREATING this hell on earth in our state. Every climate action HAS occurred before, and will continue to do so. Read The Climate Chronicles…………… E S A must go, and the natural order of extinction will figure itself out as it has for millions of years. If not, expect MORE disasters like we are experiencing now thanks to Legislative Interference and radical environmental organizations…………….. Grrrr……….

  7. Mr. Pickle says

    Post Script: Watch your Home owners Insurance sky rocket in price. Ours went up $500 last year. Reason? Last years fires in North Bay of CA. It is all based on your Zip Code. Have a vintage car(s) in your garage? This too will go up. Mine did by 40% in one year. Again Zip Code based in Ca. So, thanks to our wonderful state leaders and stupid voters that vote in this crap, we have the joy of paying more for: Insurance, Car and Home, higher fuel taxes and higher DMV costs and check out all those bills that DIVERT said fees and taxes to specificity for a million bills from the Bill Mill in Sacramento. Oh, guess what party has had control of legislature for last 3 decades. If you chose “D” you win, or lose so to speak. Kick the Dems out in November, IT truly IS their fault and the voters that continue to vote for lunacy…………..

  8. Brenda Torres says

    And President Trump is right about California Fires…We NEED to THIN these Forests, and clear out all the dead and diseased trees…Where are our Loggers!!!

  9. I guess the evidence is in. The California “environmentalists” are not environmentalists. Its okay for them to kill birds and bats with impunity with wind power, likewise with mirror focused solar that uses mirrors to concentrate solar energy to a high enough level to kill, singe, or blind birds. They can petroleum for fuels, resins and so on, to make, ship and install “zero emission power sources”, which is obviously a lie, and don’t forget repairs and maintenance (lubricating oils and greases). Isn’t it supposed to be equal protection and justice under law and not “laws are for you and not for us”?

  10. The California legislature is going to make sure California goes back to that wonderful time in the middle ages when we didn’t have the energy resources we have today.

  11. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    “But we’ve got great weather !”

    “Yeah, the (cough) firestorms are (cough) awesome ! “

  12. SHANE CONWAY says

    When I lived in California, I was paying 24 cents per kilowatt hour. I watched as the state took control of the utilities and destroyed, literally, power plants. Dams were removed from rivers and coal and gas power plants were dynamited to the ground. Monthly bills now often average over $300 per month. Now I live in another state that does not force homeowners to cut back on their electricity use and mandate renewable electricity production. I pay 8 cents per kilowatt hour and can afford to run air-conditioning when it gets uncomfortable. My average bill now runs me around $40 to $70 per month. Summers are a bit higher, but that is to be expected. Wake up, California, before you become another Venezuela.

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