Candidates Reveal Dangerous Agenda During Democratic Presidential Primary Debate

On Wednesday and Thursday night, 20 candidates took to the debate stage, hoping to stand out from the crowd and increase their chances of snagging the Democratic presidential primary nomination.

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This was the first debate of the presidential primary season, and the candidates, including California Senator Kamala Harris, proudly revealed their radical progressive agendas.

As RNC Spokesperson Samantha Zager observed, “In last night’s debate, Kamala Harris, Eric Swalwell and the rest of the 2020 Democrats proved that every single candidate supports a dangerous open borders agenda with free healthcare for illegal immigrants, paid for by crippling taxes on the middle class. Californians have already seen what decades of progressive, socialist policies look like for the middle class – and it leads to extreme income inequality, a high cost of living, and chronic homelessness. Meanwhile, President Trump continues to put America first and that includes a secure border and a booming economy that works for all Americans.”


  1. They are a generation of ill educated, intelligent but ignorant at the same time – . Logic does not enter into their thinking nor does common sense. They hold their current positions because of whoring for votes and support from those sheepish morons who want free stuff and are also ill educated.
    None appear to understand basic civics, the Constitution, Rule of Law, or what it means to be a “statesman”!
    A sad day for America.
    If any of these make it to the White House Oval Office, like minded individuals need to come together and pursue the rescue of America!
    Hopefully that rescue will begin in Pres. Trumps campaign and he will be re-elected. Seems it is our duty, now, to get him re-elected, holding onto the Senate, and clean house in the House!

  2. Lets see now, I forget, which one of them actually held a job? No no no, political jobs don’t count.

  3. Newsom declared the CA Republican dead. In the next election we HAVE TO show him he’s wrong.

  4. Democrats live in a world of Monopoly money. They have no idea of what it takes to generate the tax dollars they play with. The looming National Debt is the LAST thing they will discuss. When more than half of the population votes for people that give them the largest share from the public coffers, free enterprise dies.

  5. Democrat candidates must snag the support of the big public employee unions first – that is their first round of pandering.

    Open borders tells the teachers unions they will fill their classrooms and keep the teacher union dues flowing. Free health care tells the nurses unions they will keep the union dues flowing to them too. Democrats today are nothing more than fronts for the 3 million public sector employee unions.

    Democrats require their votes, campaign war chests and ground troops. The unions in turn require the Democrats to keep the taxpayer cash cow giving them everything they demand.

    Time to stop taking Democrats for face values and recognize they are nothing more than a big public employee con job.

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