‘Cap and Tax’ Would Slam High-Tax, High-Poverty California

Photo courtesy Steve Rhodes, flickr

Photo courtesy Steve Rhodes, flickr

The craziest story of the moment is the Governor’s insistence on passing even more draconian legislation on the topic of climate change in the form of extending what is known as cap and trade (or, in this iteration, cap and tax) (also see MOORLACH UPDATE — Surprise! — July 11, 2017).

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Gov. Brown believes that “climate change is real” and that California has to be the guinea pig in the world stage on addressing it. Therefore, Californians have to make certain financial sacrifices now to protect those who follow us 100 years from now. And that is only if his postulation that “climate change is real.”

With “quiet dignity and grace” (a line from “Young Frankenstein”), the Governor claimed that on Monday the Legislature would be making “the most important vote of our lifetimes.”

Is the vote to disallow collective bargaining a la Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker?

Is the vote to abolish the California Rule, and modify pension formulas going forward?

Is the vote for establishing a hybrid pension plan that includes a defined contribution component?

Is it a plan to make state government more efficient, since California has the highest tax rates and still can’t deliver decent services and roads to its residents?

Is the vote to address the highest poverty rate of any state in the nation?


It’s about one man’s personal crusade to supposedly “save the planet,” when the science may not support his claims.

His comments culminated with the hysterical claim no one else in the country seems to believe enough to enact mitigating policy: “Climate change is a threat to organized human existence.” Pop some corn and enjoy his harangue.

No doubt, everyone is concerned about our planet.  But, at a cost of some 90 cents per gallon of gas? Most people don’t think so.

tate Senator representing the 37th Senate District

This piece was originally published by Fox and Hounds Daily


  1. R. Daybell says

    California gas $3.199, Florida $1.959
    Cap and trade scam in California.
    Not the United States and rest of world

  2. Jerry brown is the most duped climate hoaxer in the USA. Just today a noted Swiss physicist (Dr.F.Reinhart) with hundreds of peer published papers stated that CO2 has added only .12C to the World temp SINCE 1850! He goes on to say that CO2 is a very weak trace gas that contributes little to any discussion of climate change. He further states that the IPCC computer models are unrealistic. These are the same models that confused Jerry and others, hang their collective hats.
    There have been hundreds of similar papers questioning the trace gas also. Instead of a “pollutant” it is a necessity for life. Confused Jerry and the rest of them are hell bent to drive this State into a financial hole from which we will never recover.

  3. askeptic says

    The Moonbeam was permanently damaged when Linda Ronstadt dumped him, and he’s been on a downward spiral ever since.

  4. THE CAPTIVE says

    Jerry Brown has earned the distinction of the worst Gov, ever and still spins the LIE THAT WE NEED TO PAY for our natural changes in nature. He’s spinning a LIE about something that is natural and will happen which he can’t ever control. He must be sucking in all the lies of the nazi-islamists that surround him and uses our taxes to pay the jyza -hoping that there won’t be a terrorist attack again (Bernardino ) but there will be because BROWN and all those lib-leftists believe the LIES and pay offs will make them safe . It won’t. We need more of THE BUCK STOPS HERE and make it stick . We have laws -just use them!

  5. Really??? says

    If you will look at the projected income and effect of CO2 reduction and the reality of what has been happening for the past 3-4 years you will see the failure. Outcomes have not matched Goals.

    These folks belong to the “just one more piece” and it will work.

    It is like the worry warts over air quality. The massive improvements in air quality in Calif. (particularly S. Calif. dude) does not make a dent in these types. Here is a little item from exercise physiology, the system needs to be stressed for optimal performance. You want every stressor taken out… you get weak people.

  6. Asshole baldy needs a good slap to his face with a wet mop and a flat shovel slap to his head –maybe knock some sense into his bald head

  7. This was written by state Sen. John Moorlach, on Fox & Hounds. Please add his name to it. — John Seiler, Press Secretary

  8. retiredxlr8r says

    Least we forget, we are the “freeloaders”!
    To bad for Californians. They are going to lose everything in Jerry’s quest to out tax every governor in the United States.
    Between regulations, taxes, climate change, peace loving fascist college students, racism, public employee unions, excessive pension debt, not to mention an out of money high speed train, dams requiring Federal dollars to fix (Jerry never did plan for the future, or emergencies) you know the list could go on and on but we’ll stop here, figuring that you understand that currently the folks in Sacramento are very poor managers of the states resources and the gov just loves to spend other peoples money on environmental opinions and entitlements or shall I say, just plain welfare give-a-way’s to the lazy and the illegal?
    Between miss management, debt and a population that is divided with the loons out numbering the sane citizens, California is lost. I don’t believe that there is a way to save her, anarchy is next, because that is the only path being left to the citizens by the current government!.

  9. Oldchief7155 says

    Californians have nobody to blame for Moonbeam’s antics and tax until they die policies.

    Voters learned NOTHING when he screwed the state up in the 80s so they have him another 8 years to finish the job I’d destroying the most beautiful and diverse state in the country.

    One very smart thing I did in my life was move out of California when retirement hit.

    • Will you come back after those of us who stayed and fought, win our state back? Point made.

      • One word: NO! I hate to tell you, but it will take a major economic collapse of the state, the public pension system for example, before anything is done that has any chance of turning the state around. There are simply too many on the handout gravy train that will never vote for anyone that might slow or stop their free ride.

  10. This man is so delusional, my jaw drops with every stupid thing he does and says.

    That he was elected governor of this state says a lot about the voters who live in the “big cities” of San Francisco and Los Angeles. They are all incredibly STUPID sheep.

    We can combat this. Vote. We won against Hillary. Get out and work for the candidate of your choice. Mine is going to be Travis Allen. Check him out.

    If we can’t vote them out because of illegal voting, then we need to consider marching on Sacramento.

  11. showandtell says

    UPDATE 7/18 – If you haven’t yet heard, the cap and trade extension was passed by both houses of legislature yesterday
    EIGHT Republicans voted for this nonsense, believe it or not
    The only Repub in SENATE to vote for it was Berryhill
    Repubs in the ASSEMBLY who voted for it:
    Catharine Baker
    Rocky Chavez
    Jordan Cunningham
    Heath Flora
    Devon Mathis
    Chad Mayes
    Marc Steinorth

  12. Patton's Ghost says

    More self-inflicted economic headwinds…
    Don’t be surprised when wages go down as the few jobs have more employees to choose from and also when the cost of everything goes up…
    But keep voting Democratic, California…
    So glad we moved away almost two months ago…
    Get out while you can still get a premium for your property…it’s gonna get ugly, soon…

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