Characteristics of the Ideal CA Conservative Candidate

It’s no secret. CPAC – the largest national gathering of conservatives – is the place to be when it comes to hearing from the GOP’s best and brightest. Congressman, political pundits, activists and the media flock to National Harbor, MD for the 3-day conference that ignited and unites conservatives nationwide.

When looking at the speakers and panelists and the qualities these men and women possess, one question always comes to mind: If California were to have a strong conservative candidate run for office, what characteristics would he or she posses?

He or she would have to have:

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  • The “stick-to-your-guns” personality of Ron and Rand Paul
  • The bold, innovative policy experience of Scott Walker and Jan Brewer
  • The unwavering voice of Ted Cruz
  • The compassion of Ben Carson

If California ever hopes to return to “Reagan country,” it’s time for the California Republican Party to provide candidates with the necessary skill sets needed to win an election in California and be effective in Washington. Instead of abandoning the conservative principles our country was founded, it’s time to stand on our foundation for guidance. Our founders were some of the smartest men in history. After all, they created the longest with-standing nation with the greatest amount of personal freedoms.

Just as though the Republican Party on the national level has ignored grassroots conservatives, the California Republican Party has done the same. In order to change the direction of our country, we have to first change the direction of our party. Choosing candidates with time-tested beliefs and bold ideas are the way to repairing our state and our nation.


  1. The bold, innovative policy experience of Scott Walker with the compassion of Dr. Ben Carson comes to mind.

  2. Will that candidate please step forward !

  3. Seriously, are Mitch McConnell and John Boehner people you would follow in a crisis?
    Both the National, and State Parties are beyond saving.
    They can join the Whigs on the ash-heap of history.

  4. I agree that we need Conservative candidates. The wishy-washy democrat light’s do no inspire voter turn out.

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