Clinton Allies Target Comey Over New Email Probe

As reported by Bloomberg Politics:

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Hillary Clinton’s allies dramatically escalated attacks on FBI Director James Comey in a bid to stem political damage from his disclosure the agency is reviewing a new batch of files that may be related to an investigation of the former secretary of state’s e-mail practices.

Harry Reid, the Senate’s top Democrat, delivered an unusual rebuke to the FBI chief in a letter Sunday that said Comey may have broken the law by revealing the review so close to the election, and suggested the agency is sitting on potentially damaging information about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Reid’s scorching letter — typical of the combative Nevadan’s style — was one of the most confrontational messages being delivered by Clinton supporters, who took to talk shows, newspaper opinion pages and social media to question the propriety of Comey’s disclosure.

Late Sunday, one Democratic member of the House Judiciary Committee, Steve Cohen of Tennessee, called for Comey’s resignation. Judiciary is among the congressional committees that oversee the FBI, and Cohen is the top Democrat on a subcommittee with jurisdiction over matters involving ethics in government. …

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  1. Aid and abet Obama and Tarmac Lynch plus Hillary and her money cannot buy off everyone including NYPD. Hillary should be in jail and all her supporters know it, those corrupt followers. 33,000 deleted emails and a BleachBit server after subpoena and they’re mad at Comey? I’m mad she’s still running free let alone a felon for president. Whatever happened to D.C. to have this much corruption. It’s Hillary’s and Obama’s and Lynch’s doing. Reid is polluted with corruption.

    • sweetsuzee says

      I think you will eventually learn that it was what Weiner was doing that rang the bells. It would appear that he was seducing the 15 yr old with an offer of access to highly confidential files he allegedly had. She told her mother who in turn told the local FBI. Apparently the mother threatened to go to the media if it was swept under the carpet. Couple that with the fact that agents all over were threatening walk-outs, Comey had no other option.

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