Congresswoman Says Kids Should Be Drug-Tested Before They Can Inherit

Democratic Rep. Linda Sanchez offered a baffling defense of the death tax Wednesday during a hearing examining the sometimes unbearable burden it places on family farms and businesses.

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People receiving food stamps have to pass drug tests or meet work requirements to receive taxpayer dollars, Sanchez reasoned, so it’s only fair that those “lucky” enough to inherit wealth should have to do something to earn it or, in this case, pay a tax.

“What work requirements are there to inherit up to $10 million tax free?” she asked a witness, rhetorically.

“Why is that [a single mother] should be drug tested, which is an unrelated requirement to receive food assistance, to make sure that her family has enough to eat,” she asked. “And people who are lucky enough to inherit millions of dollars are literally required to do nothing to get the federal tax benefit with their inheritance?”

Sanchez acknowledged that Americans should value hard work, but bemoaned the “paradox” that occurs when they want to work hard so they can accumulate wealth to live off of in retirement and pass on to their children.

“We don’t believe in an aristocracy, or that it’s a good societal thing for dynasties to hoard their wealth and leave the rest to fight over the crumbs,” she said. “That’s just not how this country was founded.”

“But we have a paradox here in this country, where we think you should work hard to get where you are … but by the same token, everyone wants to make enough money to where they can retire and not have to work,” she continued. “And they want to preserve increasingly larger and larger chunks of their wealth.”

Sanchez made the remarks after hearing a witness describe the heartbreak her family is going through watching her father try to find a way to pass his business along to his children without breaking it up in order to pay the death tax.

“Our whole lives we watched my dad work,” Illco, Inc. CFO Karen Madonia said. “You know, 10 to 12 hours a day … he did all of it. And we watched him struggle through all that, and to watch him figure out how he can pass it onto us and let us make our mark on it without having to dismantle part of it is really just heartbreaking.”

The government currently taxes inheritance at a rate of up to 40 percent. (RELATED: Obama Proposes A Second Death Tax)

“I understand the desire to keep things running in a family business,” Sanchez said. “I get that. I get the hardships you guys encounter. But let’s not throw the entire baby out with the bathwater and say we’re going to eliminate the estate tax altogether.”

Republican Rep. Kevin Brady introduced legislation last week that would repeal the death tax, which prompted the hearing Wednesday by the House Ways and Means Select Revenue Measures Subcommittee.

“The Death Tax is still the No. 1 reason family-owned farms and businesses in America aren’t passed down to the next generation,” Brady said in a statement announcing the bill. “It’s the wrong tax at the wrong time and hurts the wrong people.”

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  1. Donald J. says

    The only way that a person who thinks as she doe’s will ever understand common sense would be for to actually live it.

  2. The death tax or inheritance tax is another way for the government to confiscate private property illegally and steal it from the heirs entitled to it. What then, would the purpose of a private business owner to grow his/her business with the purpose of providing for his/her heirs, when in the end, the government will seize close to half of the private assets intended for his/her children? We should recall Representative Sanchez, because she sure is showing her political preferences when she wants to shove communist ideas down constituents throats.

  3. When your whole life has been as a tool of the Progressive Labor Movement, it’s hard not to be Stuck On Stupid.
    What a Maroon!

    • This moronic bastard Sanchez is my rep and has been since 2000 and I can’t get RID of her other than MOVE! She is regularly out far beyond the left field bleachers on all subjects! She is a complete
      TOOL of the far left corrupt unions and all of her libturd buddies! She is TOTALLY tax tax and spend spend.. do not trust ANYTHING she says or does!

  4. sweetsuzee says

    She’s also dumber than dirt since she claims that food stamp recipeints must pass drug tests. I do not know a single food stamp recipient who has to undergo drug testing. I called a bunch of them this afternoon to inquire and none of them do.

  5. All politicians should be drug tested before assuming office and randomly drug tested and immediately terminated if any signs of drug use is found in their system, while in office. By the looks of them and the way they act, it is a safe bet that most of them are on drugs.
    They have forgotten, they work for us. Lets remind them by proposing legislation and watching to see who fights it.

  6. She’s a liberal hack. She only started using her maiden name when she ran for office. Before that she was Loretta Brixey. WE THE PEOPLE don’t need any more interference from the TAXING DEMOCRATS

  7. MC Schultz says

    What a MORON! My family has been in this country since before it WAS a country. Some family members have done better than others, but all left “something” to their heirs. What these folks propose is nothing short of STEALING as they’ve done NOTHING to get it, but feel entitled to it……so they can either use it themselves or pass it to illegals and others more “deserving.” More of the “income redistribution” garbage. If you didn’t do anything to help the business grow and prosper, you have no right to any portion of it…….PERIOD!

  8. There should be a law requiring Mental evaluation, and mandatory drug testing, before anyone can hold a public office…………… This is just another attempt at stealing a family’s property, that has been put away for future generations….. Next Election remember the person that brought this bill forward………………….

  9. Randy Townsend says

    Long since past being surprised and either Sanchez’s partisanship or stupidity. The Estate Tax and the Alternative Minimum Tax should be eliminated – and Congress has the votes to do it RIGHT NOW. King B would veto it, but I can’t believe the population really wants either of them. Which should give you some clue about who Congress is really working for…

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