Deep-Blue Santa Ana, California, May Give Voting Rights to Illegal Aliens

Voters in Santa Ana, California, a deep-blue city in Orange County, will soon decide whether or not to give local voting rights to potentially tens of thousands of foreign nationals, including illegal aliens.

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Next year, during the November 5 election, voters in Santa Ana will be asked whether or not they want to approve giving the right to vote in municipal elections to foreign nationals, including illegal aliens, which would then go into effect by 2028.

According to the latest estimates, foreign nationals are nearly 25 percent of the resident population in Santa Ana. Potentially 60,000 illegal aliens reside in the city, parts of which voted 81 percent for President Joe Biden against former President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

The measure is significant because local elections are often decided by very small margins where a few hundred votes can make or break a candidate. If voters approve the measure, Santa Ana would become yet another deep blue locality to afford local voting rights to foreign nationals, including illegal aliens.

Most recently, as Breitbart News reported, Democrats on the Boston, Massachusetts, city council introduced a plan that would extend local voting rights to foreign nationals living in the city who arrived on visas, green cards, and other forms of legal status.

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  1. Whatever happened to CITIZEN of USA that earned the right to vote and LOVES being an American not a nationalist !!!! Really???. then open the borders and let the nationalist take over which isn’t too far away from existing now.

    • Illegals and prisoners should not be allowed to vote! Illegals are not citizens (try going to Mexico and insisting to vote in their elections – you will probably end up in prison) and prisoners in this country have lost their rights due to their own actions and should not be allowed to vote IN ANY ELECTION!!!

  2. They have no say in federal elections. They can do it for local, but not federal.

    • Your mistaken. It was tried once in SF and ruled against. You just need to stand up.

    • They should not be allowed to vote in any election if they are here illegally!!! Prisoners in this country also should be restricted from voting in any election!!

  3. Susan, this is a step by step process of the left got to illegals voting in all elections….It is what Bidewn and his cronies have always wanted. Local elections today, National elections tomorrow!

    This MUST STOP!!!!!

  4. States should not allow this to happen…. again, open the damn borders and let their be no America!!! Happens at the State level….. Feds are pushing for this to happen at the Federal level!!!

  5. So how many of the Countries these illegal invaders of our Country would allow us to vote in their elections? Not sure that anyone allowing this to actually should be treated as nothing more that a traitor.

  6. Right on Donald. Most politicians local, state, federal are TRAITORS!!

  7. It’s not legal and would be reversed on precident.

    “Fortunately, Judge Ulmer recognized that letting noncitizens—even illegal aliens—vote was, itself, a lawless action. He noted that California’s “transcendent law” (i.e., the state constitution), “reserves the vote to a ‘United States citizen,’ contrary to [the] San Francisco ordinance …” and concluded that the city’s effort “to give the California Constitution a different meaning is unavailing.”

    To prove the absurdity of the city’s position, the judge pointed out that by the ordinance’s illogic, children under 18 and residents of other states could vote in California elections, which the California Constitution clearly prohibits.

    In addition to being unconstitutional, efforts to let non-citizens vote is bad policy. Aliens who remain legally bound by, and beholden to, the governments of their native lands should not be allowed to shape and mold our educational, law enforcement, and other policies potentially to the detriment of our country.”

  8. I am a proud naturalized American citizen and believe that only citizens should be allowed to vote. This has been the greatest country on earth. Illegal aliens not only have no right to vote, they have no right to be here!

  9. Treva Bennett says

    Whomever is pushing this needs to be ousted. They are professing to break the law. That is traitor. Rebel! Do not allow them to think they will pass this with no consequence. Of course the Biden administration is bring in communist from all over. Do not sit back quietly. Let your voices be heard. Above all support and vote for Trump no matter what the media conjure up.

  10. Of Course this is just the ruse being used to get EVERYONE, illegals, other non-citizens, and darned near all voting. The Democrats know how important this is for their numbers needed. Pretty soon they will try to change the Constitution to let anybody run for President….. oh wait…. That was done before the 2020 election. Ask John Eastman, a CONSTITUTIONAL LAW expert who literally got blackballed and on the Democrats “S-List” for correctly mentioning a certain Presidential candidate for the Democrat side was ineligible to become President. He lost his Dean job soon thereafter under the “conspiracy “ of 81 million votes but not 81 million voters.

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