Dems Launch 2018 Campaign Against 20 Republicans Including Ed Royce and Darrell Issa

130510_darrell_issa_mscott_328Democrats have launched an all-out offensive assault in Blue State California well ahead of the 2018 midterm elections with particular aim taken at increasingly vulnerable House Republicans Rep. Ed Royce, Rep. Darrell Issa, and Rep. Jeff Denham.

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The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced on Thursday that it was launching “March into ’18,” a program aimed at taking out Republican members of Congress in 20 districts across the country. Those districts are: CA-10, CA-39, CA-49, CO-06, FL-26, IA-01, IL-06, KS-03, MN-02, MN-03, NE-02, NY-22, NY-24, PA-06, PA-07, PA-08, TX-07, TX-23, TX-32, and VA-02.

Full-time local organizers will be hired in these districts, dedicated to unseating the Republicans. The hiring began on February 1st. The campaign will run ads on Twitter, the social media site that President Donald Trump has used consistently to communicate directly with Americans. The DCCC will target ads at “those that have followed or tweeted about local Women’s Marches, ACA rallies, and other events” according to their own statement. Those ads will direct recipients to local events where they can get involved in Democrat activism.

Issa, first elected to the House of Representatives in 2000, barely squeaked out a win over Democrat challenger Doug Applegate last November. Democrats focused intense effort on unseating the congressman and almost did as the election results-watch was drawn out for days. Ultimately Issa won 50.3 to 49.7 percent according to the California Secretary of State. Royce won over challenger Brett Murdock more comfortably last November, 57.2 to 42.8 percent.

Most DCCC targeted seats are in districts where failed 2016 Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton won the district according to the Orange County Register.

“This is an unprecedented early investment in key Republican-held House districts, in order to engage voters and help make their voices heard. So many people are looking for ways to tell their stories, channel their energy and organize for change, and this project will help do just that,” DCCC Chair Ben Ray Lujan said upon the announcement.

A dedicated “March into ’18” website and Facebook page have been established to field potential workers for training to “Build events such as house parties and phone banks,” “organize protests and days of action,” and promise events via live stream and social media.

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  1. True Teacher says

    Could Saracino please write more frequently and tell us exactly what kind of strategies are being planned by Republican operatives in California? These articles are all good and will no doubt help to raise money, but I’m still completely ignorant as to how R’s can get and hold political power when D’s win elections by manipulating the demographics. It’s all about numbers and they have more than we do. Someone please refer me to some links on this site so I can learn more about plans that attempt to stop the bleeding. Heck, I don’t even want to give money to my parish development fund because I am fearful of supporting illegal aliens who will turn around and vote for Democrats.

  2. retiredxlr8r says

    Least one forgets, let us all remember Chicago and Detroit, not to mention Obama’s 8 years, all ending in debt, division, and what appears to be a lot of hate and violence from the left as demonstrated by black lives matter and the recent conduct at Bezerkly for so called Free Speech a non-existent freedom on the campus of a tax funded institution.
    Sad but the left is igniting the fires of a revolution and it won’t come from the left!

  3. Nothing new. The Democrats always analyze, prepare and fight the deep battles.

  4. The DCCC should at least be honest enough to rename itself what it actually is, the Socialist Democrat Communist Coordinating Committee (SDCCC). Ooops I forgot. It will never happen. They are Democrats. …

  5. When the GOP in this insane state stands up and admits they completely messed up with KashandKarron, I might, just might consider supporting them. Until then….bugger off, I DON’T TRUST YOU!

  6. DR Richard Muccillo says

    Better the GOP get rid of corrupt old bags like pelosi, feinbergerstein and that stupid harris and time for baldy brown too

  7. How do Democrats win in these districts? By re-drawing legislative District maps. How many have seen these maps? In some cases a district will be squeezed down to a neighborhood wide passage. With the Democrat majority in the legislature, how do we stop these shenanigans?

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