DeSantis vs Newsom face off on abortion, transgenderism, wokeness and more

While the debate between Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and California Gov. Gavin Newsom was unfolding on Fox News, the DeSantis campaign unveiled merchandise poking fun at Newsom for the state of San Francisco’s streets.

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“Thinking about visiting California?” the DeSantis campaign’s website said. “You’re going to need a pair of these. Order your California walking socks before you’re dodging feces in San Francisco!”

The socks, which cost $37 on the campaign’s website, were a reference to an exchange between the two governors related to which of their state’s is the most free.

“Gavin Newsom, at one point tried to say that California was the freedom state. I just kind of laugh like you’re locking people down you’re doing all this but then I thought about it, California does have freedoms,” DeSantis said on the debate stage.

“California does have freedoms that some people don’t, that other states don’t. You have the freedom to defecate in public In California, you have the freedom to pitch a tent on Sunset Boulevard. You have the freedom to create a homeless encampment under a freeway and even light it on fire. You have the freedom to have an open air drug market and use drugs. You have a freedom if you’re an illegal alien to get all these taxpayer benefits. So those are freedoms. They’re not the freedoms our founding fathers envisioned, but they have contributed to the destruction of the quality of life in California and the results speak for themselves.”

Gov. Newsom responded by sarcastically saying he “loves” DeSantis’s “rant'” on freedom.”Here’s a guy who’s criminalizing teachers, criminalizing doctors, criminalizing librarians, and criminalizing women that seek their reproductive care,” Newsom said. “You’re making it harder to vote. You’re banning books. I mean, spare me this notion of freedom.”

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  1. Grewsom evilness showed tenfold. Interesting the Devil never admitted wrong doings or his hypocrisy on his State. To cover up his ugliness, all he could do was smile and talk 2024. Who is kidding WHOM…

  2. Ronald Hamby says

    Newsom looked a little pissed off when DeSantis comment hit the floor of the debate stage,

  3. Like always, Newsome like ANY DEMOCRAT, took EXACTLY 17 seconds to bring up ABORTION and within 7 minutes brought up January 6th TWICE!!!!! Funny how he constantly went back to how Donald Trump led DeSantis by so much NUMEROUS times.

  4. Nuisance was correct about one thing. He corrected DeSantis’ pronunciation of KaMALA Harris to KOMala (as in “Commie”) Harriis – that is a much more accurate description.

  5. Donald J. Trump wins another debate!

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