DeSantis Will NOT Bend The Knee to Trump and Says Backing Ex-President For 2024 ‘Is Too Much To Ask’

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a once-loyal member of Donald Trump‘s court, is refusing to bend a knee to the former president and says backing him in the 2024 election ‘is too much to ask’ after Trump publicly attacked his character, according to a report.

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Trump reportedly said the popular governor has ‘no personal charisma’ and a ‘dull personality’ as rumors swirl the ex-president is angry DeSantis hasn’t declined to challenge him for the GOP presidential nomination. 

DeSantis, however, has told his inner circle that Trump’s ‘expectation that he bend the knee is asking too much,’ the New York Times reported.  

The governor also reportedly said his biggest regret in office is not having ‘been much louder’ in speaking out against Trump’s coronavirus pandemic response. 

The commentary comes after Trump appeared to take direct aim at DeSantis in an interview just last week when he called politicians who refuse to disclose their booster vaccination status as ‘gutless’. 

Sources close to the former president – who have recently talked to him about the governor – said Trump has grown increasingly irked by DeSantis in recent months, with Trump beginning to voice his frustrations to those in his inner circle. 

The Florida governor is extremely popular in Republican circles, and is widely seen as a leader who can push policies popularized by Trump, but without the same level of drama or baggage. 

‘In the context of the 2024 election, he usually gives DeSantis a pop in the nose in the middle of that type of conversation,’ a source who recently spoke to Trump about DeSantis told Axios.

The president also claims ‘there’s no way’ DeSantis would have ever been elected Florida governor without his support.

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  1. Robin Itzler says

    I am a very big TRUMP supporter but am leaning toward DeSantis in 2024 for reasons outlined in this article. After four years of watching Joe Biden’s mental acuity disappear before our eyes – did you watch his disastrous press conference on Wednesday? – there are many Americans who would probably not want to vote for anyone from any party who is in their late 70s.

    Nothing is set in stone as it’s only January 2022, but many people say what is written in this article:
    The Florida governor is extremely popular in Republican circles, and is widely seen as a leader who can push policies popularized by Trump, but without the same level of drama or baggag

  2. Bret Mitchell says

    Cooler heads can prevail but still must maintain a conservative, constitutional voice. I know people who’d rather suffer under JB than tolerate unnecessary means words and attitudes. Ear to the rails suggest Mr Trump with have a rough go to retake the R nomination, but he is very capable of doing so. He plays 9D chess better than anyone, but he failed to influence governors of the pending election issues that were forefront of his deep concerns. DeSantis is a good bet to run the nation, should he win the nomination but I would really hate to see these two tear each other up. Perhaps whoever would have the best VP and cabinet would determine any potential nomination.

    • @Brett – Give me a frigging break, man. If Trump were intelligent, there would never have been the massive screw-up that happened after the 2020 election. He left us worse off than we were before he was elected in many ways. Trump is mainly an extreme-narcissistic bully, interested only is building his personality cult. He expects to bully everyone into submission. If he were re-elected, he would just continue the utter disaster that he started. There are a number of Republican governors who would be a much better president than Trump.

  3. “The New York Times reported.” That is your source? Ever heard of Polluted Pelosi’s famous Wrap Up Smear tactic? Dems invent a story, their propaganda media reports it, then other propaganda media reports it which then ‘validates’ the story. “It must be true because I read it in the Tiimes and heard it on BSDNC and CNN.” Remember the Russian Hoax?

    Don’t fall for these tactics again. The Demwits know we are strong and are trying to divide us. The team of Trump and DeSantis terrifies them.

    Of course, Trump is a media master and I wouldn’t be surprised if he got DeSantis to play along with this phony rivalry to gin up interest in the election. Most think Trump is a shoe-in so might get complacent and not vote. This stirs up interest.

    DeSantis has plenty of time to do great things in Florida which would make him a likely successor after Trump’s second term. Trump is the King and will be a Kingmaker after he leaves. You oppose him at your peril if you want a future in politics.

  4. Agree with both writer’s comments. Voted Trump due to non-politician status to clean the continued mess in DC, and gave it a good shot. I feel, not only due to his age, Trump again will be a S….show and this country needs to get back on track. DeSantis, although politician, is a mover to keep America, America. True patriot and feel he knows the moves needed to get DC back to major issues to heal our Republic, get BOTH parties to talk to one another vs. act like children, to be accountable for their deeds, reintroduce creed and civility, etc. The insanity needs to stop!!!

  5. I think Trump should run for a congressional seat, get elected then become Speaker of the House with DeSantis as prez! Talk about “having them by the cajones”!!

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