Do Californians Even Care About High Taxes?

Tax surveyIn Tuesday’s Republican debate in Milwaukee a graphic was displayed to show where Facebook activity occurred discussing taxes. The green shaded areas on the graph indicated areas and states that had Above Average chatter on taxes (whatever average is). What catches the eye is that about two-thirds of California is white — no heavy tax chatter. Included in the white area are the large metropolitan and heavily populated areas of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego and Sacramento.

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Does this mean that Californians don’t care about taxes, at least to the extent that they don’t talk about taxes on Facebook as much as residents of other states?

More to the point for analysts and consultants, does this Facebook chart bode well for the many advocates who are hoping to place tax increases on next year’s ballot? Are taxes not a concern for Californians?

Certainly, the Facebook graphic is not a scientific survey. Who knows how many likely voters are spending time on Facebook to discuss taxes?

Perhaps, Californians are not as concerned about taxes because the state is flush. The Controller’s Office announced yesterday that in October the state pulled in nearly $200 million more than was expected lifting the surplus over $500 million more than anticipated by budget projections.

A budget surplus would play a role in the coming debates over tax measures on the ballot and lead voters to feel that no new taxes are necessary – at least those who discuss such things on Facebook.

Originally published by Fox and Hounds Daily


  1. Perhaps the lack of Facebook activity is more a reflection that Californians feel that the election is irrelevant to their lives, in that those in power will do what they wish regardless of the opinions and feelings of the average voter. That seems to be what we’ve experienced lately in CA anyway.

    • I would venture to guess that it has more to do with low income people not caring about taxes since they basically do not pay them outside of sales tax considering the areas of CA involved.

    • I agree. I felt all my votes were irrelevant. When a vote went the way I voted, the 9th circus court overturned it. ie. marriage is between a man and a woman. It’s only going to get worse with all the illegals being able to vote. They want their free services and there are not enough productive producers left in the state to stop them. We left the state for conservative Idaho.

  2. I don’t know a single person that has facebook. This is how you measure if people are concerned with their taxes? Really?

    • And Dewey beat Truman in ’48 because the telephone poll predicted it…..and Republicans were more likely to have phones in ’48 than were Democrats.
      Is a Facebook Poll the new “Dewey Beats Truman”?

  3. since the tax payers are out numbered by no or low tax payers in Ca. Not much can be voiced. Illegals running around in tjeir tax free landscaping businesses and God only know what else along with the gangs and cartels making billions and paying no taxes. California politicians could care less.

  4. It has been mentioned before but all one has to do is consider that over 50% of the State are latinos and probably most of them illegal! How do you spell Facebook in Spanish?

  5. Toni C. Perkins says

    I doubt that many Californians were watching the debate, thus few remarks about CA taxes. The state is unfortunately predominately Democratic.

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